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Mates Conquer Everything, Right?

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2 Meeting Oliver

I wait, I wait for something to happen, but nothing is changing. His dirty smelling hand is still on my face, and the other wolves don’t intervene. I open my eyes and see confusion written on his face. Then I feel it; the wind, the wind is changing direction. The rogue smells the air, and before he can spin around, two wolves bite on each side of his neck. Dammit, why did I open my eyes? Stupid Violet.

Blood gushes from his body, which is now lifeless. There are more wolves to my right, I see three coming close. I’m frozen in my spot. The other two wolves with blood on their muzzles look at me with kind eyes. They don’t seem like rogue wolves, I think. These must be the Red Wood Forest Pack members. One of the wolves goes behind a tree and comes out with shorts on. He looks like the boy who helped me yesterday with my groceries.

“Hi,” he says, and raises his hands to gesture that he is harmless. He must be around twenty-years old. I probably look awful with my dirty, sweaty-looking hair, my leg cut open, and I completely forgot that I am shirtless. He sees my discomfort and comes closer.

“It’s ok, you’re safe now. I am Oliver, who are you?” He asks me and hands me a blanket from the bag a red wolf is carrying. I accepted the blanket and covered myself up. I look with my big green eyes over the wolves. Some of them are lying down. No threat Violet, no danger.

“What is your name? I think I saw you in Marc’s store.” Oliver is very nice. I should tell him my name, but I can’t talk right now. I take my necklace with the purple stone in it in my hand and point at it.

“Your name is Amethyst?” He asks, and I shake my head no. At that moment, another wolf transforms into a young girl. I think her age is close to fourteen years. Was she here the whole time? Did he take a young girl with them? It was dangerous here.

My head shoots up at Oliver, and like he knows my thoughts, he explains. “Ela is in training; we were searching for different kinds of smells, so that she can get familiar with it. We didn’t expect a rogue to come so close to our pack. Most rogues don’t come near us. I was about to ask for help from the pack, but then we heard you.” I nod my head. They don’t have to explain. I don’t care that much. I am just so confused.

“Oliver, I think her name is Violet,” Ela says and looks cheerfully at me for endorsement. I nod my head again with a small smile. She isn’t ashamed of her naked body and isn’t fazed either with the dead body on the ground. I calm myself down, knowing I am safe. They saved me. I should say something, but I can’t.

My leg is killing me, and I can’t stand it any longer. I look at my leg, and the wound is soiled. Dammit, cleaning it out will be a pain.

“Violet, can I take a look?” Oliver is staring at my wound, and I nod again. “Ela, will you hold her up? I think she’s going to pass out.” Ela holds my sides, and I feel that she is pretty strong for a skinny-looking girl. Oliver is squatting and inspecting the gaping wound. It’s big.

“Hospital?” I whisper, trying to find the right English words. My mind is all over the place.

“No, hospitals ask questions.” He looks up and meets my eyes, “Why are you not more freaked out?”

“I am safe now,” I say, knowing it is the truth.

“Yes, you are, but don’t you have questions about us?”

“I’m feeling weird,” I say, and my vision starts to blur.

“It’s ok. We’ll take you home. Where do you live?” Oliver stands up and says something to the wolves. I see them leave.

“Violet, where are you staying?” Ela asks, supporting my entire body weight at this moment.

“Rose and Joe, do you know them?”

Ela and Oliver share a look. “Yes, we do. We’re going to take you there.”

I nod my head, feeling tired. “Ik ben moe.” I say in Dutch not having the energy to translate the words first.

“It’s ok, I will carry you,” Ela says, and with her words, I blackout.

I wake up in my room. A small attic which Rose and Joe turned in a little bedroom for me. They are the kindest people I’ve met since my arrival in the States. They participate in a school project with exchange students, and I was lucky to be placed in their home. It really is a home. They welcomed me with open arms and hearts.

Sitting up, I feel my leg, and it all comes back to me; the rogue, Oliver, and Ela. Turning over the covers, I see that I am washed and wearing my pajamas. Someone did a nice job with the bandage and is not too tight and not too loose. Who did this? My mobile is sitting on the bedside table. It’s 2 o’clock in the morning. Is it bad that I am hungry? With all the cardio I did today, it is not rocket science that I need some fuel.

Getting out of bed is a pain, but I manage to go down the stairs. I hear voices, and they aren’t happy. Standing by the door, I listen to Joe, who is mad. Very mad. He tries to speak softly, but even with all the power in him, he doesn’t succeed.

“Calm down, Joe. You’ll wake up Violet.” Rose tries.

“It is just madness! I don’t understand what the problem is.” He whispers yells.

Then I hear Oliver. Why is he still here?

“The problem is that you broke the rules. You told Violet about us, about werewolves, the secret you promised to keep from everyone.”

“Nonsense! I didn’t break the rule. She lives here; she has to know!”

“Darling, you are going to wake her up.”

“I think she already is up,” Oliver says, “care to join us in the kitchen, Violet?”

Dammit, of course he knows I’m standing here listening —werewolf hearing.

With red cheeks, I come out of my hiding place, and before I can sit down, Rose pulls me into a hug.

“I am so glad you are okay.” She starts to sob, and I gently caress her back.

Joe, who is like a father to me, gives me a hug from behind, not waiting for Rose to let me go.

“It was very scary.” I whisper, “Thank you, Oliver.” Finally I can say the words of appreciation to him.

He just nods. “Let’s sit down; we need to fix the problem before the Alpha gets here.”

“Wait, what? The Alpha? Like your leader? I don’t think I am up for that.”

“You need to be,” is all Oliver says before gesturing for me to sit down.

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