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chapter 5

Alex p.o.v.

I had fallen from the window landing into a bush thank you goddess, now is the only time I can run considering most warriors around the pack house were eating breakfast

Heading straight for the forest toward any pack that wasn’t this one, or better rogue territory which wasn’t much land but it could be a safe point unfortunately I had no idea where it was, all I could do was run till I couldn’t anymore

‘go back’ Cleo hissed

‘fuck off’ I growled

When I got out of range for anyone to hopefully see me, I shifted into my panther which felt amazing. One slip up would cost me my life or my secret getting out and like I have said before I don’t feel like getting skinned alive. running away from my mate I will admit hurt like hell every step away felt like a heart break but there was no time to let him find me so he could kill me to prove his dominance.

I Bolted across the forest into an unknow direction.




Running for what seemed like forever I was finally tired, I was sure I was far enough away from any mutts to catch me, shifting into human form I looked around to the forest that lay around me, lucky enough I shifted with clothes on, perks of being a cat I guess. I didn’t need anyone seeing my naughty bits

“stop!” someone screamed across the way

For fucks sake can I not just rest, am I that bad at not getting caught?!

“I don’t mean harm I’m just passing through I promise” trying to make a deal with the possible devil

“no can do you have to see the alpha” he said

“what pack am I in?” I asked

“the fortem pack or Latin for brave” he said

“about that” but before I was done I ran the other way, not so bright considering he shifted into his wolf and ran after me, eventually jumping on me knocking me flat on my butt, he then shifted and cuffed me with surprisingly non silver cuffs

“ill inform the alpha you’re a runner” he stated loading me into a car




Once at their pack house I asked, “cell or straight toward the alpha?”

He sighed “straight to the alpha” pushing me forward other to what I again assumed was an alpha office


Marcus p.o.v.

“she has been in there forever!” I growled

“she’s probably just freaked out” Beth said

“I’m going to go check on her” I said walking over to the bathroom door “Alex?” I asked “open up” I said, no response. Shit. Breaking the door down with my foot she was no where to be found, the window was open.

Growling I screamed “ALL WARRIORS ARE TO LOOK FOR YOUR LUNA NOW!” I stormed downstairs my wolf threatening to come to the surface

“she ran?!” Beth yelled standing

I nodded so pissed I couldn’t say words

“ill alert other alphas” Kyle said grabbing his phone

Alex p.o.v.

“no need to force me in I’m going” I said opening the doors to a reddish brown haired man standing facing the door, eyes brown and a smile on his lips “so rogue you have been caught on our territory”

I knew my voice had come back I wouldn’t tell Marcus because I didn’t wanna talk to him “that’s what the locals say” I teased

He growled low “state your business”

“I was passing through” I said

“what is your name?” he asked

Fuck it might as well tell him, that was if he kills me, he will know what to call me when the life drains from my eyes “Alex”

In an instant he was behind me taking the cuffs off “I know who you are, I’m alpha Jace”

“how nice, wait how do you know me? “I asked looking suspicious

He smiled coming around to face me “Marcus linked me to keep an eye out for you, I’m his cousin, why don’t we go downstairs and talk”

“no” I stated suddenly feeling brave

“don’t make my pack warrior carry you and chain you to the seat, I would but I don’t think Katie my mate would appreciate that I touch you” he said motioning for me to walk in front of me

I sighed walking over to the kitchen and sat with him across me, a small girl also walked in kissing Jace, she was blond, blue eyed, and petite “hi babe who is this?”

“its Alex, Marcus’s mate” he said

“oh, why is she here?” she asked

Before he could say anything, I said “I ran away”

She paled “why?”

“for fun” I said bitterly

Sitting next to be she said “Hun, mates are a gift not a curse”

I laughed “my life is a curse”

“what pack is Marcus’s anyway?” I asked, I forgot to ask earlier too busy getting locked in a cell, choked, and being a forced mate to a crabby alpha

“his pack is the imperium pack or power pack” Jace said

“fantastic” I say sarcastically

They looked at each other “I was broken like you o-

I blurted “shattered” putting my hands over my mouth

“why are you so cold?” Katie asked

No one had ever asked me that “reasons”

“give him a chance” Jace pleaded “let love guide you”

“please at least tell me why you are ignoring the bond, I was once mute and broken like you but my mate pulled me to the surface, has shown me that love does exist, and he healed my wounds. Marcuse can be that for you” she said putting her hand on my arm

I swiftly brushed it off not liking contact “I’ve been in foster homes all my life unloved, abused and mistreated so i had to rely on myself and that’s how it is going to be for my whole life” I said anger in my voice looking away

“please just give him a chance” Jace sighed

“yes, give me a chance” I hear Marcuse say behind me causing every hair on my body to stand up

Marcuse’s p.o.v.

Foster homes, unloved, abused and mistreated all rang in my mind the hurt I felt at the words from the beautiful creature before me

“how much of that did you hear?” he whispered

“enough” I choked “now let’s go home”

I didn’t bother to protest, I just followed him being emotionally drained, but I knew as soon as I got to the house

I was fucked

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