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chapter 41

Alex p.o.v.

I stared at the note wide eyed, I knew he wanted me to meet in the clearing that I killed my mother in. it seems to all come back to that fucking clearing. The sun started to set meaning I had to meet Beth where we were previously, which I can’t remember where but ill just follow her scent. I shifted then gently taking the note in my mouth careful not to ruin it. I ran straight toward her scent making it there within minutes. No Beth

Not wanting to freak out I growled loud, to be met with her growl in the distance and shortly after I saw her brownish orange wolf appear

‘I didn’t see anything what about you?’ she asked in mind link

‘we need to talk shift’ I stated

‘um you might be able to shift into clothes, but I can’t’ she huffed

‘I don’t care no one is going to care, I’m sure most have seen your naughty bits’ I said

She growled ‘no’


‘not like that, I meant if you shift in front of others not like everyone’ I stopped

‘fine’ she said shifting

I did the same looking over a nude Beth stood, gotta say not a bad body but I didn’t care “any reason you are making me be naked in front of you”

“do you want me naked?” I asked half joking

“no but I want your pants at least” she said holding her hand out

“fine” I grumbled peeling off my jeans handing them to her to which she quickly threw on. So now her chest was visible, and my lower half was but that’s life

“so, what happened?” she asked

“I met one of uncles goons” I stated

She looked freaked out “what the fuck are you ok??” she asked looking me over

“I’m fine but he gave me this note” I said handing it over

She took it reading it over she looked pissed “he’s a sick bastard, you’re not going to go are you?”

“Beth, I have too for avian, but I also have to kill him, I go tomorrow at around six considering that is 24 hours” I said looking down

“Marcus needs-

“no, it’s my fight, I’ll be ok” I assured

She stomped her foot “no Alex I am telling Marcus”

“please Beth if you love me you won’t” I walked over to her looking her in the eyes

“I am telling Marcus because I love you” she stated looking pissed

“then goodbye” I said looking to her sad, I had made my decision. I would wait, kill uncle, and return avian.

I ran off

“ALEX” I heard her scream

But at that point I was gone

Beth p.o.v.

I held the note in my hand crumpled from anger as I watched her run into the woods not bothering to go after her because I would have the whole pack search for her, I was not going to let her do this alone. Running toward the pack house in a panic, note in my mouth, I was freaking out

Marcus p.o.v.

It had been hours since Alex ran away with Beth, that girl will get herself killed, me and Kyle were worried sick standing in the kitchen talking to some warriors when Beth burst through the front door.......topless making Kyle growl, grab her and put his shirt on her “what the hell, where is Alex?!” bit

“she ran, she plans to take on uncle herself one of his men meet her in the forest and gave her this note” she said panting practically throwing the note at me, I read it immediately

I growled loud “: kitty, to your clearing you will die, to the ground you will lye, 24 hours or avian dies:”

“shit when will that be?” Kyle asked

“at 6 we need to have the warriors with us, to the clearing where the fight took place, she can’t do this herself” she said

Nodding I looked the other way ‘all guard warriors to clearing B tomorrow at 5, that’s an order not a request’

“the guards are coming” I spat

Alex p.o.v.

Ok so running wasn’t the brightest idea but that’s what I knew how to do. I would be damned if I put the pack in jeopardy. I went to the edge of the territory and sat thinking about a plan

Avians p.o.v.

Terrified that’s how I felt for the past few days when I got taken, I want my mommy

“meal brat” a man said throwing a sandwich into the cell stayed in, I wouldn’t eat I didn’t know these people I didn’t know my fate “come on brat eat, you wont be able too when we kill you” he chuckled

I started to shake out of fear “Jeffery leave the fucking kid alone” the man who took me said, I believe he referred to himself as uncle, he crouched to my size and laughed “pathetic” once he left I curled in a ball and once again cried myself to sleep

-the next day-

“wake up brat todays the day, in a few hours everything will fall into place” a man screamed, I didn’t know anyone here

“p-please let me see my mommy” I said

He laughed opening my cage he kicked me in the ribs “you don’t get to speak back boy” he smiled I was coughing up blood, too weak to do anything

-hours later-

Alex p.o.v.

It was time to get going to the clearing, I wasn’t nervous I was determined, shifting into my panther form I raced forward. I wouldn’t let him go this time he was a dead man

Marcus p.o.v.

‘everyone ready!’ I linked

‘yes sir’ they replied

We were heading out the door every warrior specialty trained, me, and Kyle. I see Beth come behind me, but I stop her “hell no stay back”

She growled “no Marcus I’m coming I don’t give a fuck”

I nodded seeing the fire in her eyes, that when she has its all over, she will do this “no” Kyle said pushing her back

“Kyle if you fight me on this, I will never speak to you again” she spat staring him in the eyes

He whimpered “fine but please stay back on the field”

Alex p.o.v.

I made it to the clearing, it was a nice day if you weren’t about to fight your psychotic uncle, a crunch of leaves took me out of my mind “Alex”


Fuck Beth

“leave” I hissed

He walked behind me along with Kyle and Beth “no I will stand behind you in any situation”

“Beth why” I said

‘she cares’ Cleo said

“I had to hate me or not, but I will not watch you die” she stated cold stare

“ah Alex kitten, long him no see” I spun around to see uncle walking out of the other side of the woods, his slightly gray hair greyer than I remember. The evil in his eyes never went away though, Marcus growled “ah lover boy, how are you?” he chuckled

“uncle, its me you want” I said stepping forward

“ah yes and the little brat is what you want, bring the brat!” he ordered and like that two of this men dragged a bruised avian. he was crying

I growled “why the fuck did you have to use a child, you sick fuck”

“ah I see you have formed a mouth, you didn’t when I was beating you senseless” he smiled sadistically

Sophia walked out to beside him, blank expression “mommy” avian screamed struggling against the men

“Sophia....” I said a breath caught in my throat

He looked over at her “hello again....”


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