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Mates Conquer Everything, Right?

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Violet's life turned for the worst after learning that the stories she had been told about werewolves were true. Throw in a mate who loves her for life and an Alpha who hates her guts, and that is my werewolf story :).

Fantasy / Romance
Nina Hendriks
4.8 110 reviews
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1 The Rogue

Welcome to my werewolf story (first draft). After reading countless werewolf books, I like to tell you my own werewolf story. English isn’t my first language, please keep this in mind when you read the story.

Run Violet, run. Stupid, stupid girl. Run faster! I tell myself mentally. Looking behind, I see a wolf following me. Is it just a wolf, an animal? Is it one of the nearby pack wolves? Or… is it a rogue wolf? The dangerous wolfs Rose and Joe told me to stay away from. They said if I saw one, I should run for my life. Run as far and fast as I can.

I hear my feet pounding on the road, my breath hasty. The trees are flanking the road. The trees of the Red Woods Forest, home to the Red Woods Forest Pack. Should I leave the safety of the road and go past the tree line? There is no protection here. Who am I kidding? Nobody uses this road except my host family and me.

Looking back again, I see the wolf keeping the same distance. He’s toying with me. Enjoying my fear and waiting for the prey to trip and play dead. It won’t be long before I can’t run anymore. I have been running for twenty minutes, and I will die if I stop. Looking one last time over my shoulder, I see the evil in the wolf’s eyes. He or she has no intention to let me run for ten more minutes.

Wait! What did Rose tell me? If a wolf is really worked up, it can’t transform back to human. Can wolves climb trees? Squeezing what remains of my energy, I sprint to the tree line and run faster, looking for the best tree to climb.

The rogue snarls loudly, I bet he lost his patience. Don’t fall, Violet, don’t fall. That tree!

I run to my right and start climbing. When I sit on the strongest-looking branch and think my feet are high enough, the rogue reaches me. He jumps and dammit, it’s not high enough. His claws scratched my leg and shredded my pants.

“Ah!” I scream when I feel the pain. Don’t look down, Violet, don’t look at the blood. The last thing I need is to pass out. Hugging the tree, I stand up and move to the branch above. Pain shoots up my leg, and I let out another scream. The wolf jumps again, but this time I am out of reach. I see him- his grey smeared fur, sniffing the air; maybe liking my blood. Are there other wolves near? Maybe the Red Wood Forest Pack? They are very close to my host family. That’s why I know about their existence.

Should I shout for help? I don’t have a phone on me because there is little to no service in this place, except if you climb a tree. Funny, right? But that wasn’t my plan for today, so my phone is safe at home. And me? Not so safe, so what do I have to lose if I scream for help? Nothing. When the rogue calms down, he can still change into human form and drag me down.

“Help! Help me, please, I’m about to die!” Nice spin on the end. The rogue is growling lowly. Dammit, why Violet, why would you go outside when the sun was setting? Why haven’t you learned how to shoot a gun and carry it with you? Joe told me about the danger out here, but I couldn’t stand the thought of touching one as a Dutch raised girl.

“Help! Help me, Joe!” I hope against hope he can hear me, but I don’t think he will. “Help!” Still no response. There don’t seem to be any wolfs close by. Rose told me that werewolves have better hearing than humans. “HELP,”’ I scream for the last time, and just like before, there’s no answer. Plan B then.

“Joehoe, Wolfie?” I say, and his head goes up. “I know you want to kill me, but if you go away, I will not ask my dad to kill you.” Will this work? Wait, is he laughing? I don’t want him to enjoy himself. If he does, he would be able to change back to human form anytime now.

“Help! The werewolf is going to eat me! Help me!” With my last word, I see the wolf’s starting to shake. I feel the tears fall and roll down my face. I am dead. My fate is sealed. I’ve never met a werewolf before in my life, and I never thought I would believe Rose and Joe. But there, in front of me, stands a very naked man around the age of forty. His hair looks grey just like his fur, and his body is sweaty and covered in dirt. He looks strong, oh so strong and dangerous. His eyes give away that he has nothing nice planned for me.

Could I ask him for a favor? “Sir, I know you want to eat me, but can you please take my life quickly, without making me suffer?” My voice is small, and I can’t stop my tears. I am going to die.

“Oh little girl, I am not going to kill you right away” he laughs louder than his growls earlier, “I want to play with you first...” He says darkly, and I see his eyes switch color.

“Play?” I ask foolishly, “which game?”

“A game I don’t think you’ve played before, my innocent girl,” he is still standing by the tree, knowing I have nowhere to go and nobody to save me. “A game I can only play with pretty little girls or women. I don’t care, I just want you beneath me to have my way with you.”

Is he talking about rape? My English language knowledge is not very strong, but I know he is talking about sex. “I don’t want to play,” I said, hoping to stretch time on Earth.

“Oh, I don’t mind, I like when I’m the only one participating” He takes two big steps, and if he reaches up, he can grab my ankles now. “So you like masturbating?” Stupid move, Violet! Keep your big mouth shut!

He laughs a booming laugh, and I feel the tree shake. Is that even possible? Well, after today, I believe everything. Too bad, it is my last day.

“Help!” I call out.

“Little girl, should I grab you, or are you coming down by yourself? I don’t want to injure you too much, yet.”

Still crying my eyes out and shaking, I climb down slowly. My leg is killing me, but the man before me is the one who’ll be doing the killing.

My wound is deeper than I thought. Because of the adrenaline, I don’t feel the pain that bad.

He only has to take one step, and he will press himself against me. He smells horrible, like sweat and rotting meat. I don’t know where the smell is coming from, until he smiles and gives me a look at his decaying teeth.

Time, Violet. Get more time. “Laat me alstublieft gaan, ik hoor hier niet.” I cry the last tears I will ever be able to cry.

“What did you say?”

“I don’t belong here, let me go please.”

“I will not, but you can scream in all the languages you know, I don’t mind.” His smirk is painted across his ugly face, full of scratches and scars. I’m getting sick thinking about him on top of me, and I feel the urge to puke. So I do, I throw up all over my clothes. He takes a step back, so do I.

“Little girl, I don’t mind vomit either. You can undress now.” He is piercing me with his gaze while I take of my vest and shoes. His body radiates power, and it gives me the feeling that my last hours are going to be the hardest of my life.

“Help!” I scream one last time with the last energy I have in me.

“You’re done?” The rogue asks, and I nod my head.

The moment he touches my face, I see two wolves behind him. Clean looking, are they the Red Wood Forest Pack? Or are they rogues too? I hope they aren’t. Please help me.

“Help” I whisper one last time, just as the rogue’s other hand touches my shirt and rips it off my body. I close my eyes. I don’t want to see his face when I die. I want to see my mom and my Dad back in Holland. I want to see the good things in my life before I lose it.

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