Valkyrie II: Darkness Rising

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Gil lay in bed unable to sleep. He listened to the gentle breathing of Mist and Sif who were nestled beside him. He climbed out of the bed and made his way down the stairs quietly, only to find he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep.
“Hello, Gil.” She whispered with a diminutive smile as she fidgeted with the braids in her long, silver-white hair. “I am sorry if I woke you.” She added with a smile and Gil remembered her face as one of the females who’d escaped the mines.
“Why are you up so late, Shadow?” He questioned, walking over to her chair; and hoping he’d remembered her name right.
“I am sorry. I…” She paused. “I had a bad dream. Then I could not go back to sleep.” She pulled her legs up under herself, eyeing the great mantle of the fireplace beside her. “I come here now, for it reminds me of the big campfires we would sit around for warmth.”
He sat in a chair across from her. “I’d have nightmares sleeping in this old place, too.” He added and the female giggled. “I’m glad to see you can still do that.”
“What?” She questioned her eyes open wide at him.
“Laugh.” He teased. “It’s good to laugh.”
She nodded. “Even in the caves there were times of joy. Times we would sit before the fire and laugh and sing. We made due with what we could, but then they would come.” She wrapped her arms around herself protectively, slowly rocking back and forth as her eyes lost their luster.
Gil made a motion toward her and she flinched; which left a scowl on his face and a shock in his heart. “I’d never reach out to hurt you, Shadow.” He assured her, pushing a long tendril of hair from her face; though in the back of his mind he fought against the memory of Hippolyte.
He had reached out for that very purpose, to strike at his foe and remind them of his might. He had done so with great force, and against a female no less. That alone was grounds for a beating and every night he thanked the stars above that no God had set forth to strike him down for his actions. He regretted it, immensely, and only hoped Hippolyte knew how badly he’d stung himself in the process.
She must have seen his distress and took his hand in hers, kissing the knuckles and palm tenderly, before cradling them to her warm cheek. “I have a lot to get used to, for I have never known so many touches in kind.” She looked into his dark eyes, and he could see hope as she leaned toward him, her lips pursed for a kiss.
He grasped her hands softly easing her back. “You don’t owe me anything.”
“I know.” She smiled. “But I feel like I want to do this for you, and it is for me too.”
Gil looked up at the place where his wives were sleeping to find them both, standing, watching the moment with smiled on their faces.
‘What do I do?’ His mind reached out to theirs, so lost as he was, with this young female beside him; rescued only yesterday from the heathens beyond the gate.
‘Be patient and gentle.’ Sif smiled.
‘Love her.’ They answered together before disappearing back into the darkness. ‘Make her feel loved.’ Their voices dissipated in his mind and he looked back to the female named Shadow.
She in turn put her head down and those beautiful eyes had closed. “They are angry for what I have done?” She sighed, ashamed of her actions so forward. “I should have rightfully assumed you belonged to them and therefor were…” She stopped, unable to look his way. “I will go now…”
“Please, don’t go. I can assure you; they are the farthest from angry that one can be.” He took her face in his hands and lifted her eyes to his own. “They approve of this, I swear it.” He felt compelled to hold her closer, the scent of her skin invading his senses, driving him wild with need.
A smile crossed her face and she kissed him hard, hitting him with a torrent of mixed emotions. From fear to sinful contentment, Shadow was a flurry of spirit and her hands began wandering everywhere. Quickly she was down on all fours and lifting his tunic, pulling at his pants. He wanted to stop her, for fear this was going further than his wives would allow, but their voices were once again in his mind. ‘Love her!’
“Easy.” Gil laughed, only to be silenced as she pushed him back forcefully, no longer the helpless young woman he had found whimpering in a chair.
For such a tiny thing, she was very strong; determined to have her way with him right then and there before the fire. He could not have this, not here, not with anyone able to walk through those doors and find him, like this.
“A bed! We need a bed.” He mumbled, her lips crossing down over his chest as she worked at his trousers.
“We do not need a bed.” She giggled, though her eyes wandered to a door across the den and he picked her up with one arm and threw her over his shoulder.
“Oh, yes we do.” He growled, the blood pumping hard as she slid her hands beneath his trousers and massaged his rear cheeks.
The door wouldn’t open fast enough, the handle somewhat stuck as he tried to force it open, his balls in her hands as he groaned against the wall.
“Bloody hell!” He let out as she bit his left cheek hard and with a thud, he managed to open the thing and found the maid’s quarters rather void of life.
“Now?” Shadow whimpered, her hands cupping his family jewels as he lay her on the bed.
“You sure…” Was all he got out, before she was down on all fours, pulling his pants off of him as he backed up the bed.
She had his hardening cock in hand once again, giggling as it throbbed between her fingers and biting on her lip slightly as she bent down to kiss the tip. She pressed the flat of her tongue against him and took it into her mouth; sucking him deep down her throat as that tongue of hers danced up and down his shaft.
Gil swallowed hard, with her own arousal mounting even before his own, she shuddered against his cock and he felt the ripples of her heat coming off of her as she pulled away. He was helpless, flat out on his back as she straddled him; though he faced her tight little bottom and with a wiggle, her lips went back to work. She reached down with one hand between her legs and started to rub herself through the silken panties she wore, writhing as he reached up and pulled them to one side so he could taste her.
They tore away easily enough, and he pulled her, sliding his tongue between the soft folds. She shuddered and pulled away, moaning atop his shaft.
“You okay?” He asked, concerned for a moment.
“Yeah.” She nodded through her panting. “You surprised me.” She giggled, pushing back into him without another word.
He smiled obligingly, and grabbing her by the hips, he buried his face in her sweet, warm sex. She tightened up, and pulled her head back, his kiss unleashing another wave, almost instantly.
Gil’s eyes popped as his entire body was filled with a sudden and intense heat. His heart raced as if he were in a firefight with only one round left in his magazine, and a dozen troops ahead of him. His toes curled and he grabbed on to Shadow’s hips with white knuckles. It seemed as if the sensations would never end, wave after wave, hitting him again and again.
The room began to glow with a deep red light and he growled. ‘Holy Shit.’
Shadow lay against him, panting hard, her heart slamming off the walls in her chest against his legs. Powerful. Seductive.
“Wow.” He whispered. “That was…” He tried to catch his breath. “That was just… wow.”
Shadow looked up at him, catching her breath as she lifted her dress revealing her ebony breasts with a grin. She pulled herself up his length as he was still very hard and eased down on to him before he could protest. It was clear to him, she was far from done and Gil’s eyes went wide as he made the connection in his head. ‘Another cherry, broken by me. Should I be worried, or proud?’
‘Be proud, husband.’ Mist’s voice moaned, as if she too were enjoying the moment.
‘It is not every day you gain a maidenhead, such as hers.’ Sif cooed, and he was left imagining how they might look, all alone in their chambers above.
‘What are you two up to?’ He moaned, Shadow’s sex so slick and inviting and the images of his own wives in various sinful positions came to view.
‘About four fingers.’
Mist whimpered, and he watched as Sif slid inside her beloved’s loins.
Gil moaned at the thought of what his wives were doing to each other without him; and when Shadow realized Gil’s mind was not with her, she rocked her tight little body harder, caressing his nipples with her tongue. He body ricocheted with pleasure, once again leaving him breathless and in Shadow’s complete control.
“Did that catch my Valkyrie’s attention? She smiled, kissing him softly on the belly.
“It sure did.” He grinned, flipping her on to her back. “But I am in need, of more…” He added, massaging her cheeks as she’d done to him.
Mist and Sif had planned this all, and he was going to enjoy the lull before the storm. “That’s right, show me that bottom!”


