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It had been a few months since the ceremony, I was currently on the toilet with Beth a hand covering my mouth in disbelief looking at a positive pregnancy test

“Alex your going to be having a baby” Beth whispered smiling at me

“I can’t believe it” I muttered, but I could me and Marcus had messed around multiple times without protection, I was there when Katie gave birth to her son a month after me and Marcus got engaged during our honeymoon, we came back early for her which I didn’t mind because Katie had become like a sister to me along side Beth who was now planning on trying to have a baby. “I need to tell Marcus, where is he?”

“I believe his office” he said “do you want me to come”

“no if that’s ok” I looked at her with pleading eyes

“Alex of course that’s ok let me know how it goes” she said gripping onto my hand

I smiled “of course”

Making my way across to his office I opened it slightly to see Marcus talking to Kyle “hey Kyle can I talk to Marcus alone please”

Marcus looked worried as Kyle stepped out “what going on are you hurt?” standing up

“no” I stated handing him the pregnancy test

His eyes got wide starring blankly at it, my nerves through the roof, I was unprepared when he lightly picked me up twirling me “Alex your pregnant!”

“yes, babe I am” I smiled

He kissed me “I love you”

“I love you too”

*thank you guys for reading, there will be a second book which I will put here when it is made*

*much love*


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