Kneeling Before His Queen **being edited**

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it all started the night he saw her sitting in his club.

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Chapter 1

Lights flashed and music blared as Mae quietly sat in the booth of the club. She looks around as her sister had dragged her there because Mae was not allowed home alone. Mae was basically the third wheel as her sister Mackenzie had brought her mate.

Unbeknownst to Mae, was a male standing on a balcony looking over the scene of the club. The male, the dragon king Drayce Marino, was also the owner of the club. It was like any other night for him, although his small dragons that crawled up his body had other ideas as they sprayed fire around him.

Mae’s wings, which were a translucent blue color, were in the tattoo form on her back so she was able to sit comfortably. She watches the creatures in the club dance as her eyes slowly trailed up spotting someone on the balcony. She slowly tilted her head interested in who was standing there.

“Dorian,” Drayce called out as his eyes swiftly scanned the area below, before he focused on the girl, “bring me that fairy down there.”

Drayce continued to stare directly at her as he brought his glass to his lips once more, intrigued by the small fairy.

Mae continued to stare at the male until she heard someone clear their throat.

She shifts her sight and spots a male standing at the end of her table as she tilts her head, “Who are you?”

“I’m Dorian, my master requests your presence.” Dorian knew his master did not request more like demanded, but he would not tell the pretty fairy that.

“Okay..” Mae whispers, getting out of the booth and standing up straight.

She then started to follow the male, wondering who his master was.

Once Dorian had started walking, making sure the pretty fairy was behind him, he looked up at his master before picking up speed, leading the female to the stairs. Mae quietly walked up the stairs behind Dorain and waited for him to lead the way.

At the top of the stairs, Dorian led her to his master, who was now staring at the young female. Drayce watched Mae silently, his gaze piercing into Dorian who took the hint and quickly left the two.

Staring at the male, Mae grew nervous and tilted her head down looking at her shoe instead. She had never had a male look at her like he was.

“You’re beautiful mate.” Drayce said taking another sip of his drink.

The dragons did not have any sort of manners as they left their master’s body and flew over to Mae, wrapping themselves around her limbs, purring as they licked her skin.

Mae blushed madly at the dragons looked up at the male and quietly whispered, “You’re handsome.” She quietly whispers and looks at the dragons slowly.

“Thank you, now what is your name little mate.” he questioned as he walked closer to her.

His eyes looking at the dragons that were now tightened around her body and noticed one was on her neck suckling away, forming a hickey. Mae was softly panting and moaning gently when she felt the dragon on her neck.

“M-Mae,” she whispers and looks up at him, “they are getting tight.”

“Such a pretty name.”

Now standing in front of her, he caressed her soft skin.

“My dragons like you very much.” he said watching them continue on with their torturing kisses and suckling.

Mae stares up at him, gasping and panting softly, gripping onto his arms.

“Y-you're a dragon.” she whispers in shock, it now just registering in her head.

Drayce purred softly at her touch and smiled brightly.

“Yes my little mate, I am a dragon. I am pretty sure I know what you are but I want to hear it from your pretty lips.” he smiled as his eyes switched to a piercing yellow and back to his normal color.

“Fairy,” she gasps and blushes madly as she looks down at the tiny dragons then up at him, “Please stop them.”

“Hmm,” he hums as he watched the dragons processed to go further down her body, slipping beneath her clothes to get closer to her skin.

“I don’t think I will, they look cute on you. Plus they're comfortable exploring your body.” he grinned widely like the Cheshire Cat.

Mae let out a small gasp looking up at him with wide eyes and biting her lip. She did not know how much more she could take from the little dragons.

“I think I like that look on your face, completely immersed in pleasure.” he whispered into her ear as he bit it softly, turning right around and letting his tongue soothe the sting.

“Why don’t we take this to my private room.” he said, ready to play with his mate, his dragons growing restless with all the clothing.

Mae slowly nods and gasps, “O-Okay..”

She let out a cute moan as she felt a dragon suckle on her skin again. She held him as she looked up at him.

He picked her up, noticing that she was now holding onto him. He walked over to the room, opening the door to a darkly lit room that had a bed in the middle and toys surrounding it on the walls.

Closing the door behind him, Drayce walked over to the bed laying her down, then walked over to the drawers. Mae gasps softly seeing all the toys and she bit her lip hard, as she watched him.

