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chapter 36

Marcus p.o.v.

It had been two days and she wasn’t improving which for a shifter she should be at least a third better and awake, I had refused to move from the room only leaving to take quick showers, truth is if she didn’t make it I wouldn’t know what to do I would be able to go on with life. Mates are there for life nobody is complete without them

Beth walked in “Kyle wants to talk to you in his office its important” she said Flatley looking as if she has gotten the same amount of sleep as I had, which would be none

“it can wait” I grumbled

“no, it can’t” she snapped

Can’t blame her we were all on edge “fine but will you stay with Alex?”

“of course,” she sat down

I reluctantly left my chair leading up to the office “I DON’T CARE, FIND HIM” I heard Kyle growl

I barged into him slamming on my desk yelling at two pack warriors “what’s going on”

“leave men” Kyle hissed

I sat in my seat behind the office and he sat Infront of me “why did you need me here?” I asked annoyed

“he killed one of our wolves” he stated looking away “uncle did”

“fuck how did he escape our men?!?” I shot

“that’s the thing I don’t know, we have his scent now though” he said showing me papers “these are the pages we found left next to the dead body”

I grabbed them “wait who was killed?”

He frowned “Beth’s stepbrother, I think uncle is trying to send us messages that he can and will kill”

“well ill kill him, ill make it slow and painful” I growled, she called him her stepbrother when in reality he was one that helped us through our parents’ death always had our back

“I want to rip him to shreds” Kyle growled with me

“how is Beth doing?” I asked

“she is a mess, he was so close to her” he said

“how come she hasn’t talked about him in a while?” I asked

“he was considered her stepbrother, I think she thought if no one heard of him he would be safe” he said

“that bastard will be taken down” I spat looking over the papers

They read

:kitty kitty kitty:


:ut mortem quopue:

That last one was unsettling

“what’s the last one mean?” I asked

“its Latin for death to be had” Kyle muttered

I growled “this is not the end for Alex”

“no, it’s just the beginning” he stated

“is this the end of what you had to tell me?” I asked, he nodded “I want three warriors with Alex and Beth at all times, I want a warrior with the pups as well, I don’t put it above him to go for the kids”

He nodded heading out

I let my rage slip gripping my desk I broke it in half, after that trashing my office “SOMEONE FIX MY OFFICE” I growled stomping out

Beth p.o.v.

I watched as her breath was even, it pained me to see her so broken she deserved none of this. The fact that her uncle was hunting her makes me sick. The fact that my poor stepbrother was dead made living hard. He was there when everything in me and Marcus’s life went south. The only family I have left is Marcus, but I considered him, Kyle and Alex family too

Marcus slowly made his way back in “Beth I heard”

“its fine”

“no, it’s not Beth, brady meant the world to us, when this is over, we will honor him like family” he said, I teared up

“what are we going to do” I said standing having the mental breakdown I needed

He pulled me into his chest “shhhhh, its ok Beth let it out. Everything will be ok I’m going to take him down” he kissed my forehead “I love you sis”

We hadn’t had a tender moment like this since mom and dad died “I love you too bro”

Alex p.o.v.

“so how did you disconnect from me where did you go, here?” I asked

She shook her head looking grim “I uh went to the darkest part of your mind, I went to all the dark memory’s”

I swallowed “Cleo..

“I did it for you, I would gladly do it again” she smiled

“I would never ask that” I shifted, currently we were sitting on the white floor facing each other

“I know you wouldn’t, but I’m concerned” Cleo blurted out

“why?” I asked, we were currently sitting before the ticket to heaven, or that’s what I called the light tunnel with stairs

“it’s been so long I’m concerned you’re not getting better” she looked over at me

“I know but I don’t know how to get out of here…

I was interrupted by a lightning strike, screaming I scooched back, a figure of a ghost like lady appeared, purple eyes, long white hair, and wearing a flowing dress

“do not fear me dear” she said walking forward

“who are you?” I said “I’m for sure gonna die”

She laughed “no no, I’m what you call the moon goddess or thea, or goddess in Greek”

“oh, wow hi uhm, your majesty?” I said but it came out more as a question as I bowed

“none of that” she said looking over at Cleo “hello Cleo, I’m so happy you have kept Alex safe, I am so proud of how far you both have become, and that’s why I am here to give you both a second chance”

“what” I whispered, as a black portal like object appeared on the other side of the entrance to heaven

“you can either go with your father into the promise land or what you guys call heaven or you can go back to Marcus, it is your choice doll but I will say either way you choose ill support you, I know your life hasn’t been easy but you came out so strong. Ill give you as much time as you need” she smiled

“I don’t know what to say, thank you so much for everything even the bad” I choked

“I have to go, I have more match making to do” she winked “but I believe in you Alex and you too Cleo” and like that she was gone

“what the heck just happened?” I asked

“I think we just got to meet the moon goddess” Cleo said putting her hands on her face “well lets go to Marcus” she said, I didn’t move “Alex……are you really on the fence about this! Marcus needs you”

“maybe going to the promised land would be better, all my life it has been torture” I stated looking over to the pearly gates

“Alex you can find the promised land in Marcus” she said grabbing my arm “but whatever you choose its you and me together. If you jump, I jump”

“I do miss Marcus but what about uncle he will come for me no matter what” I sighed

“so, you and Marcus can face anything, Alex its time your happy!” she shouted

“Cleo, I know, and I can be with my father who cares-

“MARCUS CARES” she screamed looking as if she was about to rip her hair out “the longer we take the more pain it causes him”

I thought of Marcus every interaction we have had the good and the bad, I thought about uncle, and I thought about Beth. I had become to close to these people, I couldn’t just give them up

“your right” I said “let’s go”

Cleo held my hand “are you sure as much as I want to be with Marcus it is your decision”

“I can’t just give up, after all I have been through I would be an idiot to give up now” I said walking to the door taking Cleo alongside me, stopping in from of it

She smiled “then let’s go”

I opened the door going walking out of what I thought I would walk through but instead I fell straight down like that I was pulled into the ground hopefully making my way back to my body

Or possibly to hell

We shall see

Marcus p.o.v.

I held my baby sister tight as we had not let go of each other

“uh!” we heard looking over at Alex her eyes were open and she shot up

“ALEX!” I cried

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