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chapter 32

Marcus p.o.v.

she seemed to be getting better around me, which me and my wolf beamed at, hopefully I could get her to talk about her past and her ‘uncle’ soon, because any info is needed to catch and kill that bastard, we got to the park which luckily had no one around, the first thing they went for was of course the swings, Beth taking Alex’s hand yanking her to the swings

“come on” Beth shouted letting them run over

Kyle was by my side watching them smile and talk “they are so close it makes me happy”

I nodded “I know I’m glad she trusts someone”

“she will trust you too man” he stated placing a hand on my arm for support, letting it drop shortly after

“I hope she seems to be doing better, but I don’t know how she is doing without Cleo” I frowned

“it was for her own good”

i sighed “i know but I just hope she molds into a great Luna, the pack is dying to meet her”

“can you blame them they seen how much you love her, they know they will too, the pups especially wanna meet her, that’s all Beth says they talk about. how hopefully the Luna will like them “he chuckles

“she interacted with avian, a pup and Cleo loved him, makes me happy she likes kids well Cleo likes kids” i smiled

“remember Cleo is Alex” he reminded

i nodded

“KYLE PUSH ME” Beth whined

“goodness she is in a mood today” i laughed

“today? you mean everyday” he joined in laughing before he ran over to the swings, i looked over to Alex who was sitting in the swings looking away out into the woods beside the park

i walked over to her “Alex are you ok baby?”

she breathed sharp “yeah” she murmured

“i know that’s a lie”

“i just i moss Cleo it’s like a part of me is gone” she sighed

“she will be back, she said she would only be gone for a few days” I said smiling at her

“I know I just miss her a lot, its lonely” she muttered

“you always have me” I said, she tensed “im sorry I just want you to know your never alone”

She smiled at me “thanks”

“why don’t instead of going out to eat we get pizza in, im sure Beth wouldn’t mind and Kyle follows her lead no matter what”

“id like that” she said smiling

Alex p.o.v.

It scared me for how quick I was getting close to Marcus but what kept placing in my mind was what if uncle comes and kills and then its all my fault. Knowing uncle, he would attack at the perfect time

“Alex?” Marcus asked

“huh” I stuttered

“we are going to go home” he said Beth pushing Kyle forward

“I’m hungry!” Beth yelled

I laughed we had been at the park for about an hour and she was already done, Beth was like a kid

“I agree” Marcus said

-at the house-

We walked in Beth bolting forward, “ill order!” she shouted “Alex what do you want I’m getting extra cheese pepperoni”

I nodded “I like that too” I said

“so Marcus is paying so we will get two pizzas and bread sticks and coke!” she said grabbing the phone

Marcus rolled his eyes

While beth ordered me and him sat on the couch “wanna play 20 questions?” he asked

“sure, you first” I said chewing my lip

“greatest fear?” he asked

“uncle honestly.” I said “you?”

“loosing you” he said looking into my eyes

“biggest regret?” I asked

“not finding you till now you?” he said

I hesitated “not running away sooner” I stated

“favorite food?” he asked on a lighter note

I laughed “pad Thai you?”

“I eat everything but Chinese food” he smiled

“favorite animal?” I asked

“zebra” he laughed “you?”

“giraffe or a cow” I stated

He looked down and back up at me “do you have a favorite feature on me?”

I was shocked but blurted out “your eyes” I blushed

“you look good in pink and I know you didn’t ask but I love your lips” he said slowly, I took a sharp in take of breath when he put his hand on my arm

He leaned in, I followed my instinct and closed my eyes waiting for impact, slowly almost painfully slow. his lips connected to mine pressing lightly he moved his mouth with mine the kiss was gentle at first. I could feel the sparks the moment that his lips landed on mine. His hands at my waist, my hands around his neck. Without realizing it he shifted me to his lap, the kiss started to deepen I felt need. He squeezed my hips lightly causing me to gasp. He took this moment to slide his tongue in my mouth lightly waiting for my reaction.

Fuck it

I pressed harder against his mouth following his tongue movements, the kiss was now hungry and needy. No more gently movements, without thinking I grind again him causing a slight growl. He pulled away “any further and ill need a cold shower” I blushed my body on fire



Fuck we probably just made out in front of them

I looked around “where is Beth and Kyle?”

“they went to go pick up the pizza, I told them before we started the questions to go ahead and go” he said

I sighed “I’m sorry for doubting you” I confessed

“I get it, just know you and Cleo mean the world to me and Sam” he stated

“ah yes Sam” I muttered

He sighed “I know he is intense, but he means well, the mark he was just looking after you he wanted to make sure we were connected in some way in case you were in trouble”

The mark I had forgotten, I put my hand on the almost healed tainted skin “I know it’s just a lot, I feel the connection a lot more now”

“I’m glad, and they are back with our pizza” he smiled

“I should probably get off your lap” I laughed

“maybe for now but it won’t be the last time princess” he chuckled

I blushed “shut up” I muttered causing him to chuckle louder

“WE HAVE PIZZA” Beth screamed, and I bolted from Marcuse’s lap “ooooooo something happened” she giggled “you’re as red as a tomato”

“shush, now where’s the food” I asked

“I made Kyle carry it in” she stated not long after Kyle wobbled in with food in his hands

After that we ate and me and Marcus continued to ask question, it felt normal

It was nice

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