“What’s your name!” She asks softly to distracted by the dragons to ask beforehand.

“I’ll tell you after beautiful..” he said coming back with some scissors.

He began to cut her clothes, the dragons begrudgingly departed off her skin watching their master impatiently. They were ready to explore her body more but had to wait for their master’s command.

Mae watches him closely, blushing madly, as she looks up at the small dragons, reaching her hand out to pet one while he cut her clothes off.

The blue one that she was going to pet started licking her finger softly before it began to suckle. Drayce chuckled softly at the dragon, now staring at his mate that was completely nude below him.

“You are so beautiful.” he said as he leaned down and kissed between her breast, her skin tasting delicious underneath his tongue.

Mae let out a soft giggle as she watches the dragon, then gasps as Drayce kisses her chest and she closes her eyes gently. She didn’t know what was going to happen, or what to expect.

“Open your eyes Mae, I want you to watch me torture your body.” his voice deepening as he demanded her attention.

Mae’s eyes snapped open and she moans out watching him with wide eyes. He looked at his dragons, nodding his head to the little impatient mini dragons. They took the signal as they attacked her body covering every inch of her. She whimpers gently, as she had never done anything like this, since she was never allowed to date a boy.

The red dragon crawled gently towards her pussy as it attacked her clit and began to suck on it gently. The other dragons licked that area over and over again as Drayce claimed her lips.

Mae moaned out and kissed back, gasping and closing her eyes tightly at the feeling of the dragons playing with her.

“O-Oh!” she whimpers into his lips.

The dragons sped up, as Drayce groaned against her mouth. Mae did not know what to do, her whole body was in complete pleasure and all she could do was moan into his mouth.

“Cum for me love, cum for your master.” he said seductively into her ear, repeatedly biting it, then licking the pain away.

There were three dragons now suckling on her clit and licking her folds, repeating the motion over and over again.

Mae does as told, gasping and moaning loudly, “Please! Please!”

She started to feel sensitive and reached down to get rid of the dragons. However she did not want to be done. She wanted more. Drayce grabbed both her hands, holding them above her head.

“Cum Mae, cum for me now.” he now demanded as the dragons went faster and faster, feeling her vibrate underneath their tongues.

The red dragon finished her off once he softly bit her clit. Mae screams as she came and her body shook uncontrollably underneath him. The dragons licked up her juices that were now pouring out of her.

“Right there Mae, you did good beautiful.” he said as he licked her neck, wanting more from her.

He continued to lick at that spot that knew he would mark her soon.

“Want more please!” She whimpers softly, moaning softly from the dragons, her eyes closing and body still shaking.

“Do you want me Mae?” he questioned as he pulled away and the dragons took his spot, licking her breasts now, wrapping themselves around them.

Looking up at him with wide eyes, Mae nods watching him undress. Drayce slowly began to undress, taking his tie off first and undid his cufflinks. Now standing completely naked in front of her, he walked over to the wall that had toys on it.

“I noticed that you like to move your hands a lot..” he started off as he picked up some cuffs.

“Let’s change that, shall we?” he stated as he took her wrist and put the fluffy cuffs on her, attaching them to the head board.

She just nodded as that also gave the dragons more access to her neck and torso. Mae watches him still.

Mae soon slowly got impatient and bit her lip softly, “Please Master I want you!”

“Quiet Mae, remember who’s in charge here,” he grabbed her chin, staring into her eyes, “Do you understand Mae? Nod your head if you do.”

Mae nods her head, as she watches him. She stayed quiet and played with her fingers. The dragons lazily licked her skin as they watched their masters. Drayce understood the power dynamic that needed to be established between them.

“Mae, I am going to put this blindfold on you, nod if you understand.”

Mae nods again and looks at him still, however she was getting a bit nervous. She did not understand why he was going to blindfold her.

“Do you trust me Mae?” he questioned as he straddled her and held the blindfold in his hands.

“I do,” She nods quickly, watching him, “I trusted you the minute I saw you.”

She was not as worried as she confirmed her trust in him.

“Good.” he said as he leaned down and placed the blindfold over her eyes so she wouldn’t be able to see in any form.

He pulled away, the dragons once more taking his place on her body. Mae gently waited for him to do something. She felt the dragons on her chest and giggled softly.

Drayce watched her before he picked up an object, he slightly smiled at the reaction he would surely get from her when he put it on her skin.

“You’re so beautiful Mae.” He said softly.

