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Lucifer's Ghost Henchmen And His Horrid Adventures

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The Angel of fate Niroc had no thanks for humans, who had betrayed his trust and made him lose his wings and heavenly status, to hell he has been cast to face his punishment. That very hell he has determined to make his own and beyond into the precious worlds of his Father - God, will he bring chaos. The people of earth and all other worlds will have a new ruler, expatiating from hell as a heavy-handed King of the underworld. The Fallen Angel will not surrender without any resistance, and soon everyone shall know him as he unleashes his pain, despair, fear, chaos, destruction, and punishment upon them all. He shall now be known as the Devil, Lucifer the destroyer of worlds and together with his ghost henchmen, none shall be spared. Author's Note: PLEASE LIKE the story, SHARE, COMMENT, REVIEW and ADD TO YOUR READING LIST. THANK YOU.

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Chapter 1- The Arrival of Lucifer’s Ghost Henchmen

Author's Note:

In this story, there is going to be a bit of everything in the sense that for BL lovers there will be such a couple as well as straight couples, it’s kind of an apocalyptic world so everything kind of goes and please don’t expect too much romance or maybe the romance might come slowly, I really don’t know yet as it’s still ongoing.

You might not know this but most times your comments really do inspire me and help me create a better story so please do comment but try not to be rude, I will appreciate constructive criticism as well, after all, it’s the only way I can grow.

Most importantly please do remember that ENGLISH is NOT my FIRST LANGUAGE.


There will be a gruesome scene at the ending part of this chapter so please TAKE NOTE.



It was like every other afternoon in the small town of Pennsville, couples having a picnic at the town park as it was one of the few places that had a bit of fresh air, noisy indistinct conversations in the background, teenage girls dressed in crop tops, shorts or miniskirts, as the abnormally hot summer weather hovered over the town like a ghost on rampage, they were probably going shopping as they were not many other places one could go to have fun in this town. Old grandpas and grandmas were seated at Dally’s Café playing card games while having a cup of latte and some snacks.

Then there was also the formerly pompous, arrogant and once rich, Mrs. McDonald’s who now was totally penniless and had turned into the infamous town slut after her divorce with her ex-husband who left town with some younger woman immediately after the divorce papers were signed, perhaps that incident was a turning point in her life and soon she became an addict to sex, she could fuck anything both man or woman as long as they were willing to pay the price, and she had gotten pretty good at her craft as she likes to call it, presently she was shagging up some pot-bellied fat store manager at a dingily, not so healthy looking public toilet

Let's not forget that they were also the town bullies that liked to follow or more or else stalk and corner the nerds in their school and force them to give them what they sometimes like to call lunch or transport money, that was all just excuses though, anyway this time this particular nerd chose to stand up for himself, his name was Kelvin, nevertheless, his decision might have been a wrong one on his part as he was beaten to a pulp by Jeff and his lackeys and still got his money taken away from him, at least he did stand up for himself and that took a lot of courage.

Finally, there was the mysterious Frost Smith just like his name, his hair was said to be as white as snow, and he had never left his home for ten years after what happened to him when he was six, only a few really knew what Frost went through on that faithful day, nevertheless despite his agoraphobia, he was hot cake among teenagers even if they hadn’t seen him for years and didn’t really know what he looked like, whether he was ugly or handsome didn’t matter to these ladies, as the only son of the Smith’s, one of the richest families in Pennsville, there were a lot of young ladies who always found some kind of excuse to visit the Smith’s mansion with the hopes of catching a glance of the young lord of the mansion and perhaps reeling in his attention and then they could be set for life by maybe sometime in the future becoming the new young mistress of such a mansion, - what most town people liked to call paradise. The Smiths were the only ones who really knew what their wealth was like, they could never need to work in all their lives if they so choose to, as their money was one that they could never dream to exhaust in one lifetime, yet, Mr. Smith was a bit of a workaholic and to him having more money for the later generation to have a more relaxed life was never a bad thing.

It was the year 2020, April 1st to be precise, everything was going normal until the huge clock at the tower in the square of the town that hadn’t functioned for ages suddenly started spinning and then stopped at 5 p.m, the town people began to hear loud reoccurring sounds, it was coming from the huge bell also at the town square underneath the clock and there was just something about that sound that gave them goosebumps, it felt somewhat unsettling because for as long as the town people could remember, that clock and bell hadn’t worked for centuries, it has been broken for many years and no one cared enough to repair it since smartphones and wristwatch took over the market and could tell the time more conveniently and at any given time than a huge clock up above a tower at the center of town, there was also alarm clocks so who needed a useless ancient old bell, moreover, the time had initially been one in the afternoon but to suddenly turn five felt really out of place.

