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chapter 37

Alex p.o.v.

I was jolted back into reality, just like that. Instinct kicked in and I wrapped my arms around Marcus which he instantly welcomed rubbing my back. Beth being next I gave her a hug. After I realized I was in pain but not too much luckily the fast healing had started

“I’m so happy your ok” Beth said crying

“are you okay?” Marcus asked

“well I just killed my mom which I thought was dead, so I’m peachy” I laughed

“I’m so sorry that happened, I’m so sorry I didn’t stop it” he said taking my hand, the room was bright well bright for me considering I had just woken up from talking to the moon goddess

“Marcus you couldn’t stop it.” I stated “the moon goddess would be pissed”

He put his hand on my face “I’m so happy you’re ok”

Harry rushed in “Luna!”

“hi there doc” I greeted

Harry checked everything and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING, he took blood, he checked my bruises which were healing, he shined a light in my eyes, and so on and so forth

Starting to get up Marcus pushed me lightly back down “I don’t think so, you need rest”

“what I need is to find uncle and kill the son of a bitch before he hurts anyone else” I growled “plus I want to shift and run”

He sighed “please give it a day”

“no” I spat, I had gotten more backbone with him since most of my secrets were out

He huffed “Alex”


He gave me a serious look “fine” I grumbled laying back down

Smiling as he won, “are you hungry”

“no” I said taking the glass of water and chugging it, which was ripped from my hands halfway through “your pushing it” I hissed

Marcus p.o.v.

“your pushing it” she said letting a hiss slip, her eyes becoming green. Her panther at the surface

“you’ll make yourself sick” I stated

“go away” she said facing the other way “your annoying”

Laughing Beth stepped forward “as annoying as he usually is, I think he is right”

She flipped the other way on the bed “traitor”

Beth sat “maybe for now”




A day has passed painfully slow, but I was finally cleared by harry to get out of this god forsaken room, Marcus still protesting but I didn’t care I needed to shift

“I want to shift” I stated walking out of the hospital room “you either come with me or don’t, but id like it if you would”

“of course, I want to run with you Alex” he smiled

“good last on to the forest is a rotten egg!” I yelled shifting into my panther form, goodness it felt so good. I ran as fast as I could Marcus trailing behind me

‘you run fast for how small you are’ he linked me, I growled not being able to link him back

‘mark him’ Cleo whined

For once I agreed but I had to ask I had to shift back ‘just do it he did it without his permission he did it to you’ Cleo suggested

‘I’m not him’ I responded

I shifted, him looking confused I said, “can I mark you?”

He looked like a pup on Christmas ‘absolutely’

That’s all it took for me to shift back and jump on him rolling him over onto his back. Not a protest from him. I sunk my fangs into his neck, he was still. Once I was done, I licked it clean and rolled off him. Of course, it would take him a minute to get used to it. For some reason I was nervous I didn’t know what about, but I was

After what seemed like eternity of him being still, he shook his fur giving me a wolfly grin ‘Marcus?’ I tried

‘I hear you’ he jumped obviously excited, We felt more connected than ever, I was ready to play so I took off.




We had run after each other pawing the ground, finding a lake we wrestled in the water finding absolute joy in each other’s company, after what seemed like not long enough the sun way going down making the stars visible

‘head back?’ Marcus asked

‘yes, I’m starving’ I said walking toward the house him alongside me

I rubbed up against him as he did the same with me, for once I felt loved

‘as it should be’ Cleo smiled

We made it to the pack house, one of the warriors threw Marcus some shorts so he could shift. lucky I was able to come back in clothes.

I smiled at him looking up and down at his flat stomach with abs but not too much “enjoying the view?” he laughed

“does it bother you” I grin

“not. At. All.” He smiled back at me

“good” I stated “now let’s go get some food”

“one more thing” he added, I stopped looking over at him confused, but understood as he stepped forward connecting our lips. I don’t know why at this point but it still surprised me. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer so I put my hands on his face. Every time we kissed it seemed gentle but rough. I pulled away smiling

“I love you” I blurted out

He smiled bigger than I had even seen him “I love you Alex with my whole heart”

I gave him a quick peck on the lips “now let’s eat I’m hungry”




After we talked in, we had eaten some pancakes he made which were to die for “did you want to sleep in the same bed tonight?” I asked

“I would never say no to that” he grinned leading me up to the room, I could finally just wear my boy shirts and his shift considering he had seen my scars “you look so beautiful” he said laying on his side with me following

Laying down he scooched me beside him. He kissed me deeply making me shiver, I had decided

(sex scene ahead, if you want to skip the rest of this chapter you wont miss anything, first time doing one please just bear with me)

pushing him down, I crawled on top of him pressing my body into him, landing my lips on his causing a deep groan to come out “Alex if you don’t stop” he said pulling away, but I continued knowing what I wanted, I slipped my hand into his shorts rubbing his now hard length he let out a growl “are you sure?” I nodded as he pulled my shirt completely off along with my bra “god you so perfect” he said staring at my chest

I blush removing his shirt I ran my hands down his chest to his boxer almost tearing them off, looking down I muttered “fuck your huge”

He chuckled “well now its my turn to admire” he said taking my boy shorts off he covered his mouth letting a low growl out he flipped me over, “I’m going to ask you one more time are you sure” he said

I nodded and the assault on my neck started, he then rubbed his erection against me making me moan “be gentle, its my fist time” he made eye contact

“I promise” he said kissing my forehead. His hands traveled down sticking a finger inside me, then two, then three

I cursed under my breath “fuck”

“are you ok?” he asked

“I’m ok” I assured him

He pressed himself up against my opening never loosing eye contact with me as he slowly entered me, I groaned my claws coming out gripping his arm the pain wasn’t as bad as I thought but still there, once completely inside me he was the one that cursed “fucking hell”, kissing me giving me for a few minutes before he pulled back as thrusted back in I moaned, he gave me a look with his eyes turning yellow slightly Sam at the surface him trying to push him back as I was with Cleo, we were a mix of moans and grunts as he kept going

“faster” I whispered and that was all he needed to continue to fuck me. Once he hit a certain spot I moaned “there” as he continued to hit that spot, I hit my peek, my orgasm intense as I felt his too, he pulled out leaving me a moaning mess underneath me

“I love you” he said again kissing my forehead, we fell asleep naked on top of each other

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