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chapter 4

Marcus p.o.v.

I had woken before Alex which is probably a good thing. Heading upstairs to check up on her I sighed looking over to her on my bed, she was so beautiful when she slept. Her hair was pitch black, pale as a sheet of paper and snuggled into my thick blankets. Hopefully one day she would be snuggled into my side but for now my blanket was good.

‘she looks so beautiful if only she didn’t have bruises on her neck’ Sam growled in my head

‘I know I know ill regret that for the rest of my life’ I said wiping a hand down my face in frustration

He huffed ‘you shouldn’t have even touched a female without consent’

‘I lost my temper!’ I yelled getting no response I realized he was mad, but I couldn’t do anything about my past actions against the sleeping beauty that was my mate

Alex p.o.v.

I opened my eyes, everything coming back to me about yesterday being choked, finding my so-called mate, and so on and so forth. I attempted a scream as I saw him staring. But when I say I attempted I mean it because I fell against the floor coughing because my throat was so fucked up

“I won’t hurt you!” he growled making me almost jump out of my skin “sorry” his voice softened

I picked up the pad of paper and pen that was on the nightstand and wrote ‘hi’ that’s all I could think of.

“hi” he smiled

Cleo swooned over him as I got up from his bed ‘I’m going to go change into my clothes’ I wrote not caring what he said as I walked into his bathroom. Changing into the clothes that I had worn before I stepped out to Marcus leaning on the open-door frame

“ready for breakfast?” he asked smiling, I was about to write no but my stomach did the talking for me letting out a gurgling roar “ill take that as a yes, come”

What am I a dog?

No but he is

Making no effort to argue I followed him into his kitchen, where Beth and Kyle were sitting eating what looked like some fruit and an orange drink, “Alex!.....why are you wearing the same clothes come on lets get you dressed!” she squealed, this time I didn’t have time to protest because she dragged me straight into what I assume was their room. “what do you wanna wear I have everything!”

‘convers, leggings and a hoodie’ I wrote

She stuck her bottom lip out “your no fun” she said tossing them to me and turning so I could get dressed




Walking back down to the kitchen after I had gotten dressed Kyle laughed “what did you dress her for a funeral?” he asked

“she wanted to wear this butt head” she growled

“I think you look beautiful” Marcus stated

I looked away not knowing how to respond ‘thanks’ I wrote not knowing much other then that to say or in this case write, what looked like a few warriors piled in starting a line for breakfast all saying “Luna” with a bow as they passed. I must have looked confused because Beth spoke up

“you’re their female alpha or Luna, they won’t hurt you. They will protect you with their life” she stated taking a bite of some red fruit with seeds

Needing to find a way out of here I looked around but there were warriors everywhere, I remembered the bathroom maybe their was a window in there I could sneak out of, I just had to get far enough for him not to smell me then hide till be forgets about me

‘he won’t’ Cleo said ‘don’t be a baby and just go to him’

‘he will skin us alive’ I said

‘and you say I’m the crazy one’ she sneered, I rolled my eyes

“Alex?” Marcus said reaching for me which I easily dodged

‘I have to use the restroom’ I wrote

“it’s this way love” he said wiping his mouth before getting up leading me to my possible escape

Once we had arrived down the hall, I gave him a smile before walking in and shutting the door, now it was time. I looked around at the white and simple bathroom nothing too fancy. Pretty basic on the end of the long stretch bathroom was a window small but still a window. Very lucky I am also small

I searched for a latch or anything that would open the window but their seemed to be no way, looking down I finally saw it, a button that unhooked the bottom allowing me to open it

I was finally free.

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