What I Found in the Rain

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Evie doesn’t know what to do next in her life after graduating college with a degree that her parents never approved of. She finds herself remembering, and reliving, a particular night in the rain, only this time it’s different, now she’s found a wolf. After coming in contact with an ancient artifact, the lunar silver, Evie is thrown into a war between demons and the spirit world. In the midst of it all, she meets Ulric, a demon wolf, who swears he will get her through this ordeal alive. But, will a human survive all of this?

Fantasy / Romance
A. A. Wright
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There was patter on the window, howling in the wind, and a roar in the sky; A perfect storm. The house on the hill was quiet inside, with the walls muffling the enraged storm of the land. I don’t know why I woke that night, it wasn’t from the rain, but I did.

I felt heat on my face, a burning sensation filling my cheeks. I couldn’t feel the air moving through my nose, yet it was still filling my lungs. Merely remembering how drowned I felt made my body tighten into a cough. I sat up in my bed, coughing up phlegm until the urge subsided, my arm wiping away the drip of my nose.

I knew there was no one home, no one I could call for. I couldn’t yell for mommy. Both of my parents were out at an award ceremony. I could have gone with them as I had usually done, but my current condition would have raised questions, and probably shame. Two doctors with a child sick with the flu, one she was supposed to be vaccinated for in time, what a disappointment.

I sniffled the remaining drip back into me and looked around my room, it was cold compared to my heat, and the lightning outside became my lamp. Why had I woken? The storm was what lulled me to sleep. Its relentless pour had continued for hours. My feet found their way to the wood floors, the cool touch soothing to the fever. Somehow, I had made my way to the window, my head just barely making it over to look out into the woods below. To view something that I would never forget.

The rain was hitting the street hard, a stampede of water droplets flooding the ground. There was a dim light coming from the porch lamp, only a small sliver of the road could be seen. I couldn’t help but focus on this one area, maybe because it was the only thing I could see. But, in this area, there was some movement.

As I kept watching the road, a silhouette started to cross, and I wasn’t sure what exactly, but it seemed like an animal. It moved cautiously, almost as if it kept looking behind itself. I wanted to know what it was, the animal, maybe it was a deer or a small bear. As if my wishes were answered, car lights started to illuminate the street.

A dog. That was my deduction, proud I could see the four-legged creature, but then horrified as the car sped down the road and right over it. I don’t remember if I reacted in shock or fear, but I do know I pressed myself more onto the glass, looking at the black lump in the road.

I don’t know what I exactly had in mind when I rushed down the steps onto the porch, and out into the road. I was nine, tiny and sick, wearing my nightgown and a small blanket, running into the road on a stormy night, to save a runover dog. When I reached the street, I staggered at the sight of blood washing across the pavement with the water. The dog, at this point, had dragged itself to the side of the road, closer to the woods it had come from. I hesitated. By now, I could see the fur standing up on the animal. From the window, the dog looked small, but on the street, it was much larger than I.

After one last attempt to move, the animal fell hard into a puddle of murky ground. I began walking closer, finding the street underneath my feet more uncomfortable than approaching the wounded canine. As I stepped, the dog’s hair began to rise like goosebumps. A low growl came from its belly, and its head flicked towards my own in a mere second. The teeth were so white when barred, and the rumble became heavier. I stared at it for as long as I could, right in the rain.

After a while, the growling subsided, and I watched as the animal’s golden eyes rolled back, its eyelids closing. I took a few more steps towards it, noticing the muddied fur laying flat. I wasn’t sure if it was dead, and I don’t know what drove me to, but I reached for it. Somehow, it looked so sad being rained on in this state, even is it was gone. I reached forward; my hand extended to touch its shoulder. Though it seemed to have passed, as I grazed the tips of the fur, its head flung over once again.

I didn’t scream, though I think I should have, because its teeth sunk into my forearm. I did wince and met its eyes. I couldn’t compare the sight to anything I had seen before, such wildness, furiosity, and fear. It was only when it finally ran out of the strength to keep itself awake did the animal release my arm from its jaws. It whimpered to itself before lying still. I, too, wanted to whine and cry for it. In my way to comfort the animal, and myself, I draped my small blanket over its body.

I had completely forgotten I was sick that night when morning came. All I cared for was if the dog was still on the side of the road. I could no longer see its figure from my window, and my blanket was nowhere to be seen. My parents tried to stop me from leaving the house, as they did not forget my condition, but I eventually found my way to the spot I had left the animal. But there was nothing.

It was as if I had a bad dream. I remember looking down at my arm, rolling up the sleeve of the shirt I wore, and examined my forearm, expecting there to be nothing on the skin, just like the animal on the road.

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