“You need to contact Navina. She will tell you of Tisiphone and the condition she is in.” Markhon assured Ashe, though he was sure himself, that she wasn’t listening to anything he said.
No, she who sat on the Ghost Throne was indeed enthralled in other news and for the life of him, Markhon couldn’t get her to speak a word of it. Could it be that she’d been overruled by Skuld? Or that she held a grudge against Loki and had wished to see him suffer more? What about her daughter? Could she really be Loki’s?
Thousands of questions filled his mind but Markhon tried to focus on the matter at hand. Tisiphone needed to find her mother, they all did, and the only way to do that was to find the Shak’Morikai; if they even still existed. And all of this, had to be done without alerting both Lord Nyx or Lady Euphamia; simple, right? Wrong! Had they been here, there would have been no need for Loki to almost drown, or for Markhon to be sitting at this table with the most flavorless food he’d ever tasted, talking to a fucking wall.
“Do you ever shut up?” Ashe groaned and lay her head in her arms before him.
“I’m sorry if my thinking disturbs you, but this is your keep, you could have the guard throw me in a cell again.” Markhon laughed, anything, to keep the boring silence at bay.
“Yes, my keep, and yet none have visited it for many years, claiming it harbors too many harsh memories to ever bear.” She grumbled, but did not raise her head. “It was forgotten, as was I.”
“And yet here I am, trying to make conversation while we wait for Loki and Skuld to return, and you sit in silence, as if you covet the seclusion.”
“I was once like you, so full of life…”
“What happened?” Markhon inquired, drawing closer across the table top.
“Marena happened.” Ashe growled. “She posed as Malice and destroyed my whole family. If it were not for….” Her words drew quiet. “…Loki…”
“So, he did help you?”
“If you can call it help. They ignored me, him and Malice both, until one day when we…” She stopped again. “…he said he wanted to see me free of that place, that he would take me somewhere safe. I came to love him, and then he left me with the other Valkyrie; and outcast among my own people.”
“You soon reclaimed your throne.” Markhon reminded her.
“Yes, but not until many years later, and we have been forgotten ever since.” She sighed as a door opened and a message was delivered by one of her guards.
“It would seem we are to have guests.” Ashe smiled, looking towards her guard. “See that they are welcomed properly.” She grinned and rose from the table. “You may want to be present for this, for they claim they are bringing the Lady Tisiphone with them.”
“Who is?” Markhon rose to his feet.
“One called Navina.” Ashe replied and made for the door. “Hurry up, they will be arriving shortly.”
Navina was coming here? With Tisiphone? Something had to have happened, something bad. Why else would they leave the keep without sending word? He would need to speak with Khor, right away.


