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chapter 39

Alex p.o.v.

I rise from my seat slowly, a growl coming from the depts of my chest, Marcus put his hand on my shoulder which I brushed off “ALL WARRIORS PAROL THE LAND, AND FIND AVIAN NOW” I ordered causing all the warriors to flood out the door. Cleo at the surface I destroyed the first thing around me, the chair I was just sitting on

“Alex” Marcus coed “baby”

Turning to him “no Marcus this is my fault, we need to find him”

“don’t blame yourself Luna” Sophie squeaked

“no, it is my fault, no one would be hurt if I wasn’t followed by the bastard” I sigh

“you didn’t ask for this” Marcus stated wrapping an arm around my waist calming me down. I Stayed silent wanting to rip uncles throat out ‘me too’ Cleo growled, my fangs came out the anger burning me to a new level, I wasn’t paying attention that I didn’t notice that Marcus was pressing me to his chest “shhhhh its ok” he continued to whispered

“where is Sophie?” I asked pushing him off, I felt hurt through him but the only thing I could concern myself was finding avian

“she went to Beth so Beth can explain where the warriors are searching and help her cope because avian is the only family she has” he said

“what happened to his father, Sophia’s mate?” I asked “he could have taken avian not uncle”

Marcus frowned “babe, we found uncles scent and it’s all over avians room”

I paled “I’m going to kill him, ill rip him to shreds. Drown him in his own blood” Cleo coming to the surface, “let’s find Beth”. He nodded following me downstairs to the kitchen which surprisingly Beth wasn’t there I heard sigh on the porch “Marcus will you give us a minute please?” I asked

“of course,” he shook his head yes kissing me on the forehead, heading back up to the office, I made my way to the porch Sophia had her head in her hands, Beth rubbing her arm. This was all my fault no one else’s, uncle wants me.

“Luna” Sophia said showing her neck to show respect, I sat next her

“Sophia I’m so sorry” I said tears starting to form in my eyes “I split you and avian up, but we will get him back I will make sure he is safe”

She gave me a sad smile “you didn’t know Luna I could never blame you for this, you never asked for this life. I think you will be the best Luna we have ever had”

I smiled “I consider you guys family, you come to us if you ever need anything or if you have any problem”

“that includes me too Sophia” Beth stated

Sophia burst into tears “i-im s-so happ-y to h-have you g-guys” she hiccupped “I m-miss a-vi-an”

“I will get him back I promise” I stated

“thank you, Luna,” she smiled

“anything for you and avian, now I have a question feel free not to answer it but what happened to avians father, your mate?” I asked

Taking a sharp intake of breath, she replied shaky “he left when avian was 1, he said I wasn’t good enough”

“I’m so sorry, we will take care of you and him” I assured

She nodded “I’m going to go, if you don’t mind, I’m going for a run”

“it’s dangerous” I said grabbing her arm as she was about to get up “please”

“it’s ok I’ll stay close” she said weakly, I nodded knowing she would stay safe for avian

After she left, I turned to Beth “I feel like this is all my fault, I know everyone says it’s not, but it is” I stated staring at the ground

“none of this is your fault Alex, uncle is a sick man who is out to get revenge on the only person he knows how too. We will bring him down and you and Marcus can live together in peace. We can all live happily having an amazing Luna that is you” she said smiling

I followed her smiling “thank you I just wish none of this happened”

Beth smiled “I know but we just need to ride this out, I’m going to go check on Kyle” she put her hand on my shoulder before getting up and walking into the pack house leaving me in my own thoughts

I couldn’t help but think what would happen if I wasn’t Marcus’s mate and everything would be fine, or if I was never born

‘you’re here for a reason’ Cleo whispered inside my head

The sun was going down, meaning the day had been one hell of a roller coaster. I would get avian back no matter what that child is too innocent to be ruined the way I was.

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