Valkyrie II: Darkness Rising

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Tomorrow the rescue mission would begin. A journey into the unknown, over six hundred miles between Rihmsjalier and Ghost Mountain. It would be a long trek, but it was far from Gil’s mind as the festivities ran on into the darker hours of night. He had pulled his wives away, covering them in kisses as they stole back to their room.
As Gil pulled the door closed behind him leaving his Elven guards at their post, his wives climbed onto the bed, their lips together and masking the giggles they let out. It was different now, connected in a way he couldn’t quite describe, but he could feel it deep down; oh, how he could feel it. In his hair, in his toes. His need for them was overpowering his senses and they damn well knew it as they danced on the bed before him.
“If I’m dreaming, may I never wakeup.” He mused as Mist and Sif put out their hands for him, beckoning him to join them.
He smiled wide, pulling off his shoes and then his belt. Mist ran her fingers through Sif’s hair, loosening the braid she always wore and letting those golden locks fall in waves down her back. Sif in response did the same, unleashing waves of dark-chocolate locks to fall across Mist’s chest.
They eyed Gil, and he eyed them, undressing piece by sinful piece and caressing each other as though it were the first time, they had explored each curve of breast or line of flesh. “Should we make him watch for a while?” Sif cooed as Mist kissed her neck “We have not had an audience in a long while, have we?”
“Not since Machiavelli.” Mist grinned and Gil raised an eyebrow.
“You knew Machiavelli?”
They nodded as Mist slid Sif’s gown, down around her waist, exposing her perfect teacup-sized breasts.
“Did he survive?” Gil groaned in delight.
“Barely…” Sif let out a little moan of her own as Mist flicked her nipple with her tongue.
Gil could feel the tightness in his pants and was surprised by it, he pulled the waistband back and inspected his hardened cock.
“Well, fuck me silly. Apparently, my ears and face aren’t the only thing that got a makeover.” He nodded to the bulging package between his legs.
Mist and Sif turned their heads at his statement, his cockeyed smile drawing their curiosity away from each other. They slinked from the bed, crawling to him. Each grabbed firmly at a leg of his pants, pulling them down to his feet and leaned back on their heels to admire the view.
“Wow.” They giggled together.
Mist bit her tongue, and Sif sat back staring. “That is just…” She looked up. “Oh, you are so not sleeping tonight.”
Mist stood up, taking his shirt with her as she sighed. “You were beautiful as a Human, but as a Valkyrie…” She hissed, “You, are, stunning.”
Gil hadn’t really looked at himself in a mirror since the ascension. He was, after all, a male. A splash of water on the face and something clean to wear, and it was out the door. Sure, he’d kept himself in shape, but looking at what he was now, shape was a new word altogether.
“Yes, there is a God, and he loves me, a lot.” Gil smiled.
He was leaner, his abs were tighter than a twenty year old’s and he felt like he could take on the world with the cock that swung from his small nest of brown curls.
He grabbed Mist by the waist and swung her up into his arms, slamming her down onto the bed. She laughed at his show of power, then melted as his kisses started.
“Sif, you better get up here, or I’m coming for you next!” He shouted as he pulled the ties from Mist’s robe, feeling Sif do as she was told and climb up onto the bed beside them.
Sif stood on the edge of the bed and shimmied the rest of the way out of her dress, nipping at her bottom lip as she watched Gil’s hand caress Mist’s thigh. She sank down beside him, nipping at his chest and he let out a moan as she tightened up around him, flipping him to his back. No sooner had his shoulders hit the sheets than did Sif slide a leg on to either side of his head, settling on his face.
She was already slick as he suckled at her sweet folds. She pulled herself towards Mist, kissing her softly and moaning into those plump lips. With an agile tongue working all sorts of magic below, it didn’t take long before Sif felt the intense surge of her orgasm building. Rocking back and forth atop his lip, with the same fervor that Mist released, sliding up and down on his cock. Little yips and whimpers fell from them both, vibrating in spasms as they clung to the sheets.
