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Born as the most powerful witch and princess of Monax, she was sent to the human world to protect herself from one of the most powerful demon ever existed. Ignoring her real identity, she lived a normal life until her past caught up with her. Will she find out the truth and save herself from the demon?

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Queen Isabel, reigned on the throne of Monax with pride and prestige. She was a sinner with a golden heart, arrogance invaded her attitude while kindness ruled her soul. With every touch of sun rays, her whitening and smooth skin shone like diamonds. She was the most stunning and powerful witch that ever existed. Her only vice was her thirst for powers; she wanted to remain the most splendid and vigorous witch of all. While falling pregnant, the great book of Shasil warned her that her daughter would consume her powers until her birth. Abortion seemed to be the best solution, but it was too risky as her husband would hate her for killing their baby. To have both, she made a mistake that would not only destroy herself but also the future of her baby and her kingdom.

“Queen Isabel, open the door” Shouted a loud-voiced man.

She pretended to hear nothing, her big blue icy eyes kept on staring at the princess in her lap. Resentment and love confused her. She cared for the princess, but she knew that this little girl would grow up to be more powerful and prettier than her. Unlike her mother, she had the eyes of flames. The queen’s skin was nothing compared to the princess’s rosy and milky-silk skin. She was only one month old and princess Iyannah already promised eternal beauty.

“I sacrificed so much for you, I went to such an extent that my kingdom can be destroyed. I acted out of love and selfishness. Then why am I shunning you after your birth?” questioned the queen.

“Open the door! We are out of time!” ordered another man behind the closed door.

The Queen pushed a deep audible breath, followed by a furious swung of her right hand towards the massive wooden door. An intense force of energy in the form of a cyclonic storm’s path towards the big wooden door and banged it against the wall, leaving behind it a ruthless noise that petrified the princess. Feeling in danger and frightened, the baby’s eyes gleamed and shifted into a piercing yellow colour, her body’s temperature raised just like the magma of volcanoes.

Red flesh and veins exposed, the queen’s hand melted just like plastic. The child’s powers were too powerful that even the great queen of Monax failed to control it. When her veins swelled and about to burst, the queen wailed and flung the princess. If the queen was human, she would have died instantly. But, she was lucky enough to be blessed with the ability to heal.

Being thrown away only added fear in her little heart. Princess Iyannah’s body boiled even more until she burst out an energetic ball of fire; that not only shielded her but also impelled anyone from approaching her. Caught in fear, the child burst out. Her piercing voice not only trembled the four walls of the kingdom but also uprooted the gigantic white chandelier from the ceiling and smashed it into pieces on the lustrous white tiles. Her cries compelled the queen to sit on her knees and covered up her bleeding ears with her burned hands. Princess Iyannah vibrated the whole room; teak woods furniture cracked. The queen’s solid oak king size bed broke into two while the thick and pointed sword that hung up the wall floated in the air, ready to pierce the flesh of any creatures who would approach the princess.

“Stop it”, yelled the queen.

“No, you stop yelling at her. You scared her.” Screamed back the man standing near the door.

“But, my king, our princess is uncontrollable,” broke down queen Isabel.

Hands high in the air, the king tiptoed inside the room; each of his steps intensified the scream of the princess. To make her feel safe, the King took off his sword along with his armor and threw it on the floor as a sign of peace. The King was precipitous and brawny, his complexion was neither too white nor too brownish, his eyes were chocolate brown, scars covered his crumpled body. His black beards touched his stomach while his satin brown hair hit on his shoulders. He was not as beautiful as the Queen, but he was a good father.

“Hey my princess, that’s daddy,” hushed the King.

What the king did not know is that once anger took control over the princess, no one can stop her but herself. Princess Iyannah rose her father’s long blade sword with a twist of her hands and pointed the tip of the weapon against the king’s belly while the floating sword pinpointed the king’s throat. Sweat drenched his body, he remained mummified, only his eyes balls kept swinging right and left. His braveness was nothing compared to Iyannah’s power. He needed to think quickly and smartly because one wrong move could take out his life.

“On top of the sky

all covered with stars

shine the face of the princess

All the stars bows in front of the princess

Among millions of life glow the princess.....”

Sung a neighing’s, voiced man. The familiar voice of the man soothed the princess until a bright smile surfaced on her lips. The swords fell down the ground; the breeze calmed down and everything else came back to normal. A pointed and hairy brown’s horse’s ears peeked behind the king’s shoulder. The king turned around and saw a man with large hazelnuts eyes; he breathed heavily with his bulb-shaped little nose. He was half-human, half-horse; his light curvy black hair covered his dark thick-curvature horns while caramel-brown hair coated the rest of his body. His white hoof tip toped the floor as he passed alongside the king. He swung his dark-browned tail as he moved closer to the princess.

