The Crown In the Air

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A story of true mates, stubborn royalty, a scorned king out for the princess, and a life long family and friendship that is built. Fay was the crown princess that had beauty beyond words, she had rumors all over every kingdom of her beauty. Little did they know she was smart, stubborn, and could wield a sword better than most men. When it comes to her eighteenth birthday, the king sent out invitations to all kingdoms. Crown prince Colton was dragged with his brother to a ball that they were invited to, to court the rumored beautiful princess, of course, his brother wouldn't miss a chance at that. What happens when she finds out the dragon shifter princes are coming, what happens when he realizes as much as he tries to ignore her, something keeps pulling him back. What happens when she chooses her soon to be husband out of all the suiters?

Fantasy / Romance
Jessica Nolan
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Chapter 1

I turned in bed this morning, not ready to get up just yet. Another day of dealing with my sister and her approaching marriage is going to drive me senseless.

She is to be married off at my father's desire for an alliance with the kingdom of Eanorion, to the crown prince Vico Leanas.

It delighted my sister Elena to do anything my father asks and feels it is an admirable means to serve her kingdom. It helps that Vico is soft on the eyes as well as she claims.

I grumble as I hear the servants knocking at my door again; they are persistent this morning.

“Come in” I instructed them as I squirmed out of the bed in only my thin white nightgown and stretch before heading to the tub area.

They enter and promptly fill the tub with lukewarm water, rose petals, and some flowery oils while I remove the slumber from my eyes.

They undress me and help me descend into the bathe, one servant washes my hair while I do my body.

I may be quite spoiled, but I am not so reliant on them I can’t clean my own body. After years of resisting them and not requiring their aid, I eventually gave in and let them help me.

I got out of the tub, and they bundled me in a silk bathrobe after drying my body. Then I strolled over to my vanity while they dried my hair and made sure to style it.

My hair is so black and lengthy that they love to add trinkets or flowers to show off the twists as they assemble them on my head in a half bun, I don’t mind though, they smell nice.

“Your royal highness” one of the new servants bows in front of me and presents me two gowns for the day “Which one would you prefer?” she quizzed me.

I glanced back at the lady doing my hairstyle. Since I was ten, she has been with me, and also the same age as me. She knows me so well deciphering the expression I just showed her was easy.

“She will choose the maroon one, and please do not bow in front of her while in private, she does not want that” Nettie said to the new young lady that looks to be about twelve. I would feel sad for her but I realize she is better off serving in the palace than in the villages, who knows what would happen to her then.

My father is a stern king but not utterly wicked, specifically since he has daughters of his own, my older sister and me, and he has yet to have a son.

That does not mean he is not trying with his current bride the princess consort as she is not of noble blood to turn into the queen. It took him seventeen years to wed again since my mother passed the day she had me.

He advised me he will try to have a boy despite his age. If not the kingdom would fall to me to be the queen because my sister is not a legitimate heir but what they claim a bastard princess.

I don’t think of her that way even though she is by law. She has always been my sister no matter what or who her mother was.

My sister was a shock to my father before he met my mother, he didn’t know what to do but my mom took Elena in as her own when they wed and cherished her just as much.

Elena is three years older than me, just at the age of twenty, and she will be wed tomorrow. Five days before my eighteenth birthday and I will miss her very much.

I put on the crimson gown that puffed out at the bottom with my skirts underneath, with black trim and royal seal designs on up to the top, letting the material settle.

It was secured at my waist pushing everything up displaying the tops of my cleavage, making me place a black scarf over my shoulders modestly.

The winter's end blizzard is awfully frigid to be parading around without something to cover with also, even if there are fireplaces placed throughout the palace, I don’t like the chill.

After getting dressed and declining the makeup like always, I kicked everybody out of my room except Nettie and reached to put my slippers on.

“Nettie why must my sister insist on me being her bridesmaid? She knows I despise doing all of these extravagant things, I would rather be out there practicing with my blade, or in my father’s office helping him with his obligations” I heaved out.

“She is your sister, and she will be transported three kingdoms over, you will not see each other as regularly as she would prefer from now on. She will be queen soon and won’t have time, neither will you with your upcoming proposals as well” she informed me.

Ugh, that forced me to roll my eyes at her, I don’t prefer to speculate about the courting ball that will commence on my birthday.

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