2.0 Mafia's Captive - I wish, I knew how to Quit You!

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Continuation of series One Once upon a time there lived a Dangerous Mafia don who had a two sons Manish and Manik. The younger son Manik forcebily Married city Commissioners Daughter after death of her parents. She planned a revenge on him upon her parents death but realized her mistake. There relation started with hate but ended up falling in deep love. After living together for two years he went on a trip. She waited for his return for days which turned as months. He returned after few months and placed one evil deal bleeding her heart with his words. "If you want to be my wife be prepared to leave your dream career" He said with his sharp tone. "What? Are you kidding?" She shouted Disbelief. "No, I was a mafia don and I don't want my wife to be a cop" He snapped in anger. "But you said, your happy with my choice" She remained his words which spoken by him in past. "So, today I'm saying this... If you love me obey me!!" He said in serious tone. "No, this is my life dream. I worked hard to get this " She tried to convince him. "Decide, you want me or your career?" He said leaving. Hate turned as love but again his love turned as hate!! He wanted her to pay back all the pain he got from her in past!! Will she be able to be strong or collapse in her uncontrollable love? Why his love turned as hate? Will she ever get her happy life? Will she be tamed under love?

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1- Broken Dream

CBI office,

A young officer in blazing suit is working on her laptop. A man walked in stormed in a hurry.

“Mam, M... Malhotra came ” Her Secretary informed in worry.

“What!!” She jumped out of her seat in horror-filled excitement.

“Yes, I said you not to touch his file but you started investigation from that itself!!” He cried in fear.

“Shut up, go sent him and you don’t need to teach me what to do and what not?” She yelled in angry.

“Sorry mam” He made excuse and left out to invite him.

She settled her blazer and occupied her seat checking out herself in phone camera. Soon a handsome hunk walked in with a deadly smirk dancing on his lips.

“Miss. Nandini! ” He smirked whispering her name which he saw on the name board. Her heart jumped hearing him uttering her name.

“H... Mr.Manik Malhotra!!” She called out crossing her legs.

“No surname Miss.” He asked with a grin.

“When I have my own recognition, what is the need of surname? Nandini IPS, DGP And Investigating chief CBI Special Wing.” She said proudly.

“Ofcourse you are proud after all your a girl who left Husband for this so called post” He mocked.

“It’s none of your business” She cuts off.

“Oh, really! Let’s talk about my business... You started digging my ground it’s not good for you” He warned.

“I know what I’m doing ” She said getting up from her seat and folded her hands confidently.

He signed his guards and her Secretary to leave. Her Secretary left with a scared expression.

“Seems you want to wake the devil again, isn’t it enough!!” He asked stepping towards her.

“Are you scared of getting caught in my laws?” She chuckled raising his anger.

“Ok, try your best... But remember I’m gonna talk you to next level soon” He whispered in husky tone pinning her on the wall.

“It’s office and I’m not your wife” She remained.

“All cameras are off from the second my cars entered your gate” He added sliding her blazer off her shoulder. He sneezed her shoulder arm lustfully.

“You turned sexier in this 2years of training, now feeling how I left this beauty without tastings fully!!” He whispered in her ear kissing her jawline.

“Such a cheap person you are!!” She scolded pushing him back.

“Oh, then why you didn’t divorce me till?” He asked pulling her in his tight embrace.

“It’s my wish” She snapped trying to get out of his grip.

“Then this is my wish” He said arrogantly pulling her tucked shirt out.

“What are you doing?” She shouted in anger.

“Seems you didn’t got a man like me, so not divorcing me right... It’s ok come any night, I will satisfy your every need madam” He whispered in her ear making her froze in disgust. She gave him a tight slap pushing him away.

“So much angry!! I hate so much why not signing divorce papers... Say, baby!! What is use of having a mafia husband like me? And although I had life I want to marry again enjoy my nights with my wife too” His words waken her tears which are hidden deep down.

“Yes, I’m sleeping with girls now also but sleeping with wife will make it legal right,” He said shamelessly.

“Why you turned so bad Manik? Why? What did I do?” She cried grabbing his shirt.

“You know what all you did for me, and it’s past!! I came here just to remind you about our divorce and this case. You better stay away from my business or else you will meet your papa soon along with your brother.” He warned freeing his shirt from her grip.

“I hate you!” She cried in broken tone.

“I hate you too!! And you look so sexy crying” He muttered walking off her office wearing his Googles leaving her in tears.

“Why I loved you so much? Why I was not about to divorce you?
Why I’m unable to accept his hate and convert my love as hate?
It’s been two and half years we got separated... He left me alone and seeking divorce but I’m able to overcome my love. ..
I wish, I knew how to quit you!!” She cried falling on her knees.

One hour later,

She heard a knock on her door. She got up from the floor and tucked in her shirt and left to the washroom. She returned back washing her teary face and settling her dress properly.
She called her pa and said him a file number to get.

Within few minutes he walked in with a huge file.

“Mam, this are files of all past cases on all Mafia persons” He informed placing them on her table.

“Why the whole office is working under Mafia influence?” Her sudden question scared him.

’Money and fear, sorry but!!”

" But I will not stop my investigation, every sin should get punished,” She said sincerely.

" But he is dangerous,” He said one last time.

“He can’t do anything with me, Already he damaged my heart unrepairable. ” She murmured in broken tone.

“What mam!!”

“Nothing!! You can leave and make a schedule for a ride ” She said.

Another side,

"Sir, Nandini signed!” Robert asked looking at frustrated Manik.

“Nooo, Don’t know what to do?” He snapped in anger.

“If she don’t sign and attend court, your case will be taken down ′ Robert said.

“I should plan something high!!” Manik said smirking.

“Already you did so much with her” Robert shouted in anger. Manik glared in anger.

“It’s a fact, what is left? She loved you and gifted herself to you and in return, you gifted her divorce. I hate you so much for hurting that poor soul. ” Robert said stubbornly.

“She should divorce me and she will do it... And your my guard don’t need to guard her emotions. ” He warned and walked to his private chamber in anger.

“she don’t deserve it, you will regret one day!!” Robert yelled in anger, but Manik ignored and walked away.

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