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chapter 9

alex p.o.v.

what the fuck am i suppose to do i need some one to help me keep this secret.........beth

‘just give it up and go to him’ cleo sighed

‘he will kill us’ i said

she growled not saying anything else

a hand twice my size ontop of mine took me out of my trance, i was at the breakfast table surrounded my team warriors

“are you ok dove?” marcus asked “its been fifteen inutes and you hae only eaten a strawberry” he cocked his head at me, he reaches up to his fand ny my face. i breathed in waiting for him or either back away or hit me but he moves my hair


my scars

*flash back*

i was back to ten i had just woke up in the middle of the night to screaming, my mother and father to be correct, i had wondered into their bed room when i saw it, my uncle was the killer.

my parents were wolves royals, but the greed of my uncle got the best of him and now he is still alpha of a far away pack the moon trackers the pack with marcus is blood hounds, i just came out a rare panther one thing hunters and wolves dream of having my head on their wall

my uncle had chased me out of the house, pinning me to the ground he flipped me over, lifting my shirt “when im king, i will find you but till then, heres a reminder” he said digging his knife into my back

it felt like eternity before he finished lines going up and down my back, swirling around my shoulders and neck.

“oh and remember lamb i love a good chase”

all i could feel was pain eventually he got up and i ran till i was in a clearing and that ws my start on my own

*end of flah back*

he wasnt even 20 second after he touched me that i yanked my hair over the scars which i thought i had coered up

“alex” he whispered

“cut it out” i sighed back

he placed his hand on my thigh

i jumped up and yelled “CUT.IT.OUT.”

“alex” he said grabbing my hand causing sparks to shoot up my arm, the room as dead silent “everyone leave NOW” he yelled in his alpha tone. everyone basically ran out of the kitchen “are you ok?”


“yes” i lied

he sighed “i have alpha meetings to go too to arrange the full moon party tonight we need to talk i my office, do you want anything”

“is beth fr-

i couldnt finish cause beth rushed in and screamed “THANK GOODNESS FOR WOLF HEARING” she grinned at marcus “how long do we have?” she asked

“4 hours since it is already 2 and the party starts at 8 when the sun goes down” he said he walked over to me “the heat will start when the full moon rises and than when it falls,two days of heat (full moons last two days in this)” he walked past me not touching me, slamming the door to his office

“lets go for a walk i know this very cute place” she said dragging my hand till we were out of the door

“ok ok” i laughed

we walked for about half an hour admiring the scenery

she stopped abruptly “welcome to my feild” she said walking forward “sit” she said patting the ground beside her

i sat it actually felt nice to have a sorta friend

“so does kyle have a lot to do as a beta?” i asked plucking a flower

“yeah it keep him busy so how did you become rogue” she asked

so no holding back

i told her the story of my parents leaving out that it was my uncle who killed them nor did i tell her about my scares

she had her hand on her mouth “alex im so sorry”

i shrugged

“does marcus know?”

i shook my head “no and dont tell him if i need too ill tell him but its not something i advertise”

“give him a shot i know he is strict but he is just learning how too love, ill tell you a secret marcuses dad died to a rogue and his mother ended her life because of it this was when he was 12” she stated “so he is some one who has felt your pain”

i was stunned

“alex why are you hidding” she asked shocking me

“good question” i said looking down i said “i need to tell you something but you have to swear to the moon godess (permanent) to not tell kyle or marcus or anyone”

She sighed “yes Luna”

“I’m not Luna I’m alex” I said before I shifted into my black panther with my blue eyes, I wasn’t as big as a were wolf but I was still huge

“Whoa” Beth gasped

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