ashes and snow

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Her morning started with snores.

Eira opened her eyes and stared angrily at the ceiling. This needed to change. Urgently.

The male beside her rumbled in his sleep and turned to his side, closer to her. Due to his weight, their mattress dipped down, causing her body to be pressed against his.

She turned her head to look at him with narrowed eyes. He was the cause of her irritation.

Letting out a quiet growl, she escaped his touch by moving closer to the edge of the bed. Their dark silken sheets rustled, and suddenly the snores stopped.

She let out a relieved breath, only to tense a second later when the unnerving sound echoed in her ears again. Why was he the only one she couldn’t use her magic on? Was this another punishment of fate?

She held her breath and started to count in her head, seeking for the patience she would need for this awaiting day.

If she couldn’t control herself, she would most likely rip someone apart.

Time passed, and soon, she couldn’t remember how long she had been counting. Had a minute passed? Or even two?

She wasn’t sure but didn’t care either.

Out of experience, she knew that death wouldn’t take her. During all of their conversations together, even he had to admit that he didn’t know if she was able to die. Many had tried to take her life but had never gotten away to tell their tales.

Maybe that was why no one knew of her existence.

Breathing in, she laid her head on the mattress and sighed. The ceiling above her was painted in white, just like the rest of her room.


It reminded her of the snow that had fallen and the male she had left out in the forest. How had she forgotten about him?

She closed her eyes and could only feel the warmth around her as they started to glow. All the noises around her ceased.

Exhaling, she opened her eyes to blackness.

It took her a second to be able to see again.

The world around her was painted white, a thick layer of snow covering the ground. The trees near her stood tall and proud, throwing shadows on her trembling form. She looked down and lifted her hands.

They were not the ones of a woman. The skin of the male’s body she now possessed was red, showing signs of frostbite at the tip of his fingers. By the trembling of his body, she could tell that he was very undercooled.

Inhaling, she released the spell that had kept him stuck him to the ground. His body would not be able to bear the cold much longer, but she wanted to see how long he could keep going. Maybe he even would be found before he would take his last inhale.

How far could his feet carry him?

She gave him more space in his mind, giving him control over his body back. He stumbled forward at first, his legs refusing to work on their own. He let out a quivering breath as he stood there and looked around.

He lifted his arms to wrap them around his upper body in an attempt to keep himself warm. But there wasn’t any warmth his arms had left to give. They were just as cold and numb as the rest of his body.

He panted, and the air left his mouth in clouds of smoke. He knew there wasn’t much time for him left in this world. If he wanted to live, he needed to get to the castle, the maids in the building far behind him weren’t adequate to help him.

Slowly, he stalked forward, determination the only thing that kept him moving. He was afraid of what death would bring for all of the things he had done.

He was careful about his every step as he reached the trees. With his hand, he supported his tired body on the tree trunks as he walked. Exhaustion wanted to pull him to the ground, but he ground his teeth.

There was no way he would give up now. He was a man to his word, and he wouldn’t give up on the promise of life.

He stumbled over a root that had been covered by dirt and fell to his knees. Two seconds was what he gave his tired body to recover as he groaned out his misery. He clutched a tree next to him and used it to help him stand up.

The shaking in his body got worse with every new step he took, his every remaining breath a gift. It wouldn’t take long now. There wasn’t anything but determination left.

He made his way out of the woods, a long way into the garden until his tired limbs started to work against him. A groan left his blue lips as he fought gravity.

He collapsed onto the cold, snow-covered ground. His form was shaking, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He couldn’t think- there was nothing he could do to stop the process that had begun to take what belonged to him.

He wanted to fight, hold on to the world he was yet not ready to leave, but he couldn’t. There was nothing left to do.

Unlike he had imagined, no memories flashed before his eyes. There was no light he could hold onto. He was alone. No one would remember him, not one tear would be shed over his grave.

The sad truth was the last thing that settled in his mind.

His world went dark as the abyss pulled him towards it.

The male’s body shook for several minutes before his body finally grew stiff, and his heart stopped its desperate fight for life once and for all.

Eira’s eyes opened as her magic lost his grip on him. She blinked, and a smile grew on her lips as she looked up to the white ceiling above her.

His soul had been taken immediately, finding its way to the dark lord in seconds. He had gotten what he deserved.

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