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Corinte Dawn Eden has lived four lives. Now it's time for her to move on to her fifth. But Corinte's fifth life holds both surprises and curses that just might change her life.. or should I say, lives.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Everything was turning into dusk. Fear and hope mixed like day and night to turn into a befuddled and dusky presence.


The clock on the bare wall chimed five times as the young man sat back in his chair. A smile spread across his face as he looked up at the blank ceiling with his eyes touching over to the right side. He seemed to be imagining, or rather, to be remembering. After a moment, he lifted his head in exactly the same moment as a woman stumbled into the office-like room. It was as if he were expecting it.

The woman didn’t look over thirty, and the first thing that came to sight was her ash-blue coloured hair. Her entire body was soaking wet, causing water to drip onto the warm, wooden floor. Her wide eyes were blazing, and gleaming into several different colors under the light. Her eyes carried a mixture of countless emotions, including fear, curiosity, and uncertainty. But most of all, it was understanding that was getting clearer by the minute.

“Oh...” She opened her mouth and then closed it again, unable to speak.

“Long time no see, love.” The man had a very attractive voice, and he smiled as if he were greeting a long lost lover that he somehow knew would return.

The woman gazed into his face, her eyes raking across his smooth forehead and the golden-brown hair, his attractive lips, his perfect nose, and finally met his gold eyes filled with wisdom. As their eyes met, the man, despite his seemingly young age and perfect face, blushed and lowered his gaze. The woman looked rather surprised, but only mildly so.

“I remember now.” She said. Her voice was regal somehow, and there was a certain charm in her accent.

“Of course you do.” The man had obviously regained his posture and had come back to his senses. “So,” He added briskly. “How was your fourth life?”

The woman smiled. “I think you know already, don’t you?”

The man was speechless for a moment as he took on the full effect of her glittering smile. “I.. I do.”

“Hmm,, Well, would you care to enlighten me?”

“About your fourth life?” He asked, bewildered.

“Of course not.” The woman said, “About what I’m supposed to do now.”

“I think you know already, don’t you?” The man smiled at her as he repeated the sentence she said earlier.

The woman laughed, then looked thoughtful. “I suppose I do.”

“So, which will it be?” The man asked solemnly.

“Before I answer,” The woman said, “What was my final one this time?”

The man gazed into her eyes before speaking in a soft voice. “Closure.”

“Oh.. right.” The woman had a blank look in her eyes.


The woman interrupted. “I know. I remember.” Her eyes were soon colored with the usual deep and thoughtful look. “I will go again.”

“Are you.. are you sure?′ The man asked carefully. “I.. I watched you through your last life Corinte. I couldn’t bear to see you like...” He broke off, clearly pained by memories.

The woman gave a slight shiver, but her face was defiant. “I will go again.”

The man smiled. It was a sad smile. “I knew you would. Just.. just bear in mind Corinte. This one is going to be different. This one will change everything.”

The woman did not ask him how it would differ from the other lives. She merely smiled her glittering smile and walked to the left side of the room. A loud, howling noise began to get clearer with each step she took. Soon she was almost to the edge of the room. Before she took her last step, she looked back at the man. He now had silent tears pouring over his face. “I’ll see you soon.”

The man smiled through his tears. “Maybe sooner than you’d think.”

She gave him a quick smile, took a deep breath, then spun around disappearing into nothingness with the wind.

The man watched the last bit of light from her blue hair disappear, then sunk down to the floor, unable to stand the agony.

"See you soon, love" he whispered.

The stars were particularly fading that night.

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