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Vampires don't exis*COMPLETED* (08.05.20) Noah Sorin is a 17-year-old genius who is sent to the Elite high school, Bran Prep High. His investigation? Vampires. What happens when Noah stumbles upon the ex-vampire king, Aleksei Griffon? With beautiful pale skin, unruly raven-hair and eyes as blue as the ocean, the mysterious creature who he was told to be vicious and dangerous, isn't as terrifying as everyone says to be. Bloodsucking vampires, man-eating hamsters, and mystical creatures slowly become part of Noah's daily life. Will he be able to investigate for the FBI without falling into the hands of the supernatural? Read on to find out. *** This book is a boy x boy story.

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Chapter 1: Circus Clown

A/N: 02.17.2020

Hello, hi, what's good what's poppin'? It's been a while guys! Your author is back with a new bxb, I hope you like it :)

P.s: I'll find a better cover and description, they're just temporary, don't worry 😂

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“Another accident has occurred in Bran Prep School. A young girl was walking back to her school located near a large forest when she was suddenly attacked. Folks say that it was another wild bear that caused the scene, others say that it might have been wolves. The victim survived and is now recovering in the hospital with very few injuries. However, she has two strange bite marks on the side of her neck, like the other recent victims. People are starting to wonder if strange, mystical creatures really do exist, suspecting that it might have been a vamp-”

Mrs. Broody picked up the remote control and turned the T.V off with a sigh.

“Hey, I was watching that!” frowned Noah, munching on his morning Cheerios. “It was just starting to get good!”

His mother rolled her eyes.

"Journalists nowadays have become nothing but circus clowns,” she said with an eye roll. “Strange, mystical creatures? Oh please, do they think we live in some kind of Twilight Saga? What’s next? Flying pigs and man-eating hamsters?”

“I kinda like the last one,” smiled Noah, getting up from his chair and putting his bowl in the sink. He grabbed his bag that was leaning against the table and strapped it over his shoulders, something that the ‘cool kids’ refused to do nowadays. Noah hated slinging it over one shoulder, complaining that it wasn’t fair for the other if only one had to hold all the weight.

“Are you taking the bus to school?” asked Mrs. Broody.

“Nah, Micka’s coming to pick me up.”

Mrs. Broody frowned almost immediately.

“But Micka doesn’t know how to drive,” she said, skeptically.

“Of course he does. He got his driver’s license last summer, remember?”

“Yes, and I’m still amazed that he did. He crashed his mother’s car twice already and almost ran over a stray cat,” she pointed out. “I don’t want you in the same car as him if he’s the one behind the wheel.”

“You know Micka’s a responsible teenager.”

Noah and Mrs. Broody both looked at each other before bursting out laughing. Micka was Noah’s childhood best friend, they’ve known each other before they even knew how to speak since their parents were just as close.

Micka would show pictures of Noah bathing naked in the tub when they were little whenever Noah made fun of him, and Noah would show pictures of Micka crying on the toilet seat because it was higher than the potty training toilet.

Noah and Micka were best of friends, nobody could deny that. They peed in the same pool when they were kids, farted on each other’s faces when they were little, rolled down hills and broke limbs together. They were sisters from different misters.

“I’ll try not to die on my way to school,” giggled Noah, wiping away a tear. He kissed his mom on the cheek before heading out. When he opened the door, Mick was waiting for him on his front yard. He was wearing a black helmet over his dark brown hair, his chestnut eyes flickering towards Noah. He had his bike beside him.

Noah raised a brow, closing the door behind him.

“What happened to your car?” asked Noah.

“Crashed it,” shrugged Micka, throwing Noah the extra helmet that he had brought.

“Oh yeah, just the usual,” teased Noah, not even surprised by how casual Micka sounded.

“Look, it's not my fault if I didn’t see the red light and accidentally bumped into the guy in front of me. Jeez, do you know how long we yelled at each other?” demanded Micka, still bitter about what happened. “It was just a small dent too, but he was yelling like I had killed his cat.”

“But wasn't it your fault?”

“Didn’t you just hear? I said that I didn’t see the stoplight turn red.”

Noah narrowed his eyes. “So did you apologize?”

“Yeah, of course,” said Micka. “I stomped on his toe and called him ugly. Now c’mon, we’re gonna be late.”

Noah blinked blankly, before letting out a sigh. Micka’s foul behavior didn’t surprise him anymore. His best friend had a reputation for being short-tempered and for having an ego too big for his own good, which often got him in trouble.

Noah put on his helmet and sat on the backseat of the bike.

“You sure you can pedal without getting us killed?” he asked, holding onto Micka who pushed his feet off the cement, letting out a loud grunt as he pedaled forward.

“Jesus Christ, what did you eat last night?!” he hissed. Noah rolled his eyes.

“Look, if your thighs are too weak, I can pedal.”

Micka, being the competitive little diva that he was, started pedaling faster.

