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chapter 31

marcus p.o.v.

i woke up bright and early, I honestly wanted to see her sleep which in tern sound creepy but that’s normal in the world of werewolf’s, I snuck upstairs trying not to make a noise going into my room

why was she on the floor?

Sam growled

‘shush’ I scolded

she seemed to stir in her sleep, nothing still about her

Alex p.o.v.


I was in the same forest Marcus had chased me in, but very dreary, I was a panther


a growl made my heart skip a beat


turning I saw him blood running down his mouth, in a crouching stance stalking toward me, I backed up causing a sharp growl from him, I started to run similar from how I did when I had shifted in front of him for the first time

a weight landed on my back causing me flat on my back Marcus above me snarling, he tried biting me but I dodged twice, but twice wasn’t enough

he bit down on my neck, tearing into me

*end of nightmare*

I screamed shooting up

“Alex!” Marcus yelled

flinching I skittered back when he tried to touch my shoulder “don’t touch me!” I screamed hugging my knees

he crouched to my level “Alex I would never hurt you, do you want to talk about it?”

I shoot my head “no” I whispered

“come on baby, lets go eat Beth and Kyle are downstairs” he coed

I nodded attempting to stand failing, knees weak from the nightmare

he picked me up. I squealed “no”

“yes, let me help you baby girl” and with that we were off

walking down the stairs I saw Beth and Kyle wrestling on the floor “THE REMOTE IS MINE” beth screamed

“NEVER” Kyle screamed onto of her

I jumped out of Marcuse’s laughing, they must have noticed me because Beth shoved Kyle off remote in hand “ALEX” she smiled

“hi Beth” I greeted

“how are you” she asked

“I’m alive” I responded, Marcus frowned

she gave me half a smile “are you hungry, I made breakfast muffins”

“sure” I said grabbing one and sitting

“so Alex I was thinking we could go on a double date with Beth and Kyle” Marcus offered looking hopeful

my breath hitched

“I think that’s a great idea” Beth tried to push me to go, it always made me feel safe when beth was there

“yeah” Kyle agreed

“fine” I mumbled still not completely comfortable with Marcus or Kyle

“so I was thinking we could go out to eat, and go to the park” he said

“what are we 4?” Beth asked

“yes at least you are” he said, she punched him in the arm

“I think it sounds nice” I smiled

I was trying, I could feel the mate pull yes but I really would have to get used to it, cleo trusted him before she left so at least that’s one thing

“then lets go at 2, it’ll give us a few hours to eat breakfast and hang out” kyle said

“agreed” Beth said sitting biting into her muffin “plus I still have the remote”

“I swear-

“I AM IN CHARGE” Beth screamed

“pfft right” Kyle scoffed

“wanna fight?” Beth threatened

“are they always like this?” I whispered to Marcus

he chuckled “unfortunately”

by the time they were done Kyle had Beth upside-down in his arms “BOY IF YOU DONT”

“you’ll what?” he teased

“you will loose your man parts” she growled

“I think you need that” he laughed and she blushed

she hit him lightly where the sun don’t shine just hard enough were he dropped her, a thumb came after

“owe butt face” she screamed rubbing her face, Kyle however was on his knees, even though he managed to hover over her in concern

“are you ok?!” he growled still pissed

“no I have a dick of a mate” she growled

I watch back and forth as they bickered, looking up at Marcus he was looking at me “what?” I asked shyly

“your beautiful” he stated, I blushed not knowing what to say “cat got your tongue”

I lightly smacked him “shush”

he gave me a look, I backed away in fear “what’s wrong?” he asked

“I uh you have me a look and I thought” I stopped my sentence

he sighed “how many times do I have to tell you I will never hurt you, I’m here to treat you like my queen, my Luna” he said cupping my face, for once I let myself lean into his hand

“I’m sorry”

“never apologize” he whispered

I looked over at Beth and Kyle who were now staring at us, I shied away from his hand, Beth smiled

we finished eating breakfast, while Beth and Kyle had back and forth bickering, I can see who the moon goodness put them together, we ended up watching a movie till two

“lets go to the park first!” Beth announced bouncing up

“what do you want to do?” Marcus asked me looking over to me

“the park sounds nice first work up an Appetit, but its what you guys wanna do” I offered

“then the park it is” he smiled

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