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chapter 35

Marcus p.o.v.

There was no time to be mad, I had to get Alex to the pack doctor, I picked her up gently ‘harry to the house immediately!’ I growled through the mink link

‘yes alpha’ I got back from him

“oh my goodness” Beth said tears running down her face

“I’m running her to the doctor, clear everyone out of here Kyle and do a walk around the territory. make sure the children get home safe Beth that’s an order” I said not waiting for an answer I ran the short distance it took to get to the pack house, Alex limp in my arms

Harry was ready when I got in, gloves on and a bed made for her, one look and he turned to me “set her down I need to clean the wounds, she needs stitches, an iv drip, and an oxygen mask, with all respect I need you out alpha”

I growled “fine” I walked into the living room, the wait would kill me but I was left in my thoughts

Alex p.o.v.

It was dark and quiet till I saw a glowing light, a figure. Tall

“hello?” I asked into the darkness

“baby” the voice said

“dad?” I asked running up

I saw my father, tall, green eyes, dark brown hair, pale, and the same smile I saw when I last saw him

He hugged me “I’m so sorry this happened baby girl, you are so brave”

“what about mom?” I asked “she better be in hell”

He laughed “oh she is the moon goddess isn’t too happy with her, I’m not happy about the circumstances but I’m so happy to see you pumpkin”

“dad I am so sorry about what mom did too you, I wish you could be with me......wait am I dead?” I asked the thought didn’t honestly sound so bad

“no you’re in the hallway place” he stated

“is it really called that?” I asked

“yes, it actually is, this is where near death experiences happen” he stated again

“damn, so I’m here till I either heal or die?” I asked

He nodded another figure in the distance “what the hell”

A woman with green eyes, short, long blond hair with a streak of black in it came up behind me

“Alex where are we?” she asked

“what?.......CLEO” I realized

She smiled “welcome to my human form, the black streak obviously being a representation of you”

I ran my hands through her hair “your beautiful like id imagined you would be”

This was so much I was halfway to death, I just met my father after he died from my mom who killed him was working with uncle, and saw my panther in human form

“close your mouth love you’ll catch bugs” Cleo laughed, I didn’t even realize my mouth was open but I shut it

“the last week of my life has been crazy everything is happening all at once” I said

“as the goddess intended, you have too get past the fire baby girl, do Marcus a favor though and don’t follow that light” he said pointing over to the light with steps leading to it

“got it” I said

“I have to go but I love you” he said turning

“wait! Can I ask how mom killed you?” I asked

He turned “she poisoned my drink on our anniversary”

“I’m so sorry” gasped

“don’t be what’s done is done, plus I have found peace. I don’t hate your mother” he stated smiling

He kissed my forehead And he was gone, I turned to Cleo “what now?”

“I guess we wait” she said sitting

Marcus p.o.v.

Alex had just gotten done with her stitches and was in a stable place “how’s she looking”

“her breathing is shallow, she’s beat really bad lucky her body is used to abuse or she would be gone by now” he said

I growled “she shouldn’t have had to be used to abuse”

“I know” he sighed

Beth walked in “how is she?”

“she’s stable, but she’s beat up bad” I said sitting in the chair next to her bed, looking up Beth’s face was puffy and read

“all kids and everyone got home safe” she whispered looking down at Alex

“Beth, I know its hard.” I said “I should have killed that bitch when she challenged Alex”

“the moon goddess would punish us if she refused you know that, Alex wanted to go out with a fight” Beth said sitting beside me

“I know i wish there was more I could have done” I growled

“we both know there was nothing we could have don’t but Alex will get through this, she tough” Beth looked like she was in a bad place but to be fair we all were, the whole pack was the same way since our Luna was injured. The Luna impacted the whole pack

Kyle knocked on the door frame “how is she?”

“stable but not good” I huffed

“I hate to show you this right now Marcus but we found a note on the border” she said holding out a piece of paper

I snatched it :this is just the beginning: -uncle

I growled loud “have a warrior at every edge of the territory”

“yes alpha, Beth you need to eat something, marcus im having food sent up here for you, we will catch this uncle and tear him limb from limb” he said leaving Beth following behind him

I sighed looking over at Alex’s unconscious body on the hospital bed

Please Alex

Wake up

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