Also, the once sunny clear skies of Pennsville town had initially started to change when the clock was spinning as if time has been manipulated and as it stopped at 5 pm it seemed like evening had arrived, yet the change of the weather didn’t stop there as the skies gradually further continued to be shrouded with dark thick clouds, the atmosphere turned a bit chilly, and at first, people, although surprised about the sudden change in weather especially since it was summertime felt a tad bit relieved, maybe they were just worrying over nothing earlier and the old clock acting oddly was just it been its old damaged self, so they began to think perhaps it was going to rain, they were glad that if it really did rain then the heatwave engulfing the town could momentarily come to an end, even if it was just for a day.

However, chilly air was dark and got colder and colder at a frightening pace, the wind blew harder and in different locations ladies dressed in flowing gowns and skirts found their pants exposed to an unwanted audience and it was utterly embarrassing especially for those who didn’t bother wearing anything under due to the heatwave in town, to remedy the situation they quickly held back down their gowns and kept their hands glued to it to prevent further embarrassment, Anna was one of such girls, and she was unlucky to have an audience of guys from her school who were notorious for being idiotic jerks. “Those pink panties of yours look really great on you Anna; it was a sight for sour eyes” Jeff licked and bit at his lips suggestively, and the rest of his buddies laughed sarcastically.

Anna gave him the middle finger as she said “Fuck your dick face” but then the clouds rumbled and became even more darkened, there was a potent smell coming from up above in the clouds that seem to be drawing a bit closer to the ground level, making it somewhat hard for the people around to breathe properly and so everybody attempted covering their nostrils with whatever they had on them, handkerchiefs or just their palms.

The atmosphere was becoming more frighteningly chilly, some of the people were planning to rush home for cover, yet something stopped them from doing so, others attention was now seriously drawn to the approaching dark clouds and it began to scare the shit out of them as this was not normal, there was a pressure from the clouds that made them break out in cold sweat and seem to freeze them in place.

Suddenly the clouds stopped moving at a certain elevated position and then a swirling circle began to form at the middle of the dark clouds and simultaneously from that swirl pool five pillars began to take shape and descended towards different directions in the town, each of these huge dark pillars actually had a door and were shrouded by an unknown black mist, even after all this the skies still didn’t clear up, the town that was supposed to till be day time was as dark as night at this point and had an airy vibe to it.

People had started to panic and ask their fellow companions by their side what was going on, however, they were in the same boat so no one could ease the other’s fears, moreover, the old bell at the town square continued to sound louder as if it was a beaconing call therefore out of curiosity the town people went towards the square of the town where the tallest black pillar was situated, the whole place was gradually packed with people, it was like they forgot a very important idiom which says curiosity kills the cat.

At some point a ghostly transparent being with an aura of death had appeared at the top of one of the pillars, the highest pillar of them all, it was shrouded in a black cloak. Everybody looked deeply but could not make out or understand his appearance or to put it more frankly the cloak seems empty, it was like no one was wearing the cloak – a floating cloak.

Still, there it was speaking in a cracked voice, it sounded like his vocals cords had been severely injured, crouched even, and yet he could still speak, he was super creepy “let me bestow you insects the utmost honors of knowing who we are, I shall introduce myself and my fellow brethrens, we are Lucifer’s ghost henchmen or if you will rather prefer to address us as the devil's ghost henchmen, whatever suits you as long as you all remember who we are, moreover, we have come to dominate all worlds as desired by our master, the king of hell, Lucifer, destroyer of worlds, the devil” he paused briefly to look at the curious yet frightful eyes of the town people as if he wanted his earlier message to properly sink in before he continued speaking “and as for you lot, let’s just say you are our livestock, a player in our game of hide and seek, an existence that must be eliminated so that we can please our king as well as remain in this world to fulfill our most fun desires which of course is to murder you all at once and dominate” he sounded a little bit too happy when he mentioned the last few words, slowly mentioning each word as if it didn’t just threaten to kill people or take over the world.

Was this some kind of joke some of the town people began to wonder, however, if it was then they weren’t finding it funny at all.

From behind a girl standing in among the crowd while listening to that creepy creature say absurd things, suddenly she felt a chilly breeze behind her which made her shiver at turn around in horror but she saw no one, she was also one of the famous prostitutes in town, and she learned from the best, former Mrs. McDonald, actually now the woman was just known as Mistress Foxy.

Britney was an orphan, she has long ago chosen her path - she had to do what she had to do to survive, this was like her mission statement, as she stood in awe watching the empty-cloak being, suddenly she felt a chilly presence behind her, however, no matter how much she looked she couldn’t see anyone and yet she had this forbearing feeling as if something bad was about to happen.

