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She is the only one in her pack that is born human and they sure make her feel that way. Being tortured for fifteen years has made her lose faith in every one and everything. She was alone and not loved by anyone, not even by her own parents. until she meets two Alpha's. The Alpha of the rogues and the Alpha of the Silver Pine Woods pack. Both of them want her, but all she wants is freedom. She discovers something about herself which will change everything. With their help she finds out what she is and that one of them has a bigger part to play in her life as her mate, but who? Book 1 of The Pure Lycan Series (UNEDITED)

Fantasy / Romance
A. Makkelie
4.8 115 reviews
Age Rating:

1. Prisoner

‘Please just stop!’ She kept begging. Begging for her Beta to not torture her anymore.

‘Why would I stop? I'm having too much fun!’ His claw started to appear and he planted it in her chest. She screamend at the pain and her vision started to blur.

She heard the others laugh.

Ever sinds her parents rejected her for not being a wolf, her pack started torturing and abusing her for “just being a human” He pulled his claw back and the blood gushed out. She screamed again as she dropped to her knees. Everybody laughed as she started crying. Even her alpha doesn’t give a damn about her.

Why should he? If even her own parents don’t.

Her beta crouched down next to her and looked deep in her eyes. ‘Don’t ever disrespect me again.’ He spit in her face and walked away. She did her best to stand up and ran towards the woods. She left te packhouse behind her and just kept running.

After awhile she fell to her knees and cried loudly. She wanted to run away. To go to the humans and never look back but she couldn’t because they would find her and make her life even more miserable than it already is. She looked at te wound and felt te pain through her whole body.

Every wolf is born with a human body and a wolf body. So any werewolf is never truly alone their wolf is always around. Except for her. She was only born with a human body, her wolf never surfaced. The pack doctor said that her wolf died inside her when she was born. They said it was her own fault that she was a human. Her parents tried erverything to give her wolf life. They even bit her more times than she could count, just for the hope that she would awaken.

Slowly but surely she stood up and walked to a small river. She soaked her shirt in the river and pushed it on her wound. She bit her lip in an attempt not to scream. Which thankfully worked. The pack didn’t need to revel in the joy of her pain again…

She sat down with her back against a tree and starred at the river. She looked at her arm and stomach and saw old bite markes from her father and countless scars of the rest of her pack. There is almost no place on her body that’s not coverd in scars. Tears rolled down her cheek. She is twenty and in fifteen of those years she has been tortured and abused. She had wished countless times that they would just kill her, but they never did.

She had no one.

If her wolf was alive she would have never felt this way, hell, she would have been normal and non of the things that have happened to her over those fifteen years would have happened!

She closed her eyes and rested her head against the tree.


After awhile screames filled the air. She jumped up and saw that is was nighttime. She put on her shirt and started running towards the packhouse. The screams got louder and she heard alot of wolves howling. As soon as she got closer she saw a bloodbath. Wolves ripped apart on the ground and the pack fighting other wolves.

Wait, why is another pack fighting them?

Before she could figure that out, a brown wolf saw her and ran towards her. As soon as she saw him she knew it was a rogue. She started running en saw a tree. The rogue howled as he was gaining on her. She jumped to a tree and grabbed a treebranch. She felt the pain from her wound through her body, but she ingnored it. Her life depended on it. She pulled herself up and grabbed another branch. The rogue jumped at te tree and bit her leg. She screamed as he pulled her on the ground. She desperately crawled backwards as the wolf slowly walked towards her. He leaped and pinned her on the ground. She closed her eyes as he was about to sink his teeth in her throat. Knowing that her terrible life was about to end.

But instead of feeling an excruciating pain, the wolf backed away a little. She opened her eyes and looked at the wolf ontop of her. He wasn’t looking at her but at a big grey wolf standing next to us.

Another Rogue.

They were mind linking. Talking to eachother through their minds.

