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chapter 47

Alex p.o.v.

Currently it was 6 o’clock, I walked around the house looking for Marcus which he was no where to be found and I couldn’t find anyone, not even Beth. I was worried so I mind link Marcus ‘where did you go, I can find anyone’

I got no response, so I decided I would read a book

Beth p.o.v.

I had everything ready, the crowning was at 7, her outfit was a slim blue curve fitting dress, silver ball earrings, with some short heels so she can walk, her makeup a light smokey eye and her hair will be French braided split into two pony tails. This had to be perfect Marcus was freaking out in the other room. I ran down to the living room where she was

“hey Beth” she said putting a book down “where were you, and why are you dressed up, date night with Kyle?” she asked mentioning my black flowing dress, my curled red hair, and short heels

“follow me” I said

“where, what are you planning?” she asked raising an eyebrow

“do you trust me?” I then asked

“with my life” she stated warming my heart

“then follow me” I said running up the stairs

Alex p.o.v.

I ran after Beth up the stairs not knowing what the hell was happening but there, I was following her without question, we ended up in the upstairs bathroom which was a disaster. Hair ties, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc everywhere

“I need to get you ready sit” she said dragging me and practically pushing me into the chair that sat in front of the mirror

“let me guess you aren’t going to tell me anything” I stated frowning

“not till we are done” she chirped


Marcus p.o.v.

I was with Kyle in my room, more nervous than I had ever been, “she will love all of this, Katie is preparing the balcony and your mothers crown had been set up on the stand” he said putting a hand on my shoulder

Looking down at the small box in my hand I smiled “I can’t wait, I hope it all goes well”

“you guys will be such a good alpha and Luna, I can tell. Beth is getting her ready as we speak” he stated

“we have a half hour left till it begins and I feel like I can’t breathe” I admitted

“that’s because you tied the tie to your tux too tight man” he laughed fixing it

I exhaled “thank you”

Alex p.o.v.

Starting to get nervous I was fidgeting “stop that” Beth said grabbing my hand “and done!” she said putting on my blush

I stood up looking at myself in the mirror “wow” I don’t think I have looked better, the dress was blue which complemented my hair very well which was in two pig tail braid “now will you tell me what’s going on?”

“it’s the crowning ceremony” I hear Marcus say walking in

My mouth hung open “Marcus what the hell, I’m happy but you should have told me”

He smiled “Katie will be crowning you” he walked over kissing my forehead “you look stunning” he leaned by my ear “the dress looks gorgeous but I can’t wait to take it off”

“EW” Beth gagged “wolf hearing”

I blushed

He chuckled taking my hand leading me over to the meeting building just across the pack house, walking up the stairs to the door before the podium above all the wolves on the ball floor. Beth, Kyle, Jace, Katie, and avian walked out. I could hear the cheers of our pack

‘our pack’ Cleo purred

“as you know your Luna Alex is here today to be properly crowned, I couldn’t think of someone better to lead up then her” Beth spoke almost making me tear up

“that’s our que” Marcus smiled taking my hand practically having to drag me out. I saw all the faces of the pack I had grown to love. My life was one big u turn from what I had months ago

Katie smiled over at me walking to the mic which stood center stage, “Luna Alex, alpha Marcus, and their pup avian. The power family will lead you. Alex I am proud and honored to crown you Luna today, as I know this is scary, you have come so far and will lead your pack along side Marcus” the crowd went nuts, I was just glad I didn’t have to fight someone this time.

Katie backed up grabbing the most beautiful diamond crown I had ever seen, she walked over to me, Beth mouth ‘bow’ I followed her instruction leaning my head down after a moment I felt the weight on the crown on top of my head as I stood back up

“on more thing” Marcus said walking to the mic

If I must fight someone ill kill him

He got on one knee “will you marry me Alex”

I put my hand over my mouth in pure surprise “yes Marcus I will” I said knowing good and well he was my happy ever after

He slipped the ring onto my ring finger and picked me up kissing me “I love you” he whispered in my ear

“I love you too” I smiled as he kissed me again

This was the happiness I had needed my whole life

This was living.

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