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chapter 7

Alex p.o.v.

i woke up in the forest covered in dirt,the smell of death surrounded me.

i got up ever so slowly unable to recognize where i was ,all i could see was trees and grass, i walked a bit further, almost like a lost puppy

where the hell am i?

taking a long inhale through my nose the smell of death was closer,pungent. the wind blew my hair the opposite direction of where the smell was coming from

“follow the smell” i hear from the same direction, i have an urge to go there.

fuck it

walking i followed the smell, a good 3 to 4 minutes pass before it starts to rain

“STOP” hisses the voice making me stop almost as if he controlled my legs, looking around at the horrific scene before me, my mother and father layed out in a puddle of blood in an open field, i do not cry i just sink too my knees knowing this was my fault.

i heard chuckling and knew who it was instantly “uncle” i said and like a snake he walked out from the trees

“pleasure” he purred


he came toward me, i tried getting back but my legs were rooted to the ground, he got closer and closer till i could feel his breath on my neck

i screamed and sprang out of bed, i was covered in sweat and shaky

Beth flew out of her bed coming over too me, i felt a hiss arise but quickly stifled it, still out of it i screamed “dont touch me!” backing away from her, she looked at me confused and honestly i didn’t know what to say

‘just tell them the truth’ i hear Cleo my cat whisper

Marcus ran in “whats happening!” he aid using his alpha tone which scared the lights out of me, he looked at Beth with death in his eyes “what. happened.” he demanded

Kyle was shortly behind Marcus running up

“she had a nightmare” Beth whimpered hiding behind her mate Kyle

Marcus looked at me with kind eyes “is this true princess”

“im not your princess and i just scared myself thats all no need to worry” i stated fighting my cat from coming out due to the alarming danger that was in my dream

“maybe you should sleep with me doll” Marcus said attempting to wrap his arm around my waist resulting in me pushing him away, he growled causing me to jump out of my skin “im not going to harm you doll” he whined “ever”

‘yes’ Cleo purred

“no” i stated at Cleo but i accidentally said it out loud

“no?” Marcus asked

“no, i um, wont sleep with you” i said stuttering to come up with something that isnt i was taking to a cat in my head

Beth chuckled “that sounded wrong”

“thats not what i meant i dont wanna sleep with you i your bed but no i dont wanna sleep with you in general i just-” i stopped talking having flustered myself

“wow if your this bad just wait till your in heat” Kyle joked

WHAT, i stiffened


Marcus growled at Kyle and Beth smacked Kyle

i ran downstairs “im sleeping on the couch!” i yelled adding “if i find a mo fo near me ill kill someone!”

i plopped down onto the couch which was surprisingly comfy and tried to fall asleep but no luck all i could think about was the heat which from the old legends i have heard is worse for were-cats.

the sun finally came up and down came


like 100 people filed into the kitchen for i assume breakfast considering there was a BUFFET on the counter,i at up rubbing my eyes

“Luna!” i hear like 20 of them yell



i stood up and stretched “so Luna are you coming to the full moon party Saturday?” a young woman asked

full moon?


‘then the moon will force you to tell the truth to your mate about what you are’ Cleo happily aid

‘a monster?’ i argued back

she hissed and i rolled my eyes

“whats the full moon party and what day is it today any way?” i asked grabbing a piece of toast

“its Wednesday and its to celebrate the moon goddess and we all shift but your mate since hes the alpha wont let you out of his sight he needs his queen during the full moon, his wolf takes over so you will get to meet his wolf, plus you know what happens after a full moon!” she said cheery

“which is?” i ask

“you know heat!” she smiled



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