“Weak?! I’ll show you weak!” he snarled as they zoomed down the neighborhood at full speed. Noah laughed, feeling the wind blow in his hair, the freshness over his skin making him smile widely. He looked at the sun that was starting to rise, golden petals blooming and stretching outwards into the rich blue.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the loud grunts and hisses of his best friend filled the air. It was a day just like any other, and Noah wished that none of this would ever change.


“What the hell happened to you?” snickered Tory, walking up to Noah and Micka who were at their lockers.

Noah was putting his helmet in and taking out his bags while Mika had collapsed to the floor, covered in sweat. His shirt was now drenched and his face burned red from the adrenaline. It was safe to say that Micka could no longer feel his legs.

“Micka decided that he wanted to become a professional cyclist this morning,” smiled Noah, putting Mika’s helmet in his locker and grabbing his books for him.

Micka wheezed out what sounded like a, “Fuck you”, but it was hard to tell since he was panting so loudly.

“I see,” nodded Tory, wondering if she should call the school nurse. “Anyway, did you guys hear what happened on the news?”

“You mean how they found a missing cat named Pumpkin? Yeah, I did, the lil thing looked so cute and fluffy too,” said Noah, who always loved animals. His eyes would go heart-shaped whenever he saw dogs at the park or on the streets and had to go pet them for good luck (a superstition that he had made up when he was a kid).

“What? No,” said Tory. “I mean the one about the girl who was attacked by some mysterious creature.”

“Oh yeah,” said Noah, not very interested anymore.

“What kind of girl would walk alone at night in a forest anyway? She was just asking for trouble if you ask me,” she sighed.

“Well, their prep school is located between cliffs and hills, so it’s kind of normal that she was in a forest,” pointed out Noah, handing Micka his bag once he finally managed to stand up.

“Isn’t this the third case this month? And what’s crazy is that all the boys and girls have these weird bite marks on their neck,” said Tory. “The lady on the news said that it might be vampires.”

“My mom called that lady a circus clown,” said Noah bluntly. Micka laughed.

"Man, I love that lady."

“But what if they were attacked by vampires?" Huffed Tory.

"Don't be stupid, stupid," sighed Micka, lifting his shirt to wipe off the sweat on his forehead. Tory took the chance to glance towards his abs, knowing that Micka was co-captain of the football team and worked out whenever he could. Micka wasn’t always bright in the mind, his temper beating his rationality, but his anger and competitiveness helped on the field. “Vampires don’t exist. The victims probably just got bit by a mosquito or something.”

“Mosquitos don’t make two huge holes on your neck," argued Tory.

“Then it was probably a snake.”

“Snakes can’t reach a human’s neck.”

“Alright, then maybe it was probably a spider,” growled Micka.

“Spiders aren’t that big.”

Micka gritted his teeth. “Look here, lady-”

“I’m sure it was just a wild animal,” interrupted Noah, handing Micka his bag. “Hopefully they’ll find whatever attacked them. It must be pretty scary up in the North with so many victims.”

“What kind of idiot decided to build a prep school between cliffs and mountains anyway?” snorted Micka.

“A brilliant architecture, that’s who. Have you seen Bran Prep School? It looks like a beautiful medieval castle! It’s gorgeous,” said Tory, who had always wanted to go there. Everyone wanted to attend Bran Prep School, it was the elite school of their region. However, very few students were accepted, and their standards were almost impossible to achieve unless you came from a family as rich as aristocrats.

“I think I prefer my neck without two holes on the side, thank you very much,” smirked Micka. The three of them headed to class, Micka and Tory bickering nonstop while Noah walked in the middle so they wouldn’t knock each other out. But when they turned around the corner, they saw the principal standing in front of their classroom with two sketchy looking men dressed in fancy black suits, wearing sunglasses like the ones from Men In Black. The principal looked up and smiled.

“Hello, students,” he greeted them. Micka narrowed his eyes, wondering why the principal sounded like he was greeting aliens from outer space.

“Hello, Mr. Acorn,” they replied in a monotonous harmony.

“Noah, will you come to my office for a second? I’d like to speak with you,” he said.

“Me?” asked Noah, confused.

“Him?” asked Micka and Tory simultaneously. Noah was never called down to the office It was usually Micka who got into trouble and Noah having to go down so that he wouldn’t rip Mr. Acorn’s wig again.

“It’s nothing serious, I promise. Rest assured, you aren’t in any trouble,” said the principal. He raised his hand, making a gesture to his office. “Shall we?”

“With those shady ass men?” hissed Micka, glaring at the two men standing behind Mr. Acorn. “What are you guys even supposed to be? Will Smith and-”

Noah quickly elbowed Micka in the rib and he winced in pain.

“Sure, I’ll go with you,” he said, even though he didn’t have much of a choice.

He looked towards Micka who frowned in worry. Noah gave his best friend a small smile, giving him a look that told him not to worry, before following Mr. Acorn down the hall towards his office.


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