Isabelle, standing not so far from her who knew her a bit asked as she saw how abnormal Britney was behaving “Are you okay Britney? did you lose something”

Britney finally seem to get back herself “it’s nothing, I just have a really bad feeling about this whole situation”

“I don’t think you should worry too much about that person or what he said, it doesn’t sound real, there are no such things as ghosts, devils, demons, angels or God, whoever that person is must just have too much time in his hands and what do you expect, this is a small town and all we have is time” she finished and chuckled lightly, as an atheist as well as a pragmatic type, she couldn’t help but quip this spontaneously. Isabelle was a college student, studying research science and was only in Pennsville to visit her parents during the holidays.

Although Britney didn’t totally find comfort in what Isabelle said, she still felt a tad bit relieved so she nodded and responded with a “Thanks” however, at that instance she suddenly felt an invisible hand wrap tightly around her arms, making it so hard that she could barely struggle, then she felt a deep breath close to her ears, sniffing her body like a dog. Britney shivered in fear as the invisible entity whispered into her ears so that only she could hear “You are just my type, I can sniff out a lady of the night from a mile away once I see one, I like you already girl, you will make a wonderful first meal” that scared the hell out of Britney and the poor girl almost fainted, she did begin to scream “Who are you? What are you? Let go of me dammit” she cussed even, this time her absurd action of struggling for no reason and talking to no one, in particular, did draw a lot of attention.

“Have she gone nuts?” somebody whispered to another.

“Was it the doing of that person, is it even a person?” another said with a trembling voice as they looked back up to the tower at the entity or whatever it was still standing there silently.

“Somebody help me, please save me, it’s holding me, I can’t free myself” Britney cried out some more, however, what everyone could see was her holding her arms, then moving unto her waist while acting like she was trying to pull something away from them but yet again it was all just her.

So the town people finally came to a conclusion “Do you think everything that has been happening has driven her mad”

“That’s too extreme, I think she is just been paranoid,” another said, although they scare at first but as time when by it seemed like the town people began to feel less scared as nothing really significant had happened, also some had started to have certain thoughts about what was going on and had come to the conclusion that it wasn’t something to be that frightened about as they believed that their lives weren’t in any danger.

Nevertheless, everything changed when they heard another creepy voice speak at Britney’s location “Hello Pennsville people, you guys are neglecting me, you are not scared enough and it’s killing the fun in all this, why have you all chosen to piss me off” the voice didn’t sound angry, it was even friendly like it was having a normal chat among its peer, the town people came to a realization that Britney wasn’t crazy or acting up and more it seemed like apart from the devil’s ghost henchman standing at the tallest pillar, there was another beside Britney that was invisible and that could mean they might be others besides, behind or just anywhere around and close to them with them being clueless about it all.

With this realization everyone got super scared as they began to look around them in case such an entity was by their side too, no one went to help Britney because how can you save a person from something you can’t even see, also there was a chance that they too were in danger, only the atheist Isabelle was an exception, she stood her ground in believing that all this was nothing but a sham.

Moreover, although they felt scared they were still these little voices in some of their head that made them feel like this must just be an elaborate prank orchestrated by someone or a group of people, after all, today was the first of April, April fool’s day? And so with such thoughts some of them found this situation both scaring and thrilling at the same time, they even started to believe that Britney who had been calling out for help could also be in on the whole April fool prank thingy After all, anyway, with this in mind some were so pumped about what was to come, what act these so-called devil’s ghost henchmen were going to display while they were others who didn’t see this as a prank and had plans of leaving this airy creepy place before things got dicier.

The ghost henchman that was holding unto Britney as if remembering something his counterpart had said that it didn’t approve of first exclaimed: “Ah…, No, no, no, that won’t do nor is it economical, we can’t murder all of them at once because if all of them were to die, where will we get our food on a daily basis to keep us from starvation and who will remain to do more vile fun stuffs with, it will be so much trouble to travel elsewhere in search of more humans, moreover, this was the territory assigned to us, so we can’t invade other’s territory, also since you said it yourself that they are livestock’s, we should rear some so that we never run out of food in decades or centuries to come”.

“We will leave that decision for the master to make,” the henchman above the tower who seems to be like their de facto leader said.

“Oh you guys should just shut it already, this stupid Halloween teamed prank of yours is no longer scaring anyone, your April fool prank was a flop, I will give it to you guys though, that special effect stunt felt pretty real, now beat it,” Jeff said but as he was about to turn his back and leave, the invisible ghost henchman holding unto Britney was not so invisible any more especially as his head had appeared, it was also wearing a black cloak and it had hollowed eyes, its mouth was so wild that it was even hard to comprehend its possibility, well that was expected if that hideous large mouth was to be able to accommodate such weird tooth, it’s teeth were sharp and strangely each tooth had different forms, one of a scalpel, a surgical blade, a knife, there was even a tooth that had the form of the lower part of a dissecting scissors and a bone cutter, everyone came to a realization that every single tooth of this particular ghost henchman was made up of hospital surgical instruments and this prank wasn’t one anymore.

