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chapter 34

Alex p.o.v.

i was stunned I hadn’t seen her since I was little, I thought uncle had killed her along with my father, i now knew what the plan was, kill me make her Luna and uncle gets what he wanted. power

starring in the face of the older woman that resemble me, she had short hair unlike my long black hair, blue eyes, she was small but built, and she was as pale as I was

“i accept” i said knowing it would be a fight I would lose, no panther no shot

She smiled “always the fighter, that’s my girl” I cringed

Marcus looked at me shock written all over his face “Alex I can kill her right now”

“no this is my battle” I said “I Alex gratia accept your challenge” I said binding me to this fight, if I died, I died with honor

Cleo p.o.v.

I cried as I watched Alex get beat for the 100th time, I had a bad sense. What the hell, emotions came forward of anger. Was Alex angry at Marcus? No this is a different rage

If I came forth though it would go back on my promise and what if for nothing, I was stuck trapped in a world of torment

For now





I put my hair up the only thing allowed when it came to the challenge, you would fight with only what you had on. No changing nothing. We made our way to the clearing where I had planted her flowers “you know this is where I came when you had died, I planted flower for them to be ripped out by uncle” I spoke

We faced each other a distance away “I know I have been informed of everything since I killed your pathetic father. I personally hated the flowers. But here I am”

“you died the moment uncle had told me so, your still dead to me, father loved you and you managed to fuck that up” I spat

The whole pack watching on the sides with Beth still being held by Kyle fuming and Marcus looking pissed his wolf threatening to come out

“he was a spineless man” she said calmly “besides you should be thanking me uncle and I ran you into your mate, well not that it matters after I tear you to shreds and take your position whether you like it or not alpha I will be bound to you and the pack after this” she sneered over at Marcus who let out the deepest growl I have ever heard coming out of his mouth “well lets get this over with since I need the power and uncle is not a patient man”

I was enraged but I had to keep my cool even though I had no shot of winning this, I would be damned if I didn’t try “I agree” I said as we kicked our shoes off luckily she was also fighting in a dress since you are required to attend meetings dressed up “Marcus now”

He growled “remember this is a fight to the death”



“1 fight”

I thought my mother would shift as soon as possible but instead she lunged at me in human form, I dodged rolling and getting back up. I threw a punch connecting with her face she grunted, “little fireball” she smiled I didn’t respond focusing on the fight, her claws came out digging them into my leg, I crumbled to the ground. I tripped her making her fall on her face, she lunged at me grabbing my throat again digging her claws into it, I kneed her making her drop me “these silly games are over” she spat

She shifted into her wolf which was like my panther but with lighter black fur with blue eyes as cold as ice

That’s it I’m fucked

All the good times of Marcus went through my mind, unable to mind link him because I hadn’t marked him, I looked over to him halfway into his wolf. pack warriors holding him back

She jumped at me, as I had backed away knowing my fate, she sunk her teeth into my side rolling me, so she was on top of me. My vision was all black dots

This was it

Cleo p.o.v.

I could sense pain not like in the flash backs but in reality. I made a decision I shoved myself through looking to see what was going on

Her mom?

On top of her

Ill kill her, I realized she had challenged her. Fucking Alex why would you accept

Alex p.o.v.

I was slipping when I felt my energy come back, Cleo was back! I wanted to cry with happiness but there was no time, it took all my strength to shift under her throwing her to the side. Cleo was out for blood and honestly so was i

My mother let out a surprise growl, I let out a hiss and went for her. I was on top biting her side as she had done making her let out a whimper, she took her chance to claw my face causing bleeding making it hard to see blood dripping off my face. That was her plan because she then bit my front paw almost ripping it off

It was now or never, she had to lean her head to the side to do it giving me the perfect chance. I looked her straight in the eye for the last time letting a hiss slip i sank my teeth into her neck ripping her head off

Her body slumped to the ground, satisfaction coursing through me as I threw her head to the side

The battle was done

I had won

Looking over everyone was still, I shifted to human falling to the ground. Marcus was instant to run over to me “Alex!” Beth following behind

No use, I had lost too much blood

’thank you, Cleo” I said

letting darkness take me

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