The Chosen One

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"Suddenly the horse under her stopped running completely making Samantha lose her balance. She rolled on the dirty ground next to her horse disorientated. “where did you do that for?” she asked her horse while checking herself on any injuries. Alfa neighed and pounded his left, front leg on the ground. Samantha, getting the message, looked up finding herself in front of a huge, creepy looking, castle. Or more like the remains of." A story of familiar and foreign. A place where magic will win as the past and the present becomes the future. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | @Music_Girl_007 | Please go on and enjoy the story! Suggestions are always welcome.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

A few miles away from a bustling city lays a deep dark forest nobody dares to enter. There were rumors. Rumors about a monster living in a castle in that forest. The same forest that used to be a part of the city next to it. It used to be the ground of the royal family. There used to be beautiful gardens surrounding the amazing castle. Now the only things that can be seen are dark trees and bushes. The light made a place for darkness. Though, two people knew the truth. Only one of them wasn’t aware of that yet and the other one started to lose hope. Every night he would be called back to the same room. He would have to fight against himself and the demons he carried inside. Every night he got a reminder of the things he lost, the things he wished to forget. It was the bad part of being cursed.

The sun set again and the darkness pulled the man into a room. The room looked like it was filled with seats. And not one seat was empty except for the whole row in the back of the room. In the front of the room stood an altar and next to it was a woman in a wedding dress. To the man, everyone looked like the family and friends he once knew but the man knew better than to believe everything that was happening in this room. He knew the people in it were just the imagination that haunted him. The nights were always the same with his curse. He lost his hope for a cure.

The ritual began. Even though the people were no ordinary people, they did speak. As the man stood in front of the woman with the wedding dress, the first person came standing with them to say a word about how good the couple looked at this wedding. After this person, several others followed. Why can’t this be over, the man thought. But he knew better. The Chosen One wouldn’t come anymore. He was a lost cause and the nights would stay like this forever. He wanted to escape badly but he couldn’t. Over the years he tried everything he could think of. Even if he was unconscious during the sunset, he would wake up as the night began.

After the vows were given, the man and the woman had to say their I do's. the woman said it first. The man tried not to say it. He tried to keep his mouth shut but his lips were against him. Against his will, his lips formed the words. All the people got up and started to shout. “kiss, kiss, kiss”. The man knew he couldn’t stop it and before he knew it the faceless demon was against him. Only now it has shaped a real face. The face of a woman he once loved. She started kissing him. Every night it became worse, the man thought. It was like kissing a monkey. Even though the lips were the same as the ones he once loved to kiss, now he couldn’t stand them.

His eyes closed against his will and everything he saw was bright colors that started spinning. Finally, he thought, it’s almost over. Knowing that thought, he let his body relax. And at that time the sun started to rise again. A new day came, to save him from the darkness

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