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chapter 42

Alex p.o.v.


We were all stunned

Sophie and uncle were mate, so avian was uncles’ kid. “why Sophia” I asked

“allow me to explain, me and Sophia met after avian was born, avian not being my blood is a disgrace and so is Sophia considering she didn’t wait for me” uncle said sadistic smile plastered on his face

“avian is battered and bruised and you stand there like you’re a good mother” I stated fangs daring to come out

Sophia looked down “I didn’t know he was actually going to harm avian, but its all to get my family back together”

“what?” Beth said

“ah yes our family.” Uncle said adding “unfortunately for you that will not be happening I have what I want, sorry mate”

She was still, mouth open and tears threatening to come out “but you said-

“I know what I said, do you really think I would take you back with you have whored yourself out to another man” he snarled

“I thought id never find you, we met later in life” she cried

“well you should have waited my dear, but I will thank you for giving me the opportunity to get the power I have always wanted. If I kill an alpha, I will be the alpha” he grinned

Sophia wobbled back before shifting she lunged toward uncle, only for her wolf to be dragged back by two taller stronger men

“shift Sophia” he growled, she did as she was told, I blame the mate pull for that one, the two men held her one at each arm, throwing a shirt over her unclothed body

“Alex I’m so sorry he told me he would take me back, that he would be a real father to avian, I never meant for it to go this far” she said

“Sophia” Beth spoke first

I had no words I didn’t know if I should be mad at her or feel bad for her in this moment but the anger I felt was unexplainable

“Sophia, I get why you did this, but avian should have been more important then your mate, for goodness sake he beat the poor boy!” Marcus growled

“I know I was too caught up in the mate bond that I did something stupid” she cried

“aw well isn’t this touching really. but I have things to do, men kill her” he snapped

Avian was wide eyed, tears soaked his shirt, men holding him in place beside uncle as he struggled, the men that held her back kicked her to her knees. I ran forward not letting them take her life for avian, but I wasn’t fast enough. As I heard the crack of her neck and the tear of her head being ripped off, I froze in place the sighted of Sophia’s dead headless corpse mangled on the ground made me sick. Avian howled in pain now full on sobbing he was let go, he ran over to the remains of his mother and knelt down

“MOMMY” he shouted, then whispering “please wake up”

“aw does the boy miss his mommy, well let that be a lesson to stay true to your mate. You’re an abomination anyway boy” uncle spat “kill him too he’s useless now”

Anger rattled my bones all I wanted to do was kill this man, I jump at avian wrapping my arms around him before the men could do anything to him, I ran the opposite direction “get him to safety” I said handing him over to Beth

“Alex, I want to-

“Beth at this moment I don’t care what you want, lunas orders get him to safety and stay with him” I growled

She gave me a blank stare before shifting, I put him on her back and she was off, our warriors came forward seconds later, an army of rogues came out of the forest behind uncle

He laughed “this is it kitten; this is where you die”

“uncle you have been so far up your ass for years, I can’t wait to wipe that grin off your face once and for all” I growl taking a step closer

“we shall see kitten” he bit walking back a few steps “go but save the kitty for me” he said calmly that was when it all started people shifting, including our people. Left and right wolves attacking each other already wolves dropping dead. Looking over at Marcuse’s wolf I nodded. He began to attack the stronger wolves, while Kyle did the same

I shifted into my panther walking toward uncle’s black grey wolf. He growled making the first move he lunged at me biting down on my leg. I rolled him over on his back biting at the side of his face making him let go of my paw. He shoved me off him shaking his form as if he were trying to get water off of him. We circled growling at each other with the occasional hiss coming from me, this time it was my turn to make the first move so I ran at him clawing his side making a gash, he howled in pain now looking more pissed then before.

He growled trying to jump on me to tear into my back aiming for my lower half, to no luck on his part he missed only grazing my back. Still he turned around and continued to do this a couple more times still no luck on his part. Once he had slowed down, I bit into his calf. I was smaller than him, but I was faster. He fell to his stomach turning to try and bit me back but as he did I pressed my teeth harder into his calf causing him to wince in pain but he as I was determined, he grabbed my tail surprising me making me let him go. we rolled around fighting for dominance. I flung myself away trying to get a better shot at not getting caught on my back. Not waiting another moment to allow him to think of my next move I moved swiftly to rip into his face, trying to cut his vision off he was quick to bite into my side throwing me to the side pouncing on top on me. he almost has me when Kyle shoved himself into us making uncle roll back, another rogue challenge Kyle but he looked at me, I motioned for him to kill the rogue to my relief he did. Wanting to kill uncle for myself.

Both me and uncle had one thing in common we both craved death, at this point we had taken out about half the rogues for what I could tell. the fight seeming to last forever.

I was fast in running toward uncle shoving him over again before he could fully get up, once on the ground I made a move to again get on top of him finally having luck biting into his back to slow him down, he let out a small whimper as I had probably hit a sensitive spot. Good. Now on him I aimed for his neck, him dodging every attack. Deciding it was time to give him a taste of his own medicine I dug my claws into his stomach tearing open the skin, his eyes went wide as he was losing blood fast. I paralyzed his legs digging and biting into his back more and more, this was it, this was the end for this bastard. Unable to move his legs and him bleeding profusely I shifted to my human form

“shift bastard” I demanded, oddly he did as he was told falling to his knees

“Alex kitten, we could have done great things you and I” he muttered coughing up blood “spare me and we can go our separate ways”

I chuckled “that’s funny”

Walking over to him I got really close to his face holding his hands together so he wouldn’t try anything “avian will be taken care of, he isn’t a disgrace. You’re the scum of the earth and You will rot in hell.” I hissed, biting into his neck I once and for all ripped his head off ending my torment


I finally felt free.

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