The things she had witnessed, the story, in all its glory. She would never have been able to experience such detail simply reading about it. Words on a page, decorated with great descriptions, but no one could have explained the look of surprise on her uncle’s face as her aunt stood atop the stairs and bid him to enter the female. No one, could have described the whimpers she let out as he took her, the sounds her lips made as they slid up and down on his cock, or the emotions he unleashed upon her. A sweet, succulent treat before the chaos returned. Oh, how her aunt had known so well the needs of her mate, a mate that had stood by her side to this very day, unwavering in his devotion to her.
Tisiphone craved this devotion, her body shivering, aching for the touch of one so divine. She had dreamed a thousand dreams, and in not one had she found what her aunt had found in her Uncle Gil, perhaps, if she watched more of their story, she would find what she was looking for…
‘We must wait for them to reply.’ The voice filled her head, though it did not come from the vision.
‘We should have waited for Khor, I do not trust these warriors.’ She knew that voice, it was Lithia; but what was she doing inside Tisiphone’s mind?
‘We will be safe enough inside those walls. No one would dare turn her away.’ And that, sounded like Navina?
What were they doing here? Where was here? Why couldn’t Tisiphone call back to them? Try as she might, her voice was nowhere near loud enough to penetrate the field she now felt, wrapping around her like a blanket. It was warm and inviting, but she could already feel it tightening against her skin. She squirmed and she wiggled, but no amount of force would see her free. She was trapped, as if in a bubble, her body aching, and the voices now resembled whispers.
There was nothing for her to do, save let her mind wander back to the story, her flesh on fire as the images of her uncle and that female resurfaced…