Also, those teeth didn’t look healthy at all as it was all black and dripping with a potent substance akin to maybe black blood, another weird aspect of the henchman was that his pale face was riddled with bullet holes, they hadn’t seen its body yet as it was still invisible, that is why they couldn’t tell if his body was in the same condition.

It was like fear had gripped everyone present to the point that they just stood still like fools, some peeing in their pants, some fell on their knees due to weakening legs and others trying to convince themselves while muttering that this isn’t real, it’s must be some really fucking super realistic looking special effect.

Meanwhile, Britney was crying her eyes out and pleading for mercy “Please just let me go, I did nothing wrong” by the way she was too scared to look back and face the henchman, she knew it won’t be a face she wished to see and believed the moment she did see it will really be the end of her, but she was tempted though, as so many of the town people were staring at her in pity like she was already in a body bag being sent to the morgue.

Again the henchman spoke, it even sounded like a jovial fellow “ By the way you all can address me as Jack the devil’s ghost henchman” the town people thought otherwise about the whole ghost thing, it looked more like a demon than a ghost.

“Guess what! When I was still alive and human I was popularly known as Jack the Ripper” everyone gasped in shock, this freaking monster couldn’t possibly be that infamous serial killer that went on a murder sprees when he appeared in London’s White chapel district in 1888 and murdered five women, all prostitute, and mutilated their corpses, he was also one of those killers that got away with his crime.

“Yeah, yeah, I know you all are wondering how I got like this” he indicated at the gunshot bullet wounds on his face, and then he signed deeply before saying “even I didn’t think I will go in such a ridiculous way” I will oblige you my ordeal, “you see one evening after work at the hospital, I chose to walk home since my place wasn’t far away and I also couldn’t get a cab at that time of the night but who would have thought that I will be caught in the middle of a fucking gunshot battle between some freaking rivaling mafia gangsters?” Jack quipped, “anyway enough with the small talk, what’s happened in the past should stay there right?” he looked at the town people like he was expecting some kind of approval to his statement but all he got was stunned, devastated, trembling and shocked expressions.

“This doesn’t feel real, I think I might have drunk too much earlier,” someone in the crowd said as he slapped his cheeks as if to awaken himself.

“Anyway all this talk have made me famished so it’s time to recharge my batteries” Jack the ripper said sarcastically and then looked towards Jeff’s direction and murmured words he knew the lad will understand even from that distance “Although you won’t be as delicious since you aren’t especially my type, I hate your face, you piss me off” it screeched angrily and howled like it was some female banshee which clearly it couldn’t be as everyone knew although jack the ripper wasn’t ever caught he was no girl.

Nevertheless, with that wail that caused a few peoples eardrums to bleed, the town people came to the conclusion that ’Oh yes, this entity was certainly a ghost alright

”some very wise town people even began to slowly and silently retreat from the town square, they didn’t want to get noticed and in cases like this, it was usually all man for himself.

Jack one of the devil’s ghost henchman continued to speak in that creepy jovial tone of his again after scaring the hell out of a whole lot of people with that wail “So you are next boy and then I will go after the sluts, the adulterers, the cheaters, and my favourite the prostitutes, that is once I am done with you baby” he looked back at Britney as he spoke the last words seriously.

Without warning jack the ghost henchman’s mouth instantly opened wider than it already had been, a number of his tooth retracted and what was left was the one that looked like the bone cutter, it was dripping even more with a kind of toxic black blood looking substance and it got longer, it happened so fast, jack ripping off Britney’s head with that tooth, the cut was done so professionally like the work of a true surgeon and the act was made easier due to that strange black substance, blood plastered on the ground, pouring out of Britney’s neck like it was raining heavily while jack the devil’s henchman held the ripped head up with his right hand and watched as Britney’s remaining body fell to the ground.

“I will be coming for the rest of you later,” he said after giving a glance at the body and then soon he gulped down Britney’s head, the town people could see a bit of the feature of Britney’s face on the ghostly Jack bulging throat, her bloody face, scared and shocked eyes were sure to haunt them forever if they even lived through this nightmare, crunching sound could be heard coming from jack’s direction, it was like despite the head already been in his throat it could still chew at it.

‘Could these entities still be regarded as ghosts, they were more like zombies that they watched in some horror movies’ some townspeople thought. At this point no one dared to wait and see what will happen next as they all began to scramble out of the town square in full speed, some took a glimpse back as they ran, and they saw as the face in the throat seemed to her melted and has been digested quickly, then they watched as ghostly jack tap his belly in satisfaction, then he did choose another set of his teeth like the one that resembled dissecting scissors or blades to mutilate and dismember Britney’s corpse before feeding on it, savoring every bite like it was the most delicious meal it had ever eaten in the world, those who witnessed this regretted looking back as the almost vomited out their guts, it was utterly disturbing and most disgusting, truly cannibalistic.


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