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chapter 45

Alex p.o.v.

Marcus popped in wanting to see avians reaction to his new room. as We showed avian his room which was a pale blue along with a window to look out into the forest, a bean bag chair in the corner, a nice big bed with dinosaur sheets on it with matching pillow case, a red bookcase, dinosaur lamps, a ceiling fan, and a red rug to match the red book case. Harry’s mate couldn’t be here as she also worked out of the hospital mainly dealing with pregnancy

“how do you like it bub?” Marcus asked

“I LOVE IT!” avian screamed

He was doing well in all of this, but I could tell the poor boy missed his mother, but who wouldn’t losing your parents at that age can fuck you up. I know because it did with me, but I wanted to make sure he got all the love and support that I never got.

“if you need anything you let one of us know ok bub?” Marcus said picking him up making avian smile big “but how are you feeling about all this change and all that has gone on?”

“I’m sad and happy and angry but I know she loved me at least a little-

“a lot” I chime in

“I don’t really know how to handle all this” he said tears in his eyes “it’s like I want my mommy back, but I don’t” he admitted

Marcus hugged him tight “avian you don’t have to know, me and Alex have gone through things with our parents and I can tell you we know how you feel”

“avian I think you would do well in therapy” I smiled

He shook his head “I’m not crazy!”

“no no therapy doesn’t mean your crazy it means you need help figuring out your emotions, no one needs to deal with this all on their own” I stated grabbing him from Marcus

Avian kissed my cheek “ill do it if you guys think its best”

I pet his head “I really do and so does Marcus, we love you, do you need anything or wanna go anywhere?”

“no, I kind of want to be alone in my room” he said adding “if that’s ok”

“absolutely, if you need us, we will be here in a flash” Marcus said, I put avian down and he jumped on his bed curling up, we could tell the sadness in his eyes. Grabbing Marcus, I walked us out

“he’s a strong kid” I state walking into the living room, I glanced over at the clock as it read 7:45 pm “I think we should go to bed; I owe you something anyway”

Marcus growled “Alex your injured, you need rest you’ve have had a long day”

“fine lets go to bed” I said knowing once we got up there I could get my way, we walked up slowly me careful not to hurt myself considering what I was about to do once up there I said “I’m going to use the restroom”

*sex scene ahead*

He nodded taking his shirt and pants off since he slept only in his boxers most nights, I took my shirt off looking in the mirror to assess my wounds which weren’t pretty but I have had worse and I would probably get some more scars to add to my collection but right now I was on a mission so I took my shirt and pants off just leaving my underwear, i walked out almost immediately getting a growl

“Alex no” he huskily said

“no what?” I acted innocent as I got into bed scooching next to him making sure to lean my chest to his

He swallowed eyes turning yellow, “Alex your injured” he stated once again

I pulled the blanket below his boxers not giving him time to stop me I pulled them down, my mouth came down licking him slowly before taking all of him into my mouth “fuck Alex” to which I began bobbing my head making him buck up into my mouth “sorry” he apologized but that wasn’t enough, I bobbed faster “Alex” he said switching our positions “you don’t fight fair”

“not when I want something alpha” I growled

He put his hands in my underwear stroking my clit I sucked in a breath “more” I encouraged to which he started stroking me inside my hips raise against him, he chuckled as he swiftly moved to my lower half kissing my inner thigh before hungerly eating me, licking and sucking till I was a dripping mess

“I’m gonna cum” I said as I did “MARCUS”

he ripped the last article of clothing off of me, with no hesitation he lined himself up against me and slammed into me making me moan “shit sorry”

“no fuck more of that” I demanded

He slammed into me once again, making me grunt “shit you feel incredible”


Continuing to slam into me I could tell I was on the edge and so was he, but he switched our positions to where I was on all fours once he entered me again thrusting upward “SHIT THERE”

A few minutes after he hit the spot again and again, I could feel him release inside of me with me shaking as I came harder than ever

*sex scene over*

My breathing heavy as we fell to the bed “ill never get used to that” I said pulling one of his shirts from the floor onto my body as he did the same with his boxers

“good, now did I hurt you?” he asked

“I mean” I stopped my sentence at his serious look “I got what I wanted; you didn’t hurt me”

“liar” he bit “I can tell when you are lying”

“well you gave me the good pain” I said laughing slightly

“what am I going to do with you” he shook his head

“hopefully more of that” I laugh

“absolutely” he grinned

we both then fell asleep in each other’s arms

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