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chapter 8

Alex p.o.v.

Heat, the one thing I wasn’t ready or prepared for Cleo was having the best time making fun of me because well in the books I had on my species apparently were-cats were very um..... lust hungry during heat which is not like me at all I have to keep him distracted with other stuff during the full moon

It sucks cause I don’t wanna sleep with him

Cleo snickers and says ‘not yet’

‘Fuck you’ I say frustrated

“Luna?” I hear “are you ok?” Kyle asks reaching to feel my forehead Beth and Marcus growl, I jump causing Marcus to move swiftly to my side wrapping his arms around my waist


Cleo- ’don’t frea-

Too late

“Don’t touch me!” I say backing up, Marcus was stunned looking, I am standing out which isn’t good for me so I duck into a corner

“Alex....” He breathes

I ran.

Marcus p.o.v.
She ran, I growled about to run after her when Beth puts her arm out to stop me “Beth”

“No let her have space and link the guards to watch for her” she said reminding me why she’s the beta female

“Ok” i whispered walking upstairs to my office and shutting the door behind me

Alex p.o.v.
I ran for about 15 minutes, which landed me in some town

The place was practically empty other than the bartender who waved “hey take a seat what can I get you”

“Vodka” I said

“Coming up” he said
Marcus p.o.v.
What was taking her so long she left two hours ago its 3pm she left at one

“We are going to get her” I said using alpha tone causing everyone to jump up and shift “you guys search the forest” I say pointing to my best searchers and warriors “you will come with me to search the town Kyle” I said

“Yes alpha” he said tilting his neck on respect

We shot out the door in front of my other warriors

And we were off
An hour into looking in town and we stumped onto a bar

The bar read the broken glass

‘I smell her’ my wolf says

‘Same here’

I shushed Kyle and said very low “come’

We sneak in and instantly I see her she is wearing what she left in leggings, tennis shoes,a black shirt and a silver necklace. Hidden well behind her long black hair, she flipped her hair lay sitting in the counter several empty shot glasses in front of her

She had been drinking, I walked up to her “Alex” I said into her ear and she opened her eyes

“Marcus? Why are you here” she asked drunk hiccuping

“I need to get some food and water in you come let’s go home” I said

“No leave me be” she huffed

I grabbed her and picked her up causing her to squeak in surprise but didn’t retaliate she oddly put her head on my chest and said “your different” causing me to smile and blush

She noticed “your blushing” she smiled putting her hand on my face once we were out side of the bar “stay with me” I said looking at her eyes closing

“Ok” she said

Silence went on till we arrived home,I carried her up to our room sitting her on her bed “there is Tylenol on the stand and water good night”

“No um sleep in the bed with me” she said blunt shitting on her knees

I nodding sitting on the bed I took my shirt off, looking over to toss it in my clothes bind and I see her staring which I had to laugh at causing her look down in shame “baby it’s all yours, now sleep”

this sucks that she has to be drunk in order for me to even be near her or for her to let me touch my own mate!
Alex p.o.v.
*the next morning (Friday)
Ugh I feel terrible

But give me an hour my body will be fine

“Good morning” Marcus cheerfully said

I rolled over putting the pillow over my head “go away dick” I said, he growled loudly and before I knew it he was on top of me

“Your my equal but you will treat me with respect” he growled

Cleo jumped through saying “yes alpha” in a sexy tone


he kissed my nose “good girl”

fuck him

I wiggled out of his grasp

“I’m not a dog unlike someone” I chuckled

“respect” he said

Which reminded me “what day is it”

“Friday” he answered putting on a different shirt




One day left

I have to make a plan

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