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chapter 33




Four days had past like it was nothing, my days were, very normal. Just me and Marcus talking, joking, being us. It was nice but the itch in the back of my mind of my uncle was still there, the lose of Cleo was also taxing. I wanted to shift so bad. I was still scared but for a different reason now, in such a short time I had gotten so close to everyone that it scared my to know that uncle was capable of taking away the happiness I had finally found in my mate and the supportive, crazy, loving beta female and her butt of a mate

“Alex?” Marcus asked, I must have zoned out. We were currently sitting watching the sunrise which I had taken a liking too on the roof of the pack house “talk to me”

“I’m scared” I admitted looking over to the man I had come to be attached too, the more I accepted him the more happiness I found, I had realized it was my time to finally be happy

“don’t be I’m right here” he said putting an arm around my shoulders, I leaned into him

“that’s what I’m scarred of” I sighed “I don’t want him to ruin your pack because of me or someone to get hurt or-

He growled I had gotten used to it but it still made my skin crawl “be wont touch you or my pack, I’ll kill him before he gets a chance”

“its not your burden to possess” I stated

He looked at me in the eyes “it is as your mate, we are the same, so your burdens are my own, gladly”

I traced his jaw “so stubborn”

He chuckled “speaking of my stubbornness I believe the pack wants to meet you”

I frowned “yeah no that didn’t go so well last time” I said recalling the incident with uncle

He huffed “they have been asking for you, I can get no rest. People are so proud of their Luna”

“I don’t know how, I wouldn’t make a good Luna, I’m damaged goods remember” I uttered

He growled lowly pecking me on the lips “don’t EVER talk down on yourself, I thank the moon goddess everyday for you, it makes me so happy that you are accepting me little by little”

I kissed his jaw “you make me so happy, I’m not used to this”

He kissed my forehead “get used to it baby girl, but please meet my pack even the pups are dying to meet you”

I laughed “fine”

He perked up “really?”

“really” I confirmed




Currently it was afternoon, I was curled up with a book, the door slammed open


I laughed “I don’t think he meant today”

She crossed her arms “then why is he calling all wolfs in the ballroom, today at 6”

My eyes widened and I paled “you guys have a ballroom?”

“what did you think meetings were held in the woods?” she laughed “you don’t look too good” she stated calming her laughing

“im not prepared, you know what happened last what if they hate me” I muttered

“they won’t, now we have work to do” she said

“all I own is what I am wearing “I stated in my jeans with a black top with worn sneakers

“iv seen you if different” she spoke up

“most were, stuff of yours I borrowed plus Marcus tops stuffed into the pants” I said looking down

She laughed “I thought that blue top looks familiar”

“sorry” I bit

“don’t be what’s mine is yours not including Kyle”

I gagged “you can have him”

She laughed “you don’t want him”

“I HEARD THAT” Kyle screamed

“good” she muttered

“you guys are a match made in-

“hell” she crinkled her nose “but I love him unfortunately”

“you know you don’t mean that” I laughed

“I know he’s my everything, other then my brother and my soon to be sister in law” she looked at me with the most kind eyes

It made me happy, I had a family not by blood but I didn’t matter, she dragged me upstairs




Within ten minutes, she had found a dress for me “I don’t like dresses, you can see my scars” (just realized I have been spelling scars wrong ill fix it later) I spat, I wish I could trade this body for a new one

“we all have scars please wear this one for me” she said pointing in the mirror at the light blue dress, with straps and slight glitter on the top half

“ok but I’m still wearing my convers” I stated

She sighed “fine your no fun”

“wow” I heard a familiar voice say behind me, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I turned to see Marcus in a suit

Fuck, I loved it

“done checking me out?” he smirked

“get used to it” I teased

His eyes flickered gold for a second “oh is that right?”