Gill could feel something in the pit of his stomach, something new. The pressure was building at an alarming rate and seemed as if it would explode. He’d had orgasms before, but not like this. His skin was hot to the touch and covered in a thin film of sweat as the blood raged through his veins like liquid silver. His wives began to shudder, throwing their heads back as the waves rolled over them. His toes curled and his back arched up, lifting the trio damn near right off of the bed. The entire room began to fill with bright light and the whole world fell silent; not even the beating of their hearts could be heard.
Locked in this moment, lost in the essence of his females, both beautiful and bold, there was no way to explain, it just felt so incredibly right….


“Do you hear that?” Allyson whispered to her twin sister, Alisa. They had been assigned as Gil’s guards and stood outside his bedroom door.
They were a comical pair, though they took their duties a little too seriously at times. Alisa was a touch on the quieter side, keeping to herself best she could, while Allyson just couldn’t help herself, finding the scenarios unfolding behind closed doors, most entertaining. She had to know what was happening, at all times; if only to ensure the safety of those she protected, or so she claimed.
Alisa often rolled her eyes and shook her head when Allyson’s interests started peaking, but more often than not she found herself right by her twin’s side. Tonight, was one of those nights and Allyson was already peering in through the keyhole.
“Allyson, stop. If you get caught peeping again, we will both in trouble.” Alisa insisted, shifting her position yet again as she loosened her collar.
It was hard enough to stand on guard and listen to the usual hustle and bustle in each room, but the last few hours had been filled with sinful moans and muffled whimpers. Even Alisa couldn’t deny what was happening in Gil’s room.
“Do not lie, you are feeling it too.” Allyson groaned as she pulled down her top and squeezed her thighs together.
“What are you doing?” Alisa gasped, as silently as she could.
She knew fine well that her sister felt the sudden squish that accompanied the waves escaping the room, for she felt it too. Not only was she incredibly aroused, but she had to admit that she was wetter than the fields after a freak thunder storm. This was bad, they were on duty.
“Admit it…” Alisa whimpered. “You can feel the madness.”
“I was hoping it would pass.” Alisa frowned as she looked down at the floor and from under the door, emanated a soft white glow. “Are you seeing that?” She nudged Allyson who was trying desperately not to make too much noise as she pressed her cheek to the door, hoping to get a better view.
“And you said I was the wicked one.” Allyson grinned and nodded to her sister’s nether regions.
“Huh?” She pulled her hands form her leggings and reached for her sword as a cry let out inside Gil’s room. “What was that?” Alisa jumped, bumping into the table and knocking the vase to the floor.
She winced as it neared the stone beneath her feet, but the loud smash was muffled by yet another wail from inside the room. The twins swung the door open wide and ran inside Lord Gil’s room, finding themselves wrapped in a thick mist and staring at three writhing bodies amidst sheets of silky whiteness.
“What is..?” Alisa asked, watching as Sif pulled herself up from the bed, completely nude and glistening with sweat. “Oh my…”
Sif smiled wide and flicked her wrist, and the doors swung closed. The Elven twins were now locked inside with them.
“Come here, sweet beauties.” Sif’s voice sang out like a symphony as she approached.
Allyson was in her arms in a heartbeat, Kissing Sif passionately as the female’s hands worked feverishly to disarm and disrobe the young Elf. It was all happening so fast, the moans and the whimpers, the cries of ecstasy emanating from her sister sending shudders all throughout her body. In the blink of an eye, Allyson was completely nude and being handed off to Mist at the foot of the bed; and then Sif was standing before Alisa with the most seductive smile on her face.
“Come, I can smell the lust dripping between those thighs of yours.” She held out her hand. “Have a bit of fun with us.”
“No, I could not…” Alisa muttered, but one look at her sister, who now lay enthralled in the arms of not only Mist, but Gil as well…
“Of course you can. It is our wedding night and we would like to share it with you.” Sif replied, her hand drawing closer as her fingers swirled.