Mae smiles softly and waits patiently not knowing that he had grabbed something. She had full trust that he was going to be gentle. He laid the feather on her skin, sliding it softly up her tummy and twirling it around her left nipple.

Mae blushed, shivering slightly, as she bit her lip, “W-What is that!”

“Guess sweet child.” he said as he continued to move the feather amongst her skin.

He clicked his tongue and the dragon moved down to her pussy once more, slowly but surely.

“I don’t know.” She answers panting.

She hadn’t felt the dragon move, too focused on the item he was dragging along her skin.

“Is it a feather?” She asks softly.

“Yes, you are right.” he said and clicked his tongue once more, and two dragons started to lick her pussy though this time the tongues started to go inside of her.

While the red one attached it’s mouth to her tongue, sucking and pulling on it. Mae moans as she closes her eyes behind the blindfold. She was confused on why there was a dragon on her tongue. She moaned louder when she felt the other dragons in her.

“Not there,” he scorned the red on, and the red one moved away not looking at his master.

“They can get a little excited…” he grinned at her expression, “I’m sure you would rather have my mouth on you then his.”

“He didn’t know it okay!” she said, as she laid there and moan, “Don’t get mad at him!”

Drayce leaned down and slipped his tongue into her mouth, slowly stroking his own with hers.

The red dragon moved back down to her clit, attaching his lips to her clit sucking on it gently, gradually increasing over time.

Mae continues to moan in his mouth as she felt the dragons continue to pleasure her. She forgot her hands were cuffed, and tried to reach for him. Pulling away, he licked her cheek, sucking on the spot gently.

“Do you think you’re ready for me Mae?” he questioned, wanting nothing more to feel her warmth.

“Yes.” She moans out, her eyes still closed underneath the blindfold.

Clicking his tongue the dragons that were eating her out moved away as he lined himself at her opening. He leaned down and kissed her before he started pushing inside of her.

Mae gasps softly and kisses back feeling him stretch her out. She made fists with her hands, as Drayce continued to push inside of her..

Drayce wanted nothing more than to enter her harshly, but he knew she needed gentle right now. He continued to slowly enter her, the red dragon still suckling on her clit, mewling against it.

Mae gasps softly and felt an orgasm approaching again, moaning more. Once Drayce was fully in, he slowly pulled back and started to begin thrusting slightly faster.

“There’s still a dragon,” she whispers, panting softly.

“I know beautiful.” he said as he kissed her neck and continued to slide in and out of her.

“They do enjoy pleasing you as well, the others might join in as well if you wish.” he groaned after saying that, as he continued to pump in and out of her at a faster pace.

“T-they can if they want just not all of them at once.” She pants and moans out softly, as her eyes roll back in complete pleasure.

Once hearing the approval, the dragons slowly began to move towards her. Three began to lick on her breast as the other two licked around her stomach, biting her softly leaving love marks behind. The others watched them as they hovered above the bed.

Drayce continued to increase his pace inside of her watching Mae’s face, enjoying the pleasure that filled it. Mae continues to moan and felt an orgasm starting to build up once more.

“Please go faster!” She gasped and moaned loudly.

“Your wish is my command.” he went faster and faster, the headboard now smacking against the wall as he could feel his climax began to climb.

The red dragon that was attached to her clit began to suck even harsher feeling Mae’s orgasm began to become closer. Mae squeals and moans loudly as she came hard around Drayce. She was starting to see stars under the blindfold, her body shaking, not believing the pleasure she was feeling.

Drayce came immediately after, shouting her name as he collapsed on top of her, making sure he didn’t crush her. Drayce closed his eyes and attempted to catch his breath, holding himself up on his elbows so he didn’t fall on Mae.

The dragons mewled as they all came down towards her pussy and began to lick up her juices. All pulling and tugging, licking up as much as they could.

Drayce chuckled as he opened his eyes and looked at the mini dragons that were now covering her pussy and sucking as much as they could out of her.

Mae gasped and let out a soft whine, “Are they almost done? I’m really sensitive down there!”

“Sssh they’re almost done love,” he said as he kissed her lips, and took off the blindfold, “You just taste very sweet to them.”

Mae nods and watches him, before she giggles softly, “you still owe me your name.”

He clicked his tongue and the dragons finally left her pussy alone, whining having to part ways with it for now.

“Drayce, Drayce Marino, at your arrival beautiful.”