“yes alpha” I chuckled

“don’t say that or you’ll be claimed right here and now” his eyes flickering gold again then going to the beautiful blue I knew “sorry Sam slipped”

“can I talk to him?” I asked, sure I feared him, but id have to face him sometime and id rather it be as soon as possible

The look on his face looked concerned “I don’t think-

“Marcus babe please” I added babe knowing I could get what I wanted

Sam’s p.o.v.

I was dying to get out and see her, ‘come on’

‘behave’ was all Marcus said, I rolled my eyes

“fine” Marcus said, and I could feel me stepping forward

“hi doll face” I greeted happy to be out

“don’t doll face me” she spat

“someone is still angry” I clicked

“damn right, you marked me without consent, if you weren’t with Marcus, I would rip your junk out” she growled, a human growl but still a growl

I growled loud not liking the disrespect but that all stopped when she almost fell backing up looking fearful, I whimpered “I’m so sorry”

“I uh should be sorry for talking to you like that” she said in fear

I stepped forward, putting my hand on her back to stop her from backing up “no you have every right to be pissed at me, speak you mind kitty”, she stiffed at the word “I’m sorry I forgot”

She relaxed “its ok”

“I just want you to know, you are my queen along with cleo, I am so sorry for marking me and I don’t want any hard feelings between us” i kissed her hand and she looked up at me her look softening

“Sam, I forgive you, I get why you did it” she whispered

I smiled, I leaned in to kiss her but when I got to her lips, she covered her mouth with her hand “I have Marcus’s permission” I stated

‘go head’ Marcus allowed again

She nodded taking her hand away her lips met, I instantly wanted more but stuck with a simple kiss, painfully gentle before I pulled back causing her to frown

Alex p.o.v.

He pulled back what the fuck, nope that’s not what I wanted. I smashed my lips on his, he didn’t hesitate he kissed back roughly sliding his tongue in my mouth causing me to put my hands in his hair, we made out for a solid minute before he switched me to the bed pulling back I saw the blue eyes of Marcus

“I had to stop or he would’ve” he stopped “plus Beth would kill me if I messed up you makeup” he smiled

“I agree, full moon” I grinned

He was dumb struck pushing away from me he rubbed his jaw and growled

I frowned “did I do something wrong?”

“no just you saying that makes me-

“I know I’m sorry” I said

He got in my face putting a hand on my cheek “don’t ever say sorry when it comes to that” he said referring to mating, I blushed “come on we have to go, the pack is waiting”

I Sighed “fine” I grumbled

He lead me over to the ballroom door leading to the balcony, i could hear murmurs of pack, Marcus walked out joined by Beth holding Kyles hand, usually the previous alpha and Luna would go first but since that’s not the case Marcus went out, I was to wait to when he introduced me to the pack

“everyone” Marcus spoke getting all the attention “as you know I have found my mate” the crowd cheered

Just wait till they see me I thought as he continued “as you know as was the incident about a week ago, but we accept our future Luna as she is now my equal, I am so proud to introduce you to Alex you Luna”

The crowd cheered

I took a ragged breath as Marcus came to escort me to the front, all my scars on display, I smiled through my anxiety

“introduce yourself love” Marcus smiled


I gave him a panicked look, I didn’t kno0w I would speak, he put a reassuring hand on my back making me feel better

“uhm I’m Alex, as you know I am a panther shifter. But I will try and be the best mate to Marcus I can be, and I will try to be a good Luna” I said

The cheered once again

“as is ritual is there anyone that would like to challenge our Luna, for the position” Marcus said with a loud growl


I look over at him wide eyed “what” I whispered

‘no one will challenge you’ he mind linked, it threw me off because I forgot he could

“I” a familiar woman said stepping forward

“Sara what are you doing?” he asked in a threatening tone

“I Avery gratia challenge Alex gratia to a challenge for Luna position” she said, I was shocked, I hadn’t heard my last name spoke in years, gratia means grace in Latin

“mom” I choked along with the gasps the crowd gave, Beth looked livid with Kyle holding her back

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