With each twist the ties on Alisa’s armor let loose, with every turn, the heavy chain mail slipped a little further off her shoulders. Who was she to deny a bride on her wedding night? Especially a bride as beautiful as Sif?
“Be careful what you wish for.” Gil smiled, propping himself up on one arm. “You did say you wanted a turn.” He grinned wildly and returned his lips to Allyson’s bare nipples.
Alisa’s mind went back to the night a few weeks prior, when she and Allyson had lingered in the halls of Almaren, listening to them frolic beneath the sheets. They had been invited in then, but it hadn’t been as exciting as this…
“Come, let me show you something.” Sif giggled and pulled Alisa closer, kissing her tenderly.
Right then and there she turned to putty in the female’s most experienced hands.


“What the hell was that?” Khor shuddered, rising from his chair to pace about the room.
“You mean, you don’t know a bond session when you see one?” Tisiphone laughed. “I thought it was quite, delightful.”
“Your aunt and uncle just had a five-some, and you thought it was delightful?” Khor shook his head.
“Have you ever had one?”
“One what?” He grumbled, pulling his flask from his pocket.
“A five-some?”
“Uh, no!” He replied sharply. “Have you?”
“Not yet, but it is on my list of things to do.” She smiled as lay back in her bed.
“Okay, just to clarify, I am your brother, and I’m like obligated to beat your lovers senseless.” He groaned. “You know that, right?”
“Only when they break my heart.”
“No, I like the, attack first so there’s no heartbreak later, approach. That way, I don’t have to find the bastard once he’s gone on the run. It’s just a ‘Hey, I’m a loser!’ and I’d be like, ‘Hey, loser, that’s my sister.’ Then bam, lights out! How’s that for delightful?”
“You’re such a brute.” Tisiphone rolled her eyes. “Do you kiss Lithia with that mouth?”
“That is none of your business.” He replied, replacing the cap on his flask and returning it to his pocket.
“She is lovely, in a dark sort of way.”
“I like the dark.” He muttered and made for the fire to warm him hands, and give himself a reason to turn his back to her.
“We know.” She sighed, rising from the bed. “You know what I like?”
“Will it scar me for life?” He replied, still staring at the fire.
“Hardly, unless I throw one at you!” She laughed, tossing a book at his feet. “I like reading.”
“You, like reading?” He laughed and eyed the book. “Oh, for fucks sake, Tisiphone, really?” He rolled his eyes and kicked the book, A Thousand and One Ways to Please Yourself, written and illustrated by Lady Amorhan, back in her direction.
“It is most, rewarding, come chapter four.” She grinned, picking the book up and returning it to her private collection, hidden in the mists.
“I know how to find pleasure.” He growled and made for the door.
“Yes, really!” He shouted, pulling the door open with such force he nearly broke the hinges. “Fuck, why do you have to be so…”
“Helpful?” She piped in.
“Infuriating.” He shook his head and left the room.
If that was infuriating, then she’d hate to see what he thought of annoying. That male, as rough and tough as he was, he needed to fuck, and bad. She could see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. He was aggressive and emotional, did Lithia know his time was nearing?
Whoa, now wait just a damn minute, how did Tisiphone know he was nearing his need? That sent shivers down her spine, and not in a good way. He was her brother, sexual frustrated and humming like a lit fuse waiting to go off… No, he was her brother, she shouldn’t know things like that. What was she doing? Had her uncle’s story really gotten to her?
Before she knew it, her hands were dipping and hoisting the nightgown she wore, up about her hips. Her fingers danced across her lower belly and then brushed against her moistened folds…
“Oh Gods…” She whimpered as the rolling waves of tingles and shudders hit her again and again.
She’d barely touched that precious little node that delivered such pleasure, and yet her body was quivering like a leaf in the wind, so close to being set free…

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