Mae’s eyes widen, gasping softly, “You're the king of dragons!”

He kissed her lips softly, biting it before suckling on her tongue. Mae kisses back moaning into his mouth blushing.

Pulling back he stared at her, before speaking, “and you are my mate, destined to be my queen.”

Mae nods smiling softly, “Okay.”

She then curls into his chest as best as she could with the cuffs on still, “Can you undo the cuffs please?”

He nodded his head before leaning forward to unlock them. He then grabbed her wrists and rubbed them softly, kissing them both gently.

Mae giggles softly and looks at the little dragons, “Do they do anything besides sexual activities?”

“Of course, but they do have their preference.” he winked at her as he kissed her cheek, pulling her into his lap.

Mae giggles and rolls her eyes softly. She then snuggles close to his chest and held him tightly.

“I’m so glad I found you.” he whispered into her ear as he gently slid his fingers along her soft skin.

“I never thought that I was going to get a mate,” she whispers and looks at him, as if she had just remembered something, “Oh god! My sister! She’s downstairs!”

He sighed but begrudgingly let her go but not before giving her yet another kiss.

“I’ll just go and tell her I found my mate and I’m heading home with him,” She whispers and looks up at him.

He nodded his head watching her next movements.

Mae stood up going towards the door before realizing she was still naked, and turned back towards him, “I have no cut them off.”

“Well that’s a problem indeed.” he chuckles as he so didn’t want to put clothes on her but knew he didn’t want anyone else looking at her body.

“Just give me one of your shirts,” she says and watches him, “I’m not walking out there with nothing on.”

“Fineeee.” he said as he extended the e at the end.

Walking over to his closet, he pulled out a long sleeve shirt and handed it to her.

“I’ll be right back,” she said and slips it on before running downstairs, finding her sister letting her know before going back upstairs and walks back to him, “See I’m back!”

He smiled, pulling her close to him, “I can’t wait to bring you home beautiful.”

Mae giggles and held him tightly to her, “I still can’t believe you’re here..”

“Well believe it because I’m not going anywhere without you ever again.” he said as he kissed her lips, not getting enough of her taste.

Mae kissed back and held him tightly, smiling and blushing madly. Pulling away, he kissed her cheek.

“Let’s go to my home, do you need anything from yours?” he questioned.

“Just clothes but yours are comfy soo I’m good.” she says and smiles at him.

He nodded, before picking up his phone, talking to Dorian to get a teleportation ready for him and his queen. Mae started petting the dragons and made friends with the little red one. The red dragon purred underneath her touch, licking softly at the skin.

“You really like me don’t you.” she giggles and continues to pet him.

“I’m sure they all like you, love you even,” he said as he petted the other who curled themselves around a part of his limb, “we should be leaving soon so we can just chill here for a bit.”

“He really likes me though,” she says and looks at him, “Probably just as much as you do.”

“I mean he did just become best friends with your clit so I would see why,” he grinned, now playing with her hair, “I don’t think so.”

“Shut up!” she says and lightly pushes him, continuing to pet the little red dragon, “He’s like a puppy.”

“But in dragon form?” he questioned, laughing at the comparison.

“Yes! But in dragon form.” she says and held the dragon looking up at him.

The red dragon leaned forward and licked her lips softly, before leaning back and basically grinning.

“His name is Rue.”

“He’s adorable,” she giggles and shakes her head at him, “You’re so silly Rue!”

The other dragons surrounding them, growing before blowing out fire at Rue, upset that he was being held by her. Rue basked underneath the attention of his master’s mate. Mae looks at Drayce for help. She looks at the other little dragons. She placed Rue on her lap and reached out to the little blue one.

“They can become rather needy for attention, I would say don’t pay them much attention. As long as they’re not trying to kill each other we should be fine.” he said as the ones wrapped around him, mewled softly.

Rue curled into her lap. The blue dragon blew blue fire from his mouth into the air, after leaning forward and giving her cheek a soft lick.

“But I want to get to know all of them.” She pouts and looks at him.

She loved animals and basically these little dragons were animals.

“Well if you insist, just pick up one and I’ll give you their names. That one in your hands is Ant.”

Mae picks up a cute green one and looks at Drayce with a giant smile.

“That one is Clover,” he leaned forward and scratched the mewling dragon, “this one is my newest one, he’s still quite young.”

