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chapter 46

Alex p.o.v.

Sobbing woke me up in the middle of the night making me leap out of bed and run over to avians room, to which I saw him in the corner crying “avian are you alright?“, looking in avian was curled up at the head of his bed “baby boy what’s wrong?”

He peaked up “s-sorry I had a bad dream”

I sat on the edge of his bed “what was it about?” I asked giving him no room not to talk about it

Poor thing was shaking “mommy and her mate and and” he could finish the sentence as his sobbing intensified

It broke my heart that this sweet boy had his mother taken away just the other day. I picked him up setting him in my lap “shhhhh” I rocked him, about ten minutes later he stopped crying “mom?” he asked

I was beginning to realize he called his real mom mommy and me mom which was fine with me “yes bub?”

“thank you” he whispered

Confused I looked down at him “for what?”

“being there for me even when my mommy was here, and for saving me” he explained

“don’t thank me, I just wish this didn’t happen, but your safe now and always” I assured “now do you want to try and sleep again?”

“I can’t alone” he buried his face in my chest

“then do you want me to stay here and sleep with you?” I asked

He nodded gently, without a thought I scooched me and him under his covers, him curled into my chest. Pretty soon we were asleep

Marcus p.o.v.

*the next day*

Yawning I rolled over grabbing for Alex but came up short. My eyes snapped open to an empty room. I growled remembering the past day. I bolted out of bed following her scent to avians room. Gently I pushed the door open to see the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life, avian curled up to Alex both fast asleep, smiling I jogged downstairs to make breakfast but it smelled as someone had beat me too it

“morning” Katie smiled

“hey, how are you? How’s the pup” I asked shocked they were still here considering I thought they would go home to keep Katie and her pup safe

“good, due any day now but come I have bacon, eggs, toast, and orange juice” she said taking another strip of bacon out of the pan

“where is Jace?” I asked

The door swung open “I smell bacon” Jace said smiling

“speak of the devil-

“and he shall appear” Jace laughed “so where is Alex?”

“asleep with avian” I grabbed a slice of bacon

“oh, I heard you now have a new son, congrats man. Avian seems like a good kid” he stated “just four months ago you were a grumpy ass hole and now you have a loving mate and now a son” he patted me on the back

“it really is something, anyway Katie I have a question for you” I said getting down to business as I wanted to ask her this in front of Jace

She looked over turning the stove off “what’s up?”

“so tonight as Jace did with me when I turned of age to take over my pack I want you to crown Alex as Luna” I stated adding “don’t tell Alex though I still have to talk to Beth about it because Beth will be getting her dress ready, Alex will wear my mother’s crown”

she grinned “I would love too”

Jace put a hand on her back “I’m so proud of you Marcus”

my life was for once a dream

Alex p.o.v.

I opened my eyes blinded by the light coming through avians window followed by a light yawn coming from the small boy pressed into my side “good morning” I said

“hi mom, I think there’s food downstairs cause I smells it!” he yipped

I laughed “I think so too, lets see what’s going on downstairs and get you some food”

Pretty soon avian was no longer beside me rushing over to the door “come on!” I followed behind him making sure he didn’t trip going down the stairs

“morning bub morning beautiful” Marcus said as we got to the kitchen

“food?” avian asked

“sit ill make you a plate” as he ran over to sit, I looked at Marcus “that boy has a one-track mind” looking over Katie was sitting across avian “hey Katie how are you?”

“I’m good” he said continuing to eat, Jace sitting next to her watching her like a hawk, common for a male with their mate extremely pregnant. Overprotective

I started making avian his plate adding bacon, eggs, toast and juice “so who made the food?”

“I did” Kate raised her hand

“goodness you’re a good cook” I said biting into a piece of bacon

She laughed “thanks”

I set the plate in front of avian with him happily digging in, Marcus was eating with the occasional glace at me and avian, he spoke up “Alex baby I have alpha work to do ill be back in a few hours ok?”

“ok be safe” I called back

“I love you” he said it caught me off guard, I don’t recall that we had said the words yet, everyone in the room frozen. Well besides avian as he continued to hum as he ate his breakfast

“I love you too” I easily said, he walked up and kissed my forehead with a big smile before heading out the door

That man

Marcus p.o.v.

I was ecstatic me and Alex said I love you and it was before she is going to be crowned Luna. This night was going to be a surprise to her, so I had to do everything right

‘pack crowning tonight, everyone must attend. No one tells the Luna about its alphas orders’ I spoke through the mind link to everyone in my pack but Alex, immediately I got ‘yes alpha’

Walking further out into the woods I mind linked Kyle and Beth ’come outside please”

Kyle was the first one out the door, then Beth looking annoyed messy hair in bun and night clothes still on “what do you want?”

“sorry she woke up on the wrong side of the bed” Kyle laughed

“its only the wrong side of the bed when your mate wakes you up by licking your face!” she growled

I snickered “you too are perfect for each other, now what I wanted to talk to you guys about is I’m having the crowning ceremony tonight for Alex, Katie will crown her, and I want Beth to get her a dress and do her make up and all that” I knew Beth wouldn’t be offended that she wouldn’t be crowning Alex as Luna because she knows how Jace took care of us when our parents died and how Katie came to help him in the end

“YESS ok let me go get her so we can pick a-

“no no it’s a surprise” I shushed

“oh well then I will start looking” she smiled “this is so exciting”

“Kyle, I need you to get guards, make sure the borders are covered as well” I ran a hand over my face out of anxiety “Beth can you go get moms crown from the vault?”

Her eyes teared up “Marcus, I’m so happy, I can’t imagine anyone else wearing moms crown”

“me either” I agreed adding “there is another thing I have up my sleeve though.”

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