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chapter 30

alex p.o.v.

it was like a slap in the face, I was shoved forward into the present. I felt all the emotions I supressed and it was terrifying, it took me a few minutes to open my eyes and recollect myself, but then my eyes flung open. the scene before me was Marcus, Beth, and Kyle sitting crisscross looking at me

oh god

i skittered back letting out a squeak

“alex” marcus whispered

i jumped up, i was on my feet now backing away, it couldn’t end like this after all I was after all human until cleo came back

marcus came forward as I leaped back “alex please I wont hurt you”

i took a sharp intake of breath, “he wont I promise” beth said getting close

honestly of all of them she was the one I could trust the most “how do I know?” I asked my voice coming out raspy as I haven’t tried talking in days

“let me show you please, come home” he pleaded

the mark he gave me began to work because I could feel now he was telling the truth, I didn’t know how i felt about it about this whole situation “I believe you” I muttered giving up

sure i was still terrified but I couldn’t keep running at least from him, he would always catch me

he smiled holding his hand out, I walked past him not ready for sparks, i could feel the disappointment

“then lets go” I sighed walking ahead, from what i could tell it was very light out so it was probably morning evening

beth caught up to me on our walk back to the pack house “are you ok?” she asked worry in her voice

i looked over to her “no but i hope i will be”

“please give him a chance” she begged

“i will, i can tell he isnt lying its like the mark makes me feel new things” i stated

she smiled “thats how it is you can feel him, look into his head, tell if he is lying, and it is beautiful. trust me a mate is a blessing”

i sighed “im not used to this feeling”

“what do you mean?” she asked

“support, love, protection, etc” i admitted

she put her hand on my arm “well get used to it because we are your always”

i smiled

“we are here” kyle said grabbing beth

“scared im going to steal your woman?” i teased

marcus chuckled

kyle growled low which apparently did sit will with marcus because a low growl came. i jumped

“your scaring you mate” kyle said nodding toward me

“shush” marcus said catching up too me

we walked up to the door kyle letting us in,pack warriors were talking at the table

its a trap i skid back

everyone had their eyes on me,“everyone out” marcus ordered and within seconds the kitchen was emty

“no need to worried angel, they wouldnt hurt their luna” he reasurred

“me and beth are going to head out we promised we would help with the pups” beth said “alex you and marcus should join sometime”

i smiled tilting my head “absolutely” i said looking at marcus

he smiled back “anything for you”

my heart almost stopped, maybe this wouldnt be as bad as i thought

it hit me i frowned “so what does luna entale?” i asked

“sit” he motioned toward the chair

i plopped down

“well as luna you are my equal, everyone in the pack would love and respect you hopefully you would feel the same about them, you would have options how you would help out, you would attend meetings with me. lunas are also very important for calming alphas down but i wouldnt expect anything from you,my pack is already dieing to meet you” he explain

“isnt the alpha above the luna?” i asked

he shook his head “no an alpha needs his luna as much as a luna needs her alpha, i hope someday i can introduce you into the pack and have the crowning cerimony”

“whats that” i was full of questions

“it where you are usually crowned by the last luna but since” he coughed “my parents are deseased, i plan on having you crowned my katie my cousins mate”

i didnt say anything it was a lot to take in, i still didn’t know how i felt about him sure the sparks were there and the mood goddess put us together but there was still a lot to process and get past

he sighed “please say something”

“its just a lot” i admitted

“i get it” he said “are you hungery?”

i shook my head to be honest i had lost my appetite a long time ago

“you need to eat more” he huffed

“food doesnt interest me” i said flatly

he put his elbows on the counter, i flinched out of habit causing him to frown “sorry” i whispered

“dont appoligize, please trust me”

“im trying” i shifted out of discomfort

he grabbed my hand “i know”

i wanted to pull back but i was trying, the sparks shot up my arm

he smiled rubbing my hand with his thumb which not going to lie felt right

“what time is it?” i asked

he checked the clock “5” he responded

we talked for a few hours, he never let my hand go after a hwile i got used to it and for the first time in a long time i was happy

we talked about his parents how they were killed by rogues, how his older cousin raised him, how his cousin found his mate plus what she is like she sounds amazing, we talked about his pack, and we talked about beth. i tried to talk about myself as less as possible i wasnt ready to relive any of it

i looked at the clock, time had slipped past me very quickly, it was now 9 i yawned “i think its time for bed” he smiled

“your right” i agreed

“would you sleep in the same bed as me tonight?” he asked

“i dont think i can” i muttered

“i understand ill take the couch” he said

“no i can”

“i insist, you have had quite a few days, please” he pleaded


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