I Am Your Mate (Book 2 of I Am series)

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Chapter 10

Sam P.O.V

Once we got back to the house, I grabbed my phone and jumped out, of Cole’s car. Heading straight to my room. I didn’t see anyone in the house on the way, which was for the best, because I didn’t feel like talking to anyone, right now.

It isn’t anything personal, it’s just that they would ask, where Cole and I have been, and why we’re back so late.

I silently, closed my bedroom door and leaning my forehead on it, while I closed my eyes. Inhaling deeply.

Something isn’t right......there’s was a smell, a familiar smell, but not a good familiar smell. I heard the bathroom door, creak open.

Cole.” I screamed, as I quickly turned, to face the intruder. The ugly beast, lunged forward and covering my mouth.

“Shhhhh.” Brendan hushed. I growled, narrowing my eyes, and bit down hard, onto his hand, until he let go. He screamed out in pain.

I could hear Cole’s heavy footsteps, running up the stairs. “Where is your Mother?” He hissed.

“And don’t lie to me, I know she’s alive, I know you got a letter.” He growled. My canines and claws, elongated. Eyes turning red, I could see my veins darkening under my skin.

I let out an enormous growl, before the door slammed open and I tackled Brendan to the ground. I held him by the throat, snapping my canines in front of his face.

And repeatedly punching him. I unwillingly let go, after he was dragged from underneath me and thrown against the wall. I stood.

“Don’t you ever touch her again.” Cole screamed, his veins visible, eyes glowing dark red and his face full of rage.

“I will never stop, coming after you, and your mother. At least, now your Dads dead, one down and one to go.” Brendan laughed, bitterly.

“I will make your Mother, feel the pain I felt and still feel after she rejected me.” Brendan said, face turning dark and sinister.

“You will never, ever go near her again.” Cole said, menacingly. Six of the pack members strode in, carrying thick chains and handcuffs, that smelt heavily of wolfsbane.

Brendan, was lying on the floor. Staring at me, with an evil smirk. Cole took one large step, towards Brendan. Giving him one more hard punch, knocking him out cold.

He wasn’t dead though, I could hear his pulse, and smell his ragged, old wretched breath. The pack members, walked towards Brendan, tying the chains around his ankles, tightly, placing the handcuffs around his wrists.

And connecting the chains, with the handcuffs. And dragging him out of the house. Towards, who the hell knows.

Cole turned towards me, after I watched that, piece of dirt, being dragged out. And he engulfed me in a tight hug.

“I thought, he was going to take me again.” I said bluntly, all I had left was anger.

Brendan has, made me cry enough, he doesn’t deserve the tears, he doesn’t get the privilege of being the reason what scares me.

“I told you, I’m not going to let him hurt you.” He said, crushing me even tighter. “He’s gone now. He can’t escape where he’s going, he won’t get out. He doesn’t deserve to die. He deserves what’s coming, for him.” Cole said.

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