The grey wolf looked at her. His eyes were brown. The wolf ontop of her also looked at her and growled. He backed away and started to change back to a human. The grey wolf also turned human. Both man were gorgeous and…


She averted her eyes and forced herself to look at their faces. ‘Who are you?’ She looked at the grey one and it was obvious that he was calling the shots. His brown eyes were almost black and he had light brown hair. Not answering the question, the brown wolf grabbed her and pulled her on her feet. She screamed as her wound tor open again. The man saw it and walked towards her. ‘You’re human?’ He looked surprised and started laughing. Another wolf walked up and the man turned his head and they were communicating. He looked at her. ‘Well the good news is that the pack that held you captive is wiped out for the most part and those who survived scattered.’

Even tho they were horrible to her, she felt sad... The thought of her parents being dead was a thought she never wanted to have.

‘The bad news…’ He continued. ‘Is that you're our captive now.’ He started laughing and walked away. ‘Let me go!’ He turned around. ‘She can speak!’

‘Hell yeah, I can speak. I have no value to you so just let me go.’ He walked towards her and stopped only a few inches from her face. ‘I’ll deside if you have value or not. Why were you held here?’

She knew that if she told him that she was infact part of the pack they just killed, she would get killed too. So she kept her mouth shut. He pulled her shirt, which thankfully had long sleeves so he couldn’t see her scars, a little bit down and looked at her wound. ‘I’ll find out somehow. But it’s easier for you if you’ll just tell me.’

‘I don’t have to tell you anything, filthy rogue!’ He slapped her face and grabbed her throat.

‘It’s not in your best intrest to piss me off, human!’ She gasped for air and grabbed his wrist. ‘I maybe a rogue, but I’m still a wolf and you? You’re just a human who doesn’t know a thing about us.’ He was really sure about that. To bad for him that he was wrong. ‘I know more than you think.’ He let go of her throat. She fell on her knees, coughing. ‘We’ll see about that.’ He punched her head and everything went black.


When she woke up her headache was unbearable. She looked around her and saw a decayed house. An old packhouse which wasn’t used in years. Well except by the rogues apparently. She sat up and saw that she sat on a couch. Her hands were bound behind her back, but her legs were free. The leader of the rogues walked her way and looked at her. ‘Goodmorning.’ Thankfully he had clothes on this time.

‘Where the hell am I’ He smirked.

‘I’ll ask the questions here. Who are you?’ She didn’t answer.

‘Why did they held you captive.’ No answer. He started to get annoyed. ‘Look I’m giving you a chance to be honest, so I don’t have to hurt you.’

She lived with pain for fifiteen years, she can take it. ‘I don’t have to tell you anything.’

‘Oh but you do. If you want to live anyway.’ He smirked again.

‘Who says I want to live?’ His smirk disappeared and made place for surprise. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up. ‘If you don’t want to live, why did you run away from Spencer?’


‘The brown wolf that attacked you.’ It was a good question. A question that she could not answer. ‘Blake!’ He turned around and looked at Spencer standing in the dooropening. ‘They’re here!’ Blake growled. ‘How did they find us!’ He immidiatly looked at her and saw her bloody clothes. ‘Fuck.’ He dragged her towards the door. ‘Time to fight. Keep an eye on her. She could be important.’

‘Seriously? She’s the reason why they found us!’ Blake growled.

‘There was a reason why they held her there, we must figure out what. That can only happen when she’s alive!’ Spencer growled. ‘Fine!’ He grabbed her arm and pulled her outside. They heard wolves howling in the distance and coming closer rappidly. ‘Who are they?’ Spencer didn’t answer and pulled her into the woods. He ran fast. Faster than her. Her legs were giving out. ‘I can’t!’ Spencer picked her up with his wolfspeed and a little scream escaped her mouth. ‘Keep you’re mouth shut!’ He growled at her. She immidiatly knew that she had to obey. He started running.

She had trouble with not getting nauseous. She heard another wolf howling and looked over Spencers shoulder. A beautiful black wolf was cathing up to them. Followed by an brown wolf. ‘Ehm Spencer?’ Before he could answer her the black wolf bit in Spencers leg. They fell to the ground and Spencer swiftly turned into his wolf. He growled at the brown wolf who was face-to-face with him. The black wolf was focussed on her.