“You can tell!” she nods and sets him down as well, “How many do you have?”

Drayce nodded his head, “I can always tell how old they are, they are apart of me and I have 15 of them.”

“Who’s the oldest?” She asks picking up a lavender colored one.

“Rue most definitely is the oldest which is why he took the initiative,” he said rubbing his fingers over rue’s head, “her name is Chi.”

Mae giggles and nods, as she looks around picking up a beige one.

“Her name is Coco.”

Mae nods and picks up a teal one, petting it.

“His name is Rex.”

“Did you name them?” she giggles asking, picking up the silver one.

“It’s not that I name them, I just kinda know when they come,” he kissed the dragon’s, who was wrapped around his hand, head, “That one is Charlie.”

Mae nods, looking down, seeing Rue was missing and then felt something under the shirt, “Rue!”

She then grabs an apricot colored one, grumbing.

Drayce chuckled before saying, “Ace.”

Rue licked at her skin, biting it softly. Mae grumbles and picks up a pink one, who was curled up with a white one and black one.

“The pink one is Apollo, the black one is Baxter, and the white one is Bailey.”

Mae nods and counts to herself, she then picks up the purple and brown ones giggling, “They’re all loving the attention.”

“I mean you are my mate and they are apart of me, they’re little me’s” he said kissing her head.

“That’s Beau,” he said pointing to the brown one, “and that’s Bella,” pointing to the purple one.

“Okay!” she giggles nodding, she then picked up the last two which were the yellow and orange ones.

“That’s Daisy,” he pointed to the yellow one, who barely had her eyes open making sucking noises.

“And that’s Tiger.” he said pointing to the orange one who was nuzzling into her hand.

Mae nods and slipped her shirt off to glare at Rue, “Hey mister did I say you can do that?”

Rue was suckling on her right nipple before she pulled her shirt off, once she did, he pulled away making a popping sound. Mae looks at him with a soft glare and then leans back into Drayce.

“Why did they get tight earlier? Like when they were on me out in the other room. They got really tight around my arms.”

Drayce looked at the dragons who were now flying around them.

“Well they got a little over excited and they were placing their marks on you to warn other dragons that you’re already taken.”

“Ahh,” she nods and lays with him.

He nodded his head, as he himself moved a bit so she could be more secure against his body. His eyes wondering her bare body now. The assortment of dragons slowly took up space on her body, once again licking her.

Mae looks down at them, then up at him, “Why are they always licking?”

“Well since we first met, it’s only natural for them to want to soak up the taste of your skin and put their own scent onto you. Plus you taste really good to them.”

Mae nods and watches them, her legs out in front of her and close together. Drayce laughed at gestures and faces the dragons made at it.

“I don’t think they enjoy that very much.” he said listening to them whining at not being able to get between her thighs towards her core.

“Fine.” she says and opens her legs a bit.

“I’m sure they’ll be gentle love.” he said as he watched Apollo, Coco, and Chi began to work their way towards her center. Licking up her thighs, before finally reaching her core. Coco immediately started to lick at her clit while Apollo and Chi both began to suckle on a fold each.

Mae moans gently and leans against Drayce, trying to close her legs out of instinct. Drayce used his legs to keep hers open as he connected their lips together. He enjoyed hearing her moans, though he enjoyed kissing her even more. Mae kissed back and held his arms gently, blushing madly.

“I won’t survive if they keep doing this,” she moans.

Chuckling against her lips, he leans back to look at her, “Who doesn’t enjoy orgasms love, you’ll most definitely have many of those.”

The three continued to lick and tug on what they could, as Rex and Ace came behind and slowly began to insert their tongue inside of her.

“It’s just a lot and they all like to help!” she moans loudly, when she felt Rex and Ace join.

“Well that’s what they do love.” he said in a devious tone.

He enjoyed her being at the mercy of pleasure as he listened to her sweet moans.

“Would you rather have them or me inside of you, and I promise you they are much easier to handle than me.” he whispered into her ear, biting it softly.

“Them.” she mumbles and looks up at him, moaning softly.

“Smart choice beautiful, through just you wait till we get back home.” he smiled at her, kissing her lips softly before leaning back and watching the dragons continue torturing her.

Rex and Ace had picked up their speed as their tongues went in and out of her, on top of simulations that Coco was applying to her clit. Mae moans louder and held him tighter. She hadn’t really processed what he said and soon came hard from the dragons.

