ashes and snow

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On day one, she fell. Fell so high that her bones shattered once they hit the ground. She laid there, laughing. On day two, she stood. Looked around the world she would soon make her own. On day three, she conquered. Captured the worlds magic, made it all her own before anyone else was able to. From there on, she stayed hidden. Until the she was ready, until the world was ready for her.

Fantasy / Mystery
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the beginning

Snow was falling from the sky, reminding everyone that winter had finally struck the kingdom.

Eira smiled and raised her tied hands towards the sky. She loved to feel the coldness against her skin, loved the way it made other people shiver.

Rough hands pushed her forward. The guards had never had patience, at least not with her, not with women. Women were looked at like objects, just things men could play around with until they got fatigued. It somehow had become a norm to them.

If it hadn’t troubled with what she planned to do, she would have shown them what a woman was able to. Would have given them the bloodbath they all deserved. But she couldn’t. It wasn’t time for that yet.

The men, clogged in blue, grabbed her by her arms and started to drag her away. The streets of the kingdom were old and seemed almost abandoned at this time of the day. The sun was going down.

Eira’s bare feet left a crimson trail in the snow beneath her. She received looks full of pity by every woman they passed. They thought they knew what was about to happen to her. But they had no idea. None of them did.

A turned to the left passed an old brick house, and the grand palace came into view. It towered over them, a picture of wealth and excellence.

They entered through tall wooden doors and walked through the halls in silence. A short while later, they stepped into the throne room. Eira was thrown down onto the stairs that led to the golden throne, her body hitting the ground harshly. She groaned and pushed herself up with her arms. Then, she stood up slowly, taking her time to view her surroundings.

A crowd of people stood near her, watching. They were whispering, seeming confused with the whole situation. She needed to be careful now. Every move she would take would be seen.

“Look at me,” a harsh voice ordered.

She looked up, meeting the eyes of the male that sat on the throne. They held the coldest blue she’d ever seen, no spark of sympathy showing in them.

King Arkyn, she supposed.

He watched her closely. “I see now what they told me about you,” he said. He looked up and down her body, an almost wicked grin set onto his sharp features. “Your beauty is yet to be conquered. And your eyes- the golden shimmer in them- they are extraordinary.”

He stared into her eyes as if he was gazing into her soul. “There is something divine about you.”

He had no idea of the truth he’d spoken. How right he was. It was ridiculous.

He straightened in his seat and lifted his head. His eyes became hard. “Bow,” he demanded, looking down on her.

She bit her lip to hold back a snarl.

He should be the one bowing for her, not the other way around. She stared at him a bit too long for the guards’ liking.

Their rough hands forced her down to the ground, cold marble digging into her skin. She grunted.

She would rip them apart. Tear off their limbs while they cried out in vain, taste their blood on her lips while they screamed, would-

“You need to learn how to obey,” Arkyn snarled into the silence that surrounded them. There was a disgusted tone in his voice. “You cannot become my bride if you won’t.”

Her eyes widened as she tried to act surprised. Her breath quickened, and she tried to fight her way up. Her breath quickened. “What- What?"

She was roughly pulled into a sitting position, the guards’ hands digging into her shoulders. She cried out quietly, acting as if she wasn’t used to pain. Letting them think they could actually cause ache she’d never felt before. She was simply too used to it at this point.

This play was mortifying. Playing a little, helpless woman didn’t appease her the slightest. But it was something she needed to do to get what she wanted.

“Oh,” king Arkyn chuckled darkly, “they’ve never told you?”

Nothing and no one in the room moved, even the crowd had gotten quiet as they watched.

“You were a peace offering to me. Offered from the red king as one of his greatest treasures.”

He stood up and started to descent down the stairs to her shaking form. He bent down and gripped her chin, tilting it up roughly. He seemed to enjoy the water that rimmed her golden eyes now. To him, she appeared like a new toy he could play with.

But she was far from it.

She would ruin him, destroy everything he had ever worked for. The selfish bastard didn’t deserve to rule this kingdom anyway.

He leaned closer, his face only inches away from hers.

She was tempted to bite off his nose then and there. But then, it suddenly wrinkled. “Go and clean her,” he ordered no one in particular.

She was grabbed by her arms again, her body dragged away like she was nothing but a sack of flour. Would these men ever get tired of it? She clearly was.

It was as if they didn’t know she had two compatible legs. Maybe they merely enjoyed being able to do everything they wanted with her.

That would change as soon as she had accomplished her goals. They’d suffer the consequences for everything they had done to her and others.

Yet again, they hauled her through the castle halls before they finally stopped. She was pushed into a bright room. Four women stared down on her as she stood up slowly. Only one of them, the smallest, smiled at her while the other’s stares were filled with distaste. They were all dressed in the same old looking dresses. They had to be maids.

“The king ordered to clean her,” one of the guards ordered harshly. He was blond, his features almost as sharp as Arkyn’s. He turned around and left, followed by his silent allies.

The large wooden door fell close behind them with a loud bang. The silence was mostly clogged with the distaste of the women.

A brunette girl stepped forward and took her arm into her hand. She guided Eira to another room and thrust her inside.

“Undress,” was all she was told through the door.

Eira reached for the hem of her dress without care. It was as dirty as the rest of her. Parts of its brown material had torn with time, showing off bits of her torso.

Maybe that was another reason for their sickened stares.

She let her demolished dress fall to the floor, not caring what would happen with it. She would close this chapter of her life and live through another. There wasn’t anything she wanted to remember about this one anyway.

This life of filth would finally find its end.

She had sworn it to herself.

A second passed, and then she turned to the door. In a slow path, she made her way towards it.

She walked out to the women, bare for their eyes to see. It wasn’t something she cared about.

The maids looked at her and frowned at what they saw. She knew she was manky, but did they have to look at her like this?

They looked at her like she was scum, the dirt they desperately wanted to wash away.

She tilted her head to the side and stared back at them. She smirked at them and let her eyes glow just the slightest.

She had been retarded from one kingdom to the other in a carriage, her hands tied to its ground. The guards had only let her out to relieve herself from time to time, nothing more. She hadn’t gotten the time to clean her body in weeks.

“What?” she asked, staring into each of their eyes.

All of them covered away from her, muttering their apologies. They were afraid of her.

She didn’t blame them, though. At the time after her very first snowfall on this world, she had been afraid of what she was capable of too.

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