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The Sorceress Queen And Her Mates

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This Is Abnormal

Azure P.O.V.

After long hours of journey from Italy to Allier, which is nearly 1,159.5km, I feel way too tired for my liking. However, the assurance that I'm in my most desired place, relieves me. I missed dad so much. Even though we are rich and dad could've easily come to stay with us, the only thing which pulled back was that I had no other sibling to take care of things here while dad was away from work. Although, he had visited mom and me twice a year and the rest of times mom would visit him.

I unpack my stuff and arrange them in my new room. All of it occupies my day and before I know, the darkness covers the sky. I really wanted to discover my surroundings on the first day, not holding my excitement in, but that's okay. I guess it's tomorrow that holds plans for me... I'm pulled out of my thoughts as I hear dad's voice loud enough as he tries to make it reach me upstairs,

"Azure, my princess come downstairs. Me and mom and have got something to give you."

"Coming dad!"I say as I hop in a white shrug, running downstairs. My eyes go wide as I see it is the admission form of one of the best universities in Allier, University of Clermont, Auvergne. It is one university where all the richest students take admission. It's no wonder as mom dad has always wanted to give me their best but it still is indeed a big day for me! I see my dreams coming to life.


"Tomorrow it is."Answers mom this time. "Really?" To which my parents nod in all smiles. "I'll just check the books and stuff out." Saying I run to my room while calling out to my parents in my way, "Goodnight mom! Goodnight dad!"


Third person's POV

It's morning finally. The sun rays radiate through her window curtains, trying to make the black-headed beauty grow awake. Raising her arms she wakes up yawning, starting the day, pulling sheets off her, Azure makes her way to her closet. After a hot shower, she changes into a deep teal crop top with black jeggings and a black leather jacket to complete her look. She leaves her straight hair to flow freely down till her waist. Grabbing her bag she drives out to her college in her black GT, her father, James had gifted her on her previous birthday. As she reaches the campus, she takes in the whole view after parking her car. She steps in, hoping to make new friends and that her first day goes smooth.


Azure POV
I enter to find many rich-looking students eyeing me from head to toe...well some of the girls looked bitchy while some guys throwing flirtatious looks..entrance didn't turn out well it seems.

Wait, no. There's someone decent looking. I find a pale blond-head barbie, walking towards me, smiling wide. She approaches me forwarding her hand, "Hi, Rebecca. You must be Azure Morwenna Cor..cord.."
"Cordelia. You can just call me Azure" I say with a smile. "Are you of the math group?"I ask to which she nods and continues with "Come, I'll show you around to Mrs.Brampton's office. She is the managing head in here. She is always a grumpy woman so just ignore her if she... you know.."
"Okay, I hope not with me," I say with a sly smile.
She points her eyes to a group of girls with barely covering clothes, their faces decorated with makeup or should I say tons of makeup...while I follow her gaze, "That is the bitchy group every college has..here, they are known as Brianna and her spoons" she says with seriousness on her face... we look at each other for 2 seconds and then burst out laughing. I'm liking her. She introduces me to other groups of the college as well ...some of them were musical, some artistic... I could jam well with them almost every one as I like painting, listening to music or playing sports...well, I have yet to meet the sports team

Rebecca makes me meet her friends who are mesmerisingly beautiful like her. They are 3 muscular tan guys and 2 petite looking girls. 2 of the guys have same green eyes, with their hair colours blonde, differentiating with a light and dark shade. They introduce themselves, "Hi, I'm Jacob, you can call me Jake" speaks the darker blonde. "Hi, Azure."
"So Azure, as we have a little less time for the classes to start I will be introducing them to you, That's my brother, Jackson, that's my girlfriend, Sia, then we have Alexis, the grey-eyed girl and that little guy is Humpty dumpty."Says Jake. "Humpty dumpty?" I ask with a small giggle. I hear Humpty growl... Jake and everyone laugh, clearing me that Humpty is his little brother and to tease him he calls him HD... Did I say he growled...strange. Anyhow, now I know the dark blonde is Jacob, Lighter blonde is Jackson, rose blonde haired is his girlfriend, Sia, Alexis is the grey-eyed and Mr Humpty aka Jason is also a blond-head.

Rebecca and I take a leave from them and head to Mrs Brampton's office. She leads me in and I see a grey-haired old woman with frameless specs. She is aged yet stylish. She speaks,
"So miss Azure Morwenna Cordelia, this is the key to your locker that way and these are your notes which will be useful for you, these are the rules of the organization and here, your schedule for the classes. Best of luck for your year ahead and try not to break the rules." To which I nod and thank her, leaving the office. "She didn't seem that bad" I say exiting, to which Rebecca just nods absent-mindedly as if she's thinking something. However, I enter my first English class and find an empty seat on the 2nd row and sit.

After a while, I sense a strange smell of pinewood and mint. The smell is heavenly, growing intense with every second. It is then when I see a pair of hazel eyes enter the room, electrifying the air around me. I don't stare at any guy this long. What is wrong with me?? He is more muscular than jake, Jackson and Humpty aka Jason. His dark-blonde hair strands fall on his forehead making me drool over him. Pull it together Azure! Pull it together! Focus on the class not him duh.

It is then that his lips curl in a smirk and he walks towards me...what no please don't sit here but he does sit just beside me on the left. I try to sit calmly but his perfume is so good. I'm finding him attractive...It's just that. But it is then that he places his hand on mine, moving closer his face to my ear, whispering huskily,
"Hi", leaving his breath on my ear. I feel the electric sparks shoot up on my skin and in a sudden, I turn my head to my left to be met with his hazel eyes staring into mine azure blue ones.
"This is abnormal"
I whisper.


Next update to be posted on 18th march...Sorry for the delay but I've exams to write so I'll be busy... Promise to have it lengthier. Till then take care and keep supporting! ✒
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