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chapter 43

Uncles blood dripped down my mouth which was easily wiped away by the sleeve of my shirt, looking around the battle was almost over about ten rogues left all battling warriors, I shifted helping them clear out the remaining ones in what seemed like no time I assume because the rogues were inexperienced and Marcus and Kyle took down the stronger ones.

It took under twenty minutes to take out the rest, the clearing I had known so well as a child covered in dead bodies, covered in awful memories. I shifted back my body sore from the battle, but I kept my eyes open not wanting to blackout after this fight I wanted to see it all.

“Alex baby we did it” Marcus said walking over, naked of course but nudity didn’t really matter in the wolf world

“fuck” I let out a breath, the pain almost too much. My side was bruised and bloody same went for both my legs, stomach, and back. My face slightly scratched

Marcus on the other hand was slightly injured stomach scratched and bruised but other then that he looked fine, and Kyle was the same way his leg bleeding and a few scratches all over him, but he was fine as well, it was the alpha and beta blood

“Kyle thank you for pushing uncle, you saved my ass” I said smiling over at him, Marcus gave a growl as I was seeing Kyle naked “shut up Marcus”

“no problem Luna” Kyle smiled “but I think Beth is raging right now”

“let her rage, she did a huge part bringing avian to safety” I stated

“thank you for keeping her safe I don’t know what I would have done if she would have died” he patted my back making me hiss in pain “shit sorry”

“that’s ok, and Beth was the perfect person to keep avian safe” I looked around more seeing that the warriors were stretching beat up some but a smile of victory on all of their faces “thank you guys” I said, all of them bowing their heads before running back to the pack house

“but Alex I will say, it was incredibly stupid to try and come here yourself” Marcus growled

“I know I realize that, thank you for not only coming but letting me fight uncle myself” I smiled gently wrapping my arms around his torso

He kissed my forehead “id do it a million times, now let’s get you to harry, I had him prepare his medical room” I nodded “I’m carrying you”

I didn’t fight him, I let him pick me up and ran me back to the pack house in what seemed like no time. Opening the door, I see Beth rocking avian back and forth, avians face deep in her chest

She looked up concern showing on her face “hey guys, oh my goodness Alex you need to go to the doctor!”

“I know I wanted to check on avian” I said adding “thank you for getting him to safety and sorry for using my Luna voice on you”

“no, I was mad at first, but I realized you were just doing the right thing” she said again caressing avians head

“ill be back down after we get checked by harry” I stated walking to the urgent care room harry had

“Alex take a seat, I need to dress your wounds” he said patting the seat, I sat down without a word I let him do what he needed to do, which was clean and stitch my wounds, then make sure everything was fine. It took about an hour to do so “your good to go, please clean the wounds till they heal and no exercise”

I laughed “I think I’ve had enough exercise for now” Marcus helped me up from the chair and as we walked out, I said “thank you harry and Marcus we need to talk in our room”

“of course,” he agreed carrying me to the bedroom, sitting me on the bed he sat next to me

“I want to adopt avian” I bluntly stated

He smiled “I was thinking the same thing”

I let out a breath of relief “I love the boy”

Marcus kissed my forehead “I do too, he will fit right in”

“the sooner we get to him the better, let’s go” I said

“hold on” Marcus stopped; I tilted my head in confusion. He kissed me deeply causing me to lean into him following the rhythm of his lips

I pulled back “let’s go”

“oh, come on” he groaned

“ill make it worth your while tonight” I said placing a small kiss on his check

He growled “sold”

Once we got downstairs, the same scene we had saw earlier was there. Beth rocking the poor boy back and forth “avian” I whispered

His head peeked out of beths chest his face blood red, eyes swollen from crying, and body trembling

Beth set him on the couch “avian you let me know if you need anything, I have to go check on Kyle” and without another word she walked upstairs

Avian kicked his feet looking down “baby boy I am so sorry” I said sitting beside him Marcus on the other side “this is my fault and I know it-

He cut me off “but it’s not your fault Luna, you came to my rescue, my parents didn’t care about me, but you did”

“your mother cared about you; she was just blinded by the mate pull. It doesn’t make it right, but she did love you, also call me Alex not Luna” I said placing him on my lap

Avian hugged me “thank you” he whispered in my ear, pulling back he sniffled “but now I have no one”

“you have me and Marcus, if you would like we want to adopt you as our own” I said

“we would love for you to officially become our child” Marcus added “we love you”

“we really do love you baby boy” I said

He sobbed “i-I l-love you g-guys too”

“so, what do you say, would you like to be apart of our family?” I asked

He nodded flinging himself at me hugging me tight, he did the same with Marcus “we are here for you bub” Marcus said patting his head

I teared up at the sight of our new child hugging his dad “you’ll move in immediately, I’m not saying you won’t miss your mom but maybe we can make this easier for you”

“thank you, love you guys already! What do I call you?” he asked sitting on Marcus’s lap

“well you can either call us by our names or you can call us mom and dad its what your most comfortable with” I said smiling

“can I call you guys mom and dad?” he asked

“absolutely bub” Marcus said “now I’m going to have Kyle run you over to your old house and get your things to move in with us, you take whatever you want, we will someone put your room together and later you can decorate it”

Kyle walked down “you called?”

“take avian to get his things?” he asked

“of course, avian you ready?” Kyle asked

Avian nodded “wait when was the last time you ate baby boy?” I asked

“two days ago, in the cell” he muttered

“Kyle get him some fast food anything he wants” I said, Kyle nodded picking the boy up and walking out the door. Once shut I looked over to Marcus

“thank you”

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