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chapter 6

the ride to the pack how was dead silent not a word spoke, I didn’t want to upset the beast and I think he was too pissed anyway to speak. Maybe after this he will let me go

or kill me

‘he won’t kill you fucking dramatic’ Cleo laughed

‘so, now you tell the future?’ I asked her

‘no but you two are mates, I say just tell him everything’ she said

‘you’re on drugs’

Once we were at the pack house, Beth and Kyle were no where to be found. To be fair I wouldn’t wanna be in his way when he rips me a new one but still having Beth here would be nice.

“sit” he orders when I didn’t, so I had the upper hand if he lunges at me, he growled “Alex I said sit. Down.” He said in his alpha tone making me have to sit down “you ran!” he roars “you could have been killed!”

Before I knew could stop myself, I said “good thing I don’t fear death”

He shot me a sympathetic look “Alex I need you here, your my Luna” I wasn’t going to talk to a man who took my freedom and wanted to put such a big title on me “plus you didn’t tell me when you got your voice back!” he was pacing back and forth now “I’m just glad you landed in Jace’s territory, what do you have to say for yourself!”

“I did what I thought was right, please if you kill me for this just make it quick” I stated hopefully it would be quick, but alphas usually don’t let that happen they like to torture

He took a sharp intake of breath “Alex I would never hurt you please trust me”

Cleo decided to come out for a second because I found myself saying “I’m sorry”

‘fuck off I am not’ I said

‘well then ill be sorry for you’ she said

His look softened “its ok, ill tell Beth to come down and eat with us since you didn’t eat breakfast”

In an instant Beth was sitting beside me giving me a glare and I was at the moment more afraid of her then Marcus because if looks could kill id be dead

“what. The. Fuck. Were. You. Thinking.” She bit out

“I uh” was all I could manage to say

“you worried us sick! if you have any problem you come to us! You don’t run off we are your family now Alex.” She caught her breath “please just stay with us and see so”

“she didn’t eat so-

Beth cut Marcus off “and you didn’t eat?! You ran with an empty stomach, fuck Alex”

I hunkered down in my seat, I didn’t know what to do the last time I was scolded was when uncle beat me for the last time scolding me for burning his food

Beth reached for me but I flinched away causing her to whimper “I would never hurt you none of us would, Alex”

Marcus set a plate of what looked to be a sandwich of some sort in front of me “eat” I sighed doing what I was told I ate half the sandwich “you need to eat more”

I shook my head “I’m full, may I get some air on the porch? Please”

“after what you pulled? No” Kyle said

“there is a warrior out there ill be with him, tell him to watch me I just need to be outside” I pleaded

“go” Beth said, I didn’t even wait for Marcus to chime in as I walked out the door and went over by where the pack warrior was inhaling the sent of the forest to calm me down

Marcus p.o.v.

Once she was out, I huffed “she thinks I’m going to hurt her, I don’t know much about her past. Beth when I found her with Jace she said she was abused, I wanna kill whoever did that to her”

“well at least now we know why she acts how she does” Beth stated looking down

“I just want her to love me, I want her to be the Luna that the pack hasn’t had in so long” I say rubbing my hands on my face

“she will be Marcus, right now I think she just needs to heal. Show her how to love you have to help her.” She said

“I know I know”




Damn it, it had been thirty minutes and she still wasn’t back “I am going to go check on her”

Beth nodded going back to her book

I opened the door leading to the porch where the warriors would smoke, play cards, etc. I couldn’t see Alex immediately making me worry she had ran off again, I walked the long stretch of the porch till I turned right where chairs sat, and I saw her laughing with a pack warrior with his hand on her.

I’ll kill him

Alex p.o.v.

I had just walked out onto the porch not really knowing what the hell I was doing so I followed the sound of a random man leading me over to the stretch of the porch. Where I saw a man on the phone but once he noticed me, he immediately hung up and bowed

“none of that” I said

“yes Luna-

“no call me Alex, none of this Luna” I said

“yes lun-alex , what are you doing out here and not with the alpha?” he asked

“I just wanted air” I said

He put his hand on my arm “I know he can he a lot, but he really is an amazing guy”

Before I could shake his hand away still not liking the contact, we got freeze at the loud grown behind us, of course Marcus was standing there fuming “get you hand off her.” He said walking over

“alpha I’m so sorry” he muttered showing his neck in respect, running off

I had finally kinda made a male friend who was so nice only to be ruined by his fucking alpha attitude, I lost it “you know what screw you, I want peace fuck that, I wasn’t quiet fuck that, I want privacy fucking fuck that. You cant respect my wishes you keep me here against my will. And you’re a dick head to everyone around me! You have forced this title of luna onto me when I barely know you!” I screamed

He looked stunned and I realized the mistake I made

“Alex” he said reaching toward me

I sank down to the floor “if your going to hurt me just kill me!”

He coughed crouching down to me “I’m not going to hurt you, please speak your mind, I am so sorry”

“its fine” I muttered

“no alex-“ he said being interrupted

“I said its fine” I spat “I’m spending the night with Beth” i said stomping in

Beth and Kyle were already at the door listening “are you guys always this creepy?” I asked

“well if you told me what was going on, I wouldn’t have to creep, now let’s have a girls night!” i rolled my eyes

“fine but be safe” Marcus sighed; within two seconds he was right in-front of me “have fun” he said giving me a quick kiss on my forehead

my knees buckled and i grabbed it shirt so i wouldn’t fall over, surprise crossed his face along with a smile

i coughed letting him go “see you tomorrow” i head heading off to Beth’s room

“so what’s the deal why are you so secretive about your past” Beth said sitting on her bed patting the bed beside her for me to sit

sitting i shook my head “my past is history no need to relive it”

“give him a chance he’s trying” she said putting a hand on my shoulder which was oddly comforting

i couldn’t deny how much me and Cleo wanted him, i sighed “ill play along but he still scares the shit out of me, but he better be on his best behavior, but it’ll take time before I open up”

but no matter what I would be getting out of here the least i could give him would be a little bit of time with his mate before i disappear forever

she smiled letting out her signature squeals of happiness “you won’t regret it right now I’m tired”

“wait what time is it” i asked

“its 10pm” she stated

“oh wow” i responded

“well get into bed” she said

“what about Kyle?” i asked

“he will sleep on the couch downstairs tonight” she said getting into bed

i nodded

getting into her bed i realized how comfy it was and drifted off to sleep.

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