“Hey little angel, would you mind if I hold you in my arm,?” asked the half-man to the princess.

Princess Iyannah glared at him for a moment, it took her only a few minutes before realising that her friend was in front of her. Her energetic protection ball radiance and vanished in the air, leaving behind it golden sparkles. The half-man picked up the princess on the floor with his brawny hands and tighten the infanta against his sinewy chest. The baby closed her eyes and embraced his friend.

“Nephel, my loyal servant. It’s time to go!” said the King

“Yes, but how are we going to survive in the world of humans? We are magic creatures. Humans will never accept us,” uttered Nephel

The King slipped his hands in his pocket and withdrew two golden snake-shaped amulets.

“These amulets will protect both of you. It will transform your body into human form while for the princess it will prevent her from using her magic. As long as, this amulet stays on her, her powers will remain dormant. Neither demons nor any other creatures could track you. Once, the queen will seal these amulets across your necks, nobody will be able to remove it, not even you.” stated the king.

“And, when are we going to come back?” catechized Nephel.

“Never! Never come back. Raise Iyanah like your daughter, get yourself a life there and never come back,” lamented the king.

“But Why my majesty?” asked Nephel bewildered.

“Look around you Nephel, in a few hours, these walls would blow off, my people will be assassinated and maybe I will be stagnant too. Nobody will escape. You can thank your queen for everything.” whimpered the king.

“I did what I felt right!” defended the queen.

“Yes, you did what was right for you.” argued the king.

“But.....” Queen Isabel speeches got interrupted by high whinnying sounds of horses followed by shrieked of pain.

“They are here!” cried out the King.

“I’m... I’m sorry for what I did,” whimpered the Queen.

“Feeling sorry will not fix the situation, Isabel. You need to act on it. Go! place those amulets around their necks,” commanded the King.

Queen Isabel nodded and grasped the amulets from king Alex hands. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and conjured;

“Ut phylacterium tueri

ut videri possit

ad daemones

quia sua potestas

est dormientibus.”

The amulets flared, the atmosphere draught, gusted winds blew the room and heaved the amulets. Drops of crimson blood tears fell down the queen’s cheek, as she opened her eyes, the amulets laid on her palms. She barged towards her daughter and Nephel.

“I am not a good mother. I would lie if I said that I will miss her, but I never wished to separate her from her kingdom. All that I wanted was to preserve my power and beauty. Harming my daughter and kingdom was never my intention. I will protect my land as much as I can,” denoted the queen as placed the amulets around Nephel and princess Iyannah’s necks.

“Why do you despise your daughter?” asked Nephel.

“I do not despise her, I am just not an affectionate mother.” corrected the Queen.

“But, I promise to love the princess and grow her up like my daughter,” vowed Nephel.

“Here are some gold coins” handed the king to Nephel.

“Now, It’s time to go ” commanded the Queen.

“sit porta, quod dividit inter duos mundos aperta,

sitque in principem, et eius servus transitis per mundum

ubi daemones non sunt.” chanted Queen Isabel.

The princess held Nephel tightly as the chamber became arctic. Everybody knows that fire and ice can never be friends. Just like the heat was unendurable for the queen, the glacial atmosphere was even worse for the princess. As queen Isabel kept on chanting her spell, a powerful whirlwind developed spun around Nephel and princess Iyannah. The baby buried her face in the stomach of Nephel and snivelled.

“Goodbye,” loomed the king.

“Get inside of it!” instructed the queen.

Still not used with his new human’s body, Nephel limped with the princess in his arms. He seized the blanket of the bed and wrapped his naked body before submerging himself into the whirlwind. The king watched as his daughter and loyal servant vanished into the thin air, leaving nothing more than a void in his heart.

“I will never forgive you for that,” promised the king to his wife.

“I am the queen of Monax, you were just a servant, and I made you my King. How do you dare to hate me?” fumed the queen.

“Marrying you was the worst decision of my life. You never stop cheating on me. You are neither a good spouse nor a good mother” shouted out the King.

Neigh sounds of horses resonated the palace while the enemies banged the entrance door. War cries vibrated the thick bricks walls of the kingdom. It was just a matter of time before the enemies slaughtered all the royal’s soldier and penetrated the Palace. Despite their arguments, the royalties held hands and waited for the worst to happen.

“I will change if life gives me a second chance” promised the queen.

“Fight for your land till death” voiced the King.

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