Michael: Last Angel of Earth

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This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with the destruction of all good on earth. Michael was once a proud warrior angel in heaven. But after a disastrous mission that not only caused the apocalypse but the destruction of heaven as well, Michael was stripped of his rank and forced to live in exile. Now known as Barjon, he spends his days as a scribe in a local monastery, one of few beacons of hope in a world ravaged by darkness and monsters. After the death of the head abbot, Barjon must now go on a quest to retrieve a lost holy relic and, perhaps on the journey, forgive himself for what he has done.

Fantasy / Drama
Gabriel Garcia
5.0 4 reviews
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Since the beginning of time, the prophecy of the Final War was echoed throughout human history. Many called it Judgement Day. Others referred to it as Doomsday. Whatever name it was called, its meaning is still the same, the end times. While humanity prepared for the end of days, they were unaware that the war was already in place. Hidden from the world, the forces of light and the armies of darkness fought against one another over the dominion of the earth. With neither side gaining the advantage, they began to see the potential in humanity. As the forces of light drew power from faith and hope, the armies of darkness preyed upon fears and doubts. Realizing that humans would decide the fate of the universe, both armies called for a cease-fire and made a truce to end the war when the age of man had reached its fullest potential.

With both sides engaged in a “cold war,” sentries were placed to protect the balance, making sure neither side gained the advantage. Ensuring this balance was the angels led by Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Under their leadership, the angel kept a watchful eye, making sure the armies of darkness did not break the truce. Everything was going according to plan until one day, the day that changed everything.

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