The Flames That Burn: A New Match

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Leo Kirakei is a normal sixteen year old boy. But his life will soon change when his family's secret reveals itself. It will bring betrayal,loyalty and death... The three book series will forever have his world turned. Dive into the burning pages for a look at Leo's beginning

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1

Before there was hell, there was heaven...

Leo approached his new school, ignoring the stares and steely glances from the rich kids. The court forced him to move from his home in Edmonton,Alberta. It was then revealed that he was moving to Washington,DC to live with his dad. The lawyer seemed to have found out his mother's drinking issue, and the beatings. Before justice(A.K.A a thirteen year jail sentence) was placed in mom's dinner platter, Leo would go home everyday, carefully making sure he did nothing wrong so he needn't face the smacks. It was crazy, but his C.I.A employed father,Dan, was a far better drinking guy then his mom's girlish chugging. Dan had one beer twice a week on every Tuesday and Saturday. He supposed it helped his dad get his mind off things. Ever since Karen,Leo's mom, divorced him because of an ol' bottl' o' cap'n morgan's. That's right,a british talk. Leo noticed a couple dozen other kids who seemed out of place like him,and figured he would talk to one of their groups later. But for now, he would head to Room 69185,the very last room and the only one in thousands, even maybe tens of thousands. His teacher was Ms.Lapepee. Note,it's not pronounced PEE-PEE, but PA-PAY. (It's a common mistake)
'Mr.Kirakei,you are very late' stubbornly informed Ms.L.
'Why not?' Leo asked politely in a pompous manner.
Laughs and giggles told him that people loved teachers getting roasted. So why not??
Ms.L angrily told him to sit down, saying 'Mr.Kirakei,can you please take a seat.'. 'I don't know, can I?' asked Leo, as he picked up a chair. His tattoo of a fireplace seemed to glow orange. Leo simply looked at all the kids who were staring at him in horror,without our dear Kirakei noticing the chair was melting in his handstand that he waste put it quite simply,glowing red-orange in a dazzling way. The office would be his next step...
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