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chapter 38

Alex p.o.v.

(another sex scene ill say when it’s over)

Waking up I realize I was A being looked at by Marcus and B we were till naked

“morning “he smiled

I squeaked, crossing my arms to cover my chest, not realizing I wasn’t wearing pants, he grabbed my arms putting them down “iv already seen everything no hiding” I blushed, trying to get up I felt him squeeze my butt. I yelped switching halfway into Cleo and I snapped quickly getting back on top of him stoking him slowly “mmmmm I like this you”

I purred, hovering over him I put his tip against my entrance, sliding him completely inside me with a moan. I began to ride him, feral side kicking in

“fuck Alex, baby girl” I could tell Sam was coming over because he said “fucking ride me” with low growl, I wasn’t even thinking just focusing on the pleasure

“uh” I grunted, riding faster “Marcus” I moaned, continuing my motions. He sat up kissing me, following my movements, getting rough, by the end we were sweaty, I rolled off

“Jesus what brought that up?” he asked breathy “ill make sure to touch your butt more often” he chuckled

I laughed “ok big boy lets take a shower and go eat” I said dragging him into the shower and you can guess what we did in the shower again

(sex scene over)

I walk into the kitchen where Beth and Kyle stand talking “hey guys” I say taking a banana from the counter

“I see she marked your bro” Kyle said smiling

“and from what I heard they had a great time last night and this morning, she’s very vocal” Beth laughed giving Kyle a fist bump

I pinched my nose “fucking wolf hearing”

“hey, I had to listen to that all day everyday when you two met” Marcus said walking over to the fridge

“fucking fantastic” I mutter

“oh, don’t be embarrassed, I’m glad you all finally did it, the full moon should be easier on you guys now” she stated

Oh yeah, the full moon

“when is that anyway?” I ask finishing my apple

“I think in like a week and a half” Kyle said

I nodded “so do we have any leads on uncle yet?”

Marcus paled “um”

“you better tell me” I threatened

“oh, shit dude now she can withhold sex” Kyle chuckles, causing Marcus to growl and me to roll my eyes

“we uhm have some notes, that we found on one of our deceased guards” he stated

“when was this?” I ask

“one of the days you were unconscious, the first day” he said

“how long was I out by the way?” I asked sitting with him on the couch

“about three days” he said

“wait its been a day since then and you haven’t told me!” I shouted

“Alex, I think you deserved a break for a day or two” Beth chimed in

“I just want him to be gone” I say banging my head on the table

“he will be soon” Marcus said rubbing my back

Avian ran in, mom trailing behind him “avian you get back here!” she yelled

He hid under the table near my leg “NEVER” causing Marcus to laugh “hi Luna!”

“hi baby boy, what are you up too” I ask

“he’s not listening” his mom frowned “by the was I’m Sophia”

I smiled “take a seat the both of you”

“can I sit on the Luna’s lap!?” he screamed

“if its ok with her” Sophia laughed, he looked at me for a response

“of course,” I say grabbing his tiny body and setting it on my lap “but you need to listen to your parents-

“parent” avian corrected looking down

“his dad left when he was born” Sophia frowned

“well your welcome to come to me anytime bub” Marcus smiled, and my heart skipped a beat when he said that

Avian grinned “thank you alpha!” he yelled jumping onto Marcus wrapping his hands around his neck, his mom looked as if she was holding her breath

“anytime bub” he smiled patting hi m on the back then handing him back to his mom who seemed to have let the nervous breath out

“avian why don’t we go play with the pups” I suggested, He perked up dragging me over to the pile of other pups in wolf for wrestling

Marcus p.o.v.

Once they were both gone avian’s mom spoke up “alpha I am so sorry if he has caused any trouble or discomfort”

“no no he’s a good kid he is welcome here anytime” I stated smiling

“thank you alpha, that means a lot” she smiled

“have breakfast with us, there’s fruit salad, eggs, and toast made on the counter. dig in” Beth said smiling as Kyle was on his phone not paying any type of attention

“id love too” she said grabbing a plate with mostly fruit on it




Twenty minutes went by and I could hear the pups playing and the pack hanging out outside. This was the life I wanted to live, I went to go check on Alex and the scene before me melted my heart. Alex was running around the pups gently nipping at their tail. they looked like they were having a great time. She would make the perfect mother I was sure.

Once she noticed me after ten minutes of me just staring at her like the whipped mate I am she strutted over to me brushing up against me in panther form “hello doll face” I said getting a purr out of her, this woman will be the death of me.

Alex p.o.v.

I shifted to my human form giving Marcus a quick kiss “ok alpha boy now show me these notes you found”

“fine but please don’t freak out” he said causing me to worry, we walked up to the office his hand engulfing mine, when we made it I went in first and he followed behind walking over to the desk he grabbed a rough piece of paper, he handed it to me and it read

:kitty kitty kitty:


:ut mortem quopue:

That last one was unsettling

“what’s the last one mean?” I asked

“its Latin for death to be had” Marcus whispered

I took a sharp intake of breath “shit”

“Alex we will find him” he said

“anything else?” I asked he looked down “what is it baby?”

“we had a prisoner who had said you killed his mate, so I killed him” he said looking up

I knew who he was talking about “listen I-

he cut me off “you don’t have to explain anything”

“I want too, I had past rogue territory not realizing it, and she was working with uncle. she was going to take me back to him, so I snapped her neck” I stated

“then she deserved to die” he agreed

“Marcus I’m so sorry to drag you into my mess” I say, he closes the space between us

“I would do anything for you” he states kissing me




it had been three days and not a single fucking lead on uncle, I growled we were currently in a pack meeting about the bastard. pack warriors, Jace, Katie, and me. all in crammed into Marcuse’s office

“do we have his scent?” Jace asks

“we had it at one point, but we don’t anymore, he has been trying to hurt pack members he even got Alex’s mom to fight her for the crown!” Marcus growled gripping his desk

‘don’t break your desk again Hun’ I linked making him drop his hands

Jace looked shocked, to be fair he wasn’t there for that “Alex I’m so sorry, I thought she was dead”

“so, did I” I muttered “its fine she wasn’t worth my time anyway” Marcus rubbed my hand under the desk

“I will have my warriors around your territory as well, if that is permitted by you of course” Jace offered

“of course, any help is appreciated” Marcus said looking over at Katie “Katie are you ok?”

Jace looked over concerned “just my back hurting from the baby” she said rubbing her rounded stomach

“congrats by the way” I said “I never got to say that”

she smiled “thank you”

the door slammed open causing Jace, Marcus and the warriors to stand in defense

“avian is missing” a worried Sophia cried

“oh fuck” slipped out of my mouth


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