‘Who is she?’

‘I don’t know, but something is off with her.’

‘She’s human!’

‘Stating the obvious, Mike.’

'But still, there's something diffrent about her.'

'I know, we'll figure it out, once we're done with those fucking rogues.'

Even tho she couldn’t hear his wolf and human talking to eachother, she could see that he was confused.

When a werewolf is human they are one person, the person who is, most of the time, in control. When they are a wolf their wolf-self take over. They can communicate with eachother when they're a wolf, but in human form they can just feel their pressence. The wolf is a separate part and also has a different name from the human form.

He took a step towards her and she heard Spencer growling. The brown wolves started to fight. The black wolf didn’t pay attention at them and only focussed on her. She found the strenght to stand up and started running. The wolf jumped on her and pushed her to the ground. She truned on her back and looked into his beautiful hazelnut eyes. He started to turn and within a few moments she hadn’t a wolf ontop of her, but a man. His hair was the same color as his pelt. Midnight black.

‘Who are you.’ No matter how beautiful he was, she didn’t want to be a prisoner again. She threw her leg up and kneed him in his junk. He growled and fell to his side. She stood up and started running again. She looked back and ran straight into a grey wolf.


She fell on the ground and looked at his brown eyes. Somehow he looked worried. She heard a growl behind her. She tilted her head and saw the black wolf. They growled at each other. This was a fight she didn’t want to be in. Blake leaped at the black wolf and tried to bite his nek. In comparrison was Blake smaller than the black wolf. He pinned Blake to the ground and glared at her. Blake was able to push him away.

They growled at each other again. Not wanting to see the outcome, she stood up and started running. This time she didn’t look back. There were alot of wolves in the area, but she didn’t care. Al she wanted was her freedom. After everything that happened she needed to clear her head and realise what the hell truly happened. She kept running no matter what. She was too far away to hear the growles, but she knew she wasn’t safe yet.

How right she was.

Not a moment later she was pushed to the ground and surrounded by wolves. The last thing she saw was the back of a knife hitting her head.

She woke up slowly. Her whole body hurt. She reached for her tempel and realised her hands were free. She looked around and saw that she wasn’t in the decayed house anymore. Instead she was in a hospital bed in an infirmary.

‘Goodmornig.’ She starteld and looked at the man that captured her. The black wolf. ‘Are you okay? You’re wounds were quite large.’ Her face turned pale. ‘Y-you looked at my body?’ He smirked.

‘And what if I had?’

Rage filled her body and she immidiatly stood up and wanted to attack him. She lifted her arm and as soon she wanted to slap him he grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall. ‘Let me go!’

He smirked again. ‘Calm yourself, girl. I didn’t look at you. The docter told me you got lucky. If she didn’t treat you, your wounds would get infected and you would die.’

She looked down and saw that she had white jogging pants and a white longsleeve shirt on. He followed her gaze. ‘She also changed your clothes.’ She closed her eyes for a minute. ‘What else did she tell you about my body.’ She looked up at him. ‘Only that you had a couple scars. But I don’t find that weird since you were a captive of some rogues.’ She pushed him away. ‘And now i’m your’s.’

‘I can’t particually let you go. The rogues will capture you again and the woods arent save outside te pack borders. So for now you are.’

She couldn’t believe this. In just a couple of days she has been a prisoner by three different packs!

‘Who are you? Why did the rogues capture you?’

‘Fuck off.’ She bumped his shoulder when she walked past him, but she didn’t came far. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back against te wall. ‘Who the hell are you?’ She looked into his hazelnut eyes and wanted to drown in them. ‘I said fuck off!’ He was getting frustrated. ‘At least tell me your name.’

‘What’s your’s?’

He smirked. ‘Dominic. Now tell me your’s. At least you owe me that.’

‘Owe you for what?’

‘Saving your life.’

Okay, that’s fair enough.


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