The Way of the Wolf

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Charlie is just your average she-wolf who lives her life the same, every day. Until she meets Adam a strong and handsome man who claims to be her life mate. He wants to take her away and show her that there is more to life then her family's cabin. But Charlie isn't so convinced, shes had her heart broken before and she doesn't want to make the same mistake twice. Adam is in search for his life mate, centuries of searching and turning up empty handed takes a toll on a man. But after his father insisted that he comes along for a family vacation, that's when he meets Charlie. But after meeting her he realizes that she isn't going to be won over so easily. He must prove his love for her in more ways then one. Can he do it? Will she accept him as her life mate? Or will everything come crashing down in a ball of flames? Love, heartbreak, excitement and a journey to remember. What will it take for them to live happily ever after?

Fantasy / Erotica
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~Chapter 1~

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost

The crisp and cold evening air moved silently throughout the meadow brushing throw the ice -coated trees picking up and guiding the ground leaves across the land. The last of the autumn light fades off into the distant allowing a full winter moon to make its grand appearance. Darkness creep its way up on the foreign land allowing shadows to appear wrapping everything in its path with a cold and dark embrace. The night sky began the shine bright with stars and the light of the moon spilled through the slits of the branches permitting a grey luminosity to grow about the non-cover ground. The land began to come alive with animals of the night, owls stretching out their wings before the night sky, raccoons shifting their fur clean from the leftover brush of their beds. Foxes trotting away from their dens as they search for something to fill their bellies.

An elk arises out of the dark forest to scavenge for the extra grass it could find to fill its belly. This elk would help feed Charlie’s family for days and never knowing when your next meal would come along is the daily struggle living out in the middle of nowhere. Pulling back the strung arrow Charlie lined up her shot and released the arrow. Flying fast through the open meadow the arrow met its target killing the elk in an instant. Enthusiastic about her accomplishment Charlie gathers up what few things she brought and ran toward the now deceased elk. Leaping across the sea of tall dead grass Charlie finds her prizes laying on the ground in a pool of blood. Working fast Charlie started to field dress her kill, putting all its’ guts inside of her pouch it would help make the elk a little bit lighter to carry. The aroma of blood would bring in unwanted creatures that would want to steal her kill. She simply couldn’t have that her family depended on this kill if they plan on surviving the harsh winter that was still to come.

“Do you need help carrying that Charlie?” Her brother asked.

“That would be nice! You know considering all you have done is follow me and sit on your butt.”

“That’s not true! I’ve helped today!”

“Oh, really Bran! Like what? Besides scaring everything that we have come across!”

At this point Charlie was so aggravated with Bran’s lazy strike she was just about to tell him to leave. If it wasn’t for this elk, she would have done just that, but with him being a lot stronger then she was what choice did she have? There was no way she could carry the elk all the way to her home with it getting dark and fight off predators at the same time. Finishing up, Charlie puts the rest of the elk’s gust in her pouch and zips it up, nothing of this elk would be wasted her family would use every bit of it from its antlers to its bones.

“Here it’s your turn! I’m going to go wash off my hand of all this blood.” Looking around for a small stream or something that held water, Charlie finally finds a little pool of water that was half frozen. The cold water froze her hands, but it got the job done. Charlie looked over to Bran who was binding the elk’s feet together.

“Are you almost done?” Charlie asked Bran as she bent down to pick up her stuff.

“Almost! Let me tie this knot and done! Now if you could help me mount it to my back when I shift, we are good to go.” He smirks.

Nodding her head Charlie grabs the ends of the rope and waits for Bran to turn, his wolf was big and muscular, but he had the brain of a squirrel. The only thing the boy was good for was the heavy work rather is chopping down a tree for wood or carrying a fresh kill back to the house. Looking over to a now golden-brown wolf laying down on his stomach making it a piece of cake to get the elk over his back. After a big shove Charlie got the big elk over Bran’s brawny back and then tied the ends under his belly so the elk didn’t slide off.

“Alright! It’s finally time to go home! Are you ready boy?” Charlie teased as she pated the top of Brans head. A growl rumbles from Bran’s chest as he shows he sign of disapproval, but all Charlie could do was giggle.

As they approached the lovely cabin, they called home Charlie caught a glimpse of her mother standing on the porch wrapped in a blanket sipping on a hot beverage.

“Charlie, Bran where have you been? What took you guys so long? The sun set an hour ago! I was starting to get worried that something bad happened.” Their mother called to them.

“No Mom! It just took a bit to find a kill that’s all! There was no need to worry.” Bran tried to explain to their frantic mother.

“When will you children learn that as a mother, I will always worry about you! And Charlie dear when will you stop hunting with that ridiculous bow? You are a perfect healthy she-wolf, why not just hunt as a wolf?”

“I’ve told you a thousand times Mom I like hunting with my bow. I don’t always have to hunt like an animal!” Charlie sighed as she opened the cabin’s door.

“And what’s so wrong with that? If you are going to go against my wishes at least respect your heritage!”

“Mom please! It has been a long day and I don’t want to fight with you!” Charlie begged as she made her way into the cabin.

“Fine! Fine! I’ll let it go for now, but you can’t run away from your wolf forever.”


~And please remember this story is, at the moment, unedited. That will change when I complete the story so please if you see any grammar or spelling mistakes please keep them to yourself.
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