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chapter 44

Marcus p.o.v.

I was so happy I couldn’t explain it, I now had a beautiful mate that loved me, a child whether he was my blood or not didn’t matter I loved the boy, and a pack that loves their Luna with all their heart. I never thought I would be this happy after my parents died, I figured that was it, but I can finally say I can see a bright future with his woman

“thank you” Alex said smiling at me

Confused I asked, “for what?”

She took my hand “you gave me the world; you were there even in my darkest times”

I stroked my thumb over her hand “you have been the best thing in my life, and I want Katie to crown you Luna properly”

She smiled “I would love that; I’m hoping avian will be ok”

“he will be, we will make sure of it, and if he becomes the next alpha, I will gladly hand him the title” I said

Alex p.o.v.

My heart was about to burst out of my chest when he said that “Marcus I love you so much” I said kissing him

He pulled back “I love you with all my heart Alex”

“what time is it?” I asked

“about six” he said looking to the clock

“what time did Kyle and avian leave?” I ask

“about a half hour ago” he said

I didn’t look at Marcus when I asked the next question “how many of our warriors died?”

He coughed “6 warriors”

I paled “did they have mates?”

“no none of my best trained warriors have found their mates or their mate have passed away” he stated

That made me feel a little better, not much but a little considering if they hadn’t found their mate and passed then the moon goddess would have given their mate a second chance mate. “I’m going to go down to the kitchen see if I can talk to Beth.”

“ok I need to go do some paperwork as well, contact Jace and Katie let them know how everything went” he said

I kissed him before heading out, I walked downstairs carefully as to not rip my stitches even though as we all know the activity I just did probably would have, had Marcus not been somewhat gentle

“Beth?” I asked into the empty living room

“yeah?” I hear her voice ask but no sight of Beth anywhere

“where are you?” I ask

“look up” she says

What the hell

I did what I was told and looked up to see Beth on top the fridge “what the fuck are you doing up there?”

“I uh climbed up here to get away from a spider and now I’m stuck” she muttered looking embarrassed

I burst into laughter “oh my goodness Beth let me get Marcus down here”

‘Marcus your sister is stuck on top the fridge come down here please’ I linked him

Moments later he jogged downstairs “well I thought you were kidding but I guess not”

“get me down butthead!” she snapped

He chuckled “I don’t know I think I like you better up there”

I elbowed him in the chest “get her down, don’t torture your sister”

“fine but in defense she tortured me as a kid” he said lifting her off the fridge onto the ground “now I have alpha stuff to do” I chuckle as he marches back upstairs to his office

“what a brat” Beth mumbles

“HEARD THAT” he yells

“YOU WERE SUPPOSE TOO” she screams

“glad to know I can laugh at you two when I just killed the last family I have left” I say more as a joke, but it comes out morbid

“I’m sorry” she says adding “what are we going to do about avian family situation”

“me and Marcus are adopting him, the papers come tomorrow all we have to do is sign them and have avian sign them” I said leaning up against the counter

Her mouth hung open with a smile “oh my goodness Alex that’s amazing of you two, how did avian react?”

“good he wants to call us mom and dad, and he’s happy about it. Kyle went to get avians things and get him some food” I say, on cue the door opens revealing a smiling Kyle holding avians hand ice cream all over his face “Kyle you couldn’t have cleaned him up?” I say wetting a paper towel, wiping his face off, but id rather it be ice cream then tears

“can you blame him Kyle can’t even clean himself” Beth snickered getting a frown of disapproval from Kyle

“avian did you get everything you needed?” I ask picking him up

“yes, I did I also got my favorite picture of me as a baby with my mommy” he said the second half the sentence coming out in tears

“hey baby I think that’s sweet we can frame it” I smile “now I had Harrys wife put together your room lets go”

And off we went upstairs to the room Harry’s wife had decorated swiftly, It was considered a spare bedroom till now but his room would be across from ours incase he needed us

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