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Jade and Chryselle are half-sisters, who have a estranged relationship due to their parents' complicated past. When their zoologist father disappeared, Chryselle, a geologist studying the sleeping volcano, Mt. Aria, used her connection to have Jade in their research team, hoping that she could provide clues about the map she found in their father's belongings, the map of a legendary kingdom, where animals could talk like humans. But does the legendary place really exist or it is just an imaginary place invented by a mad man? Jade knew that Mt. Aria and the native boy, Theo have the answer to their question. An answer that brought her to another world, where she found herself in the body of a noble lady, set to marry the cold-hearted, future king of Reino dela Tierra. Two parallel worlds, a mysterious volcano and discovering what's beyond the horizons.

Fantasy / Romance
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In a far away enchanted land called Paraiso Recuerdo, there was a peaceful and prosperous kingdom like no other. The great kingdom of Reino de los Valientes.

It was ruled by two wise and honorable kings, King Zafiro and King Almendro. The kindness and wisdom of the two kings were well respected not only by their constituents but by the other neighboring kingdoms.

They ruled the land for thousands of years, bound by the same beliefs and interest; to make the kingdom a better home for the Cielos, beautiful winged horses and the Tierrans, elegant horses with magnificent horns.

Two magical creatures, different in appearance but united in love, harmoniously living together.

Until one fateful day, the crown princess of the Cielos, Iris, disappeared without a trace. The king and his queen were beyond devastated, they seek for an answer in the old tower of hope. An oracle revealed the culprit;

King Almendro, who wanted his heir to be the sole ruler of Reino de los Valientes.

Feeling betrayed, King Zafiro plotted his revenge.

King Almendro and his two sons, the crown prince, Narciso and prince Geranio were in the fields, haunting. They were ambushed by unknown assailants, took the two princes away and left his general dead. The king, badly wounded managed to go back to the palace where King Zafiro declared war against him.

The kings who used to be sworn brothers became mortal enemies. Reino de los Valientes became a bloody war zone, families and friends were separated and the once peaceful kingdom was divided.

King Zafiro founded a new kingdom up above the sky, where Cielos could live in peace, away from the traitor Tierrans.

King Almendro was hurt by King Zafiro’s distrust and couldn’t understand why he would accuse him of stealing his daughter, tried to rise from the ashes and built his own kingdom.

The once united Reino de los Valientes became two warring kingdoms, Reino dela Tierra and Reino del Cielo.

Sometimes, King Almendro would look at the sky, remembering the memories of his friends and the peaceful kingdom they once had. He was wondering how they were doing beyond the horizon dividing the two kingdoms. Were they happy and living in peace like before?

He was hoping that one day, he and Zafiro could forgive each other and the two kingdoms will be reunited again.

Princess Azalea, king Almendro’s first daughter’s hatred towards the Cielos grew as time passed by. She was torn between her duty and love for her family. As the future queen, she wanted the Tierran’s to live in peace but as a daughter, she wanted to avenge her brothers and her family’s ruined reputation.

She plotted her own revenge and saw an opportunity when the Crown prince of Reino del Cielo, Kahel, fell in love with her.

Her plan was doomed to fail when she found herself falling in love with him.

But it was too late.

She ended up causing the demise of hundreds of Cielos and the hatred of Prince Kahel.

Prince Kahel wanted her dead.

King Almendro found out how Prince Kahel murdered his daughter and wanted to kill him with his own two hands and scatter his blood in the whole Paraiso Recuerdo as a warning that he will no longer tolerate anyone bullying his kingdom.

It was a failure, although the prince was badly wounded and lost his memory in the process.

The queen and king were devastated and the kingdom of Tierra was left without a future king or queen.

It was told by the palace physician that due to the queen’s depression, she could no longer bear a child. The queen had a premonition that her husband will die soon, asked her loyal friend, dama Margarita to be the mother of the future heir to the throne which the king reluctantly agree for the sole reason of producing an heir.

Crown Prince Tarsisus was born.

Five hundred years after, King Almendro passed away.

Due to the strict rules of the palace officials and how the king raised him when he was still alive, Crown Prince Tarsisus grew up to be a hard working prince with a brilliant mind.

But he was cold, strict and aloof.

As years passed, he was no longer bothered by the gossips surrounding him.

A replacement prince. Son of a concubine. Undeserving to be the next king.

He only lives for one purpose; to be the next king and he will do whatever the Queen mother wishes.

Even to marry a woman he doesn’t love.

Among the ladies in the kingdom, Dama Amarilis, daughter of the current Duke and army general, one of the legendary beauties of Reino dela Tierra was the perfect candidate. The palace officials and even the Queen mother thought so.

But she only lives for one purpose.

To love and be loved.

When she was young, crown prince Narciso promised that he would marry her one day.

And for thousands of years, she held on that promise.

She believed Narciso was still alive and would loyally wait for him.

For her, there’s only one true prince. Prince Narciso.

She’d rather die that marry a fake prince.

One cold evening, a few weeks before the royal banquet where the prince’s bride would be selected, she ran away from the kingdom.

In the place where she and Narciso made their promise.

A volcano, now filled with hot, red lava. The color of blood.

She told her final goodbye and jumped in the crater to face her death.

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