The sun still hid in the darkness and it would be a few hours more before the first of its rays would rouse the people of Rihmsjalier, but Gil was wide awake, his mind in a whir as he looked down upon Shadow, nestled in beside him. ‘The girls gonna be a man eater.’ He thought to himself, a sly grin crossing his face.
She had done many things to him in the hours past, his body still shuddering beneath the sheets, but he couldn’t help but rise from the bed, placing a pillow next to the female in his place. She cuddled in quick, her eyes never opening and the sigh she let out was enough to make his cock throb for more of her.
Instead, he left the small room and Shadow, sill slumbering in the bed they’d just…. Outside the door, he backed away with his finger to his lips, causing his guards, the twin sisters Alisa and Allyson, to giggle to one another; but soon enough he realized that they were not paying any attention to him, rather to both of his wives, who were floating in midair behind him.
‘Are we going somewhere, Hmm.’ Their voices filled him my, and they too broke into giggles.
‘Well, I was going to pop ahead and see Misthaven for myself, to get the lay of the land, its defenses; the usual. I wasn’t going into the town to play.’ He grinned, knowing fine well they had been with him all throughout his sinful endeavor.
Both of his wives smiled, knowing how Gil’s mind worked. ‘You are always so impatient.’ Sif observed as she stood on the ground with Mist touching down a moment later.
‘And that, would ruin our surprise!’ Mist added.
“You have something more surprising than last night’s antics?” Gil was suspicious now; something was going on.
His wives plotted against him at least once per day. He was used to it, but it was irritating as al hell. Both females slipped their arms around his waist as they walked through the sleeping keep. They walked arm in arm for a time, passed the empty halls and darkened armory, and then down to the kitchens where the cook, Pinder Applewight, and his daughter, Til, were working like mad to get breakfast ready.
“Good morning, Valkyries.” The young girl said as she bobbed a curtsy and her father made quick to wipe away the dough from his palms before shaking Gil’s hand.
“Good morning, Lord Gil, great Ladies.” He bowed his head to Sif and Mist. “Would you care for some tea? There is quite a bite to the air this day. It is going to snow before we reach Misthaven.” He added with a cocked brow. “Do you still intend to ride?”
Gil took a look at the sky as the tea was poured. The sun was peeking over the horizon just enough to show him the cold grey expanse above him. One lone snowflake drifted past his nose as he took the cup and thanked Pinder for his efforts.
“I will have to converse with the others. We must get to Misthaven, but surely, no one wants to ride in the snow.” Gil chuckled and raised his cup to his lips. “Good tea!” He smiled, the air escaping his mouth in puffs of steam.
It wasn’t until they had crossed the courtyard that Gil turned to his females and asked the question that had been weighing on his mind. “Can we, blink, to Misthaven?”
He remembered how he felt when Mist had brought him from Earth to Vash, unsettling to say the least, but he really didn’t see a choice. Orders had been given to watch over Loki, but not approach him. Mist could not risk a battle in the middle of the city streets.
“I thought perhaps the Bifrost?” Sif countered, though Gil shook his head.
“The longer that bastard is in your city, the more damage he can do.” He sighed. “We must get there quickly.”
“Are you sure?” Mist inquired, squeezing his arm. “It is not as far as Vash was from Texas, and you are now Valkyrie, the effects should not hinder you.”
“All I can say is hold on tight to my hands, I would hate to get lost in a portal.” He chuckled and squeezed her hand back.
“Then it is settled. We will ride out to the eastern cliffs and make our way to Misthaven from there.” Mist smiled and made for the door to the main hall. “I will alert the others of our plans.”
“Has Ashe left yet?” Gil cut in.
“She and Hippolyte left while you were…” Sif was grinning from ear to ear. “...occupied.”
“They will make camp at the base of the mountain and come sundown; we should know more about Malice’s army stationed there.” Freya greeted them by the fireplace. “Lady Ashe sends her thanks for this moment.”
“It has been a long while since last her blood sat on that bloody throne.” Mist shook her head. “Let us hope that she can keep the darkness at bay, long enough for Hippolyte to steal that keystone from around Malice’s neck.; and that Loki is indeed on our side this time.”
“Come, we will see you all fitted for travel in the armory.” Freya smiled. “We cannot send you off to battle in your night clothes.” She added, bursting into laughter. “What would the people say?”


“What is taking so long?” Khor growled at the little Shoohk who scurried past his knees as he walked the halls outside Tisiphone’s room. “I asked for an update on my sister, why is no one answering me?”

He’d been for a walk, he taken a bath in the hot springs and then he’d stumbled upon a small cabin in the woods, just east of the keep. The old female there, with hair of silver and a wrinkle for every century she’d aged, was more than kind, offering him all sorts of sweets and treats to please both palette and eyes.
He had declined the taste of flesh, his mind on other matters, but he couldn’t say no to the lemon squares and shimmer wine, which he’d always claimed had helped him to focus. Sure enough, here he was, completely focused on the fact that he no longer sensed his sister and the fur-covered beasties with their prolonged sss at the end of each word; were hiding something from him.
“Where is Lithia?”
“She has gones to the villages markets for supplies.” One little mongrel snapped back. “And yous should be restings, in yours chambers.”
“What is happening in there?” Khor sneered, pointing at the door.
Again, silence; save for the roar that escaped his throat. “I will see for myself then, since you all can’t…”
“No, sirs!” The little heathen held up his hand. “You wills not enters.” With that, the bugger flicked two fingers together and Khor felt the wave knock him off his feet, launching him into the air and against the far wall.
He hit with a thud and slid to the floor like a sack of grain. There was no telling how hard he’d smacked his head but the lights were already starting to dim. He was going to feel this when he awoke; of that, he was sure.
“Fucking, Shoohk….” He groaned, his body falling limp and his eyes finally closed, but he could still hear them mumbling about him as they moved him across the floor.
“Ifs he was to finds her gones….”
What had he said? Tisiphone was gone?

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