The dragons once more all proceeded to go towards her core and licked her clean. Coco to her dissatisfaction had to part ways with Mae’s clit. The other dragons couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste that mae had to offer once she came.

“Horny little creatures,” she mumbles and curls up with Drayce, “What’s home like?”

“Only for you my queen, remember that,” he said as he pulled her close to him, clicking his tongue at the dragons who were now laying around them mewling contently, “It’s amazing, you’re never alone, always surrounded by those who love you. Plus all the food you can eat.”

Mae giggles and nods smiling brightly up at him, curling into his chest and listening to his heartbeat.

“It sounds amazing,” she says and slowly fell asleep against him.

Drayce watched her fall asleep before picking her up and proceeding to leave the room. The dragons flying behind him as Dorian came into view.

“Looks like you tired her out.”

Drayce shook his head, gesturing with his head towards the mini dragons, “wasn’t me, it was them.”

Mae snuggles closer to his chest, holding him tightly. She was smaller than him by a lot so she knew that she was pretty much covered since she didn’t have any clothes on. Drayce didn’t really mind her being naked seeing as she was so tiny and no other dragon would dare look at her already smelling his scent on her.

“We’re here sire.” Dorian commented.

Mae felt a dragon curled up with her and smiled softly in her sleep.

“I’ll be in our room getting her adjusted to things, take care of the ceremony.” Drayce didn’t wait for an answer as he took his sleeping queen towards his quarters.

Mae was still asleep and enjoyed his warmth as she cuddled into his chest. Even though he was warm, she was still getting cold. Once in their room, Drayce places her underneath the thick comforter and walked towards the shower. Mae slept sounding and snored as she cuddled into the bed.

Drayce began his shower, half the mini dragons joining him to enjoy the warm water as well. Drayce pulled Baxter who was wrapped around his dick off and places him next to the others. He didn’t understand why this certain dragon held an attachment to his member.

Mae slowly woke up while he was still in the shower, and saw Rue staring at her, “Hi buddy.”

She stretches and went to find the closet before finding it and grabbing a shirt. Rue purred at her before laying back down and watching her movements. Drayce was oblivious to the fact that Mae was up as he continued to wash his body and think about the ceremony that would be taking place.

Mae goes and sits back down on the giant bed waiting for Drayce to get out of the shower, wrapping herself into a blanket.

While drayce was rinsing off his body, the dragons in the shower with him flew over to his skin and started licking him as well.

“Not this again guys,” he complained as they attached themselves all around his body, as Baxter started licking his member once more.

Mae was petting Rue as she waited for him to finish his shower. Drayce was finally able to get the dragons off as he turned the shower off. Mae heard the shower go off and perked up. Drayce grabbed a towel and padded out of the room, walking towards the closet.

“Are you okay?” she giggles as he looked flustered.

“Yeah, just getting some clothes.” he called out as he grabbed some boxers and sweats.

“You looked flustered Dray.” She giggles and stood up on the bed.

“Baxter loves to attach himself to my dick.” Drayce laughed as he walked over to her, sitting beside her. Mae plopped down and looked up at him.

“He’s a little weirdo!” She giggles and snuggles into his side.

“Yeah he is, but they all are a little weird. You’ll learn.” Drayce brought her closer to him, kissing the side of her forehead.

Mae snuggles closer smiling brightly, “Should I know anything else about dragons.”

“It’s a surprise sweetheart.” he said as he pulled the covers over them.

“Okay.” she nods and looks up at him and smiles brightly.

“I’m tired.” he said as he yawned and pulled her down close to him, sliding a hand underneath her shirt and laying it on her chest.

Mae looks at him and takes his hand out of her shirt, “No. I move too much for that to be there.”

Drayce growled softly too tired to argue.

“I don’t feel that comfortable to have you leave your hand there. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Okay lover.” he said now with his eyes closed.

Mae smiles and snuggles close to him, closing her eyes. It didn’t take long for drayce to fall asleep, the mini dragons cuddling on each side of them in bundles. Mae fell asleep right after him and soon ended up with her back against his chest. Drayce’s arms were wrapped around her as he curled around her. Mae snuggles close to him snoring softly and cuddling.

A smile on both of their faces. Both received something neither thought they would get.

Mae received someone who loves her with everything in them.

And Drayce received a queen, he has been praying for, since he turned of age.

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