I Am Your Mate (Book 2 of I Am series)

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Chapter 12

Sam P.O.V

I seen Cole close his eyes once more, and I howled. Sending a distress call out to everyone in the pack. I heard the commotion outside stop, everyone howled back in response. And seconds later I heard footsteps running up the stairs.

I held Cole close to me, he was still in his wolf form. I cried and heard three people run into the room. I looked up with my blurred vision, due to crying, I saw Hannah, Leo and Jo. They all burst into tears and ran over to where Cole and I were.

“Doctor!” Leo screamed.

I listened to Cole’s heart, it was slowing down.

“Doctor!” Leo screamed again.

The doctor quickly ran into the room, with a black brief case. The doctor sat the brief case down, next to us and knelt down. When he opened the breif case, there was a syringe, loads of bandages and a small vile of something. I twitched my nose smelling it. Wolfsbane.

The doctor grabbed the vile and syringe out.

“What are you doing with wolfsbane?” I growled, trying to cover Cole, from the doctor trying to inject the wolfsbane.

“It will help kickstart his adrenaline. It’s like a defibrillater for werewolves, but you can’t use it unless you need to restart the heart, otherwise....well you know what happens.” The doctor explained.

I zoned in on Cole’s heart again, I couldn’t hear anything. “Cole, no, no, Cole!” I screamed, turning back to Cole. “Then hurry up and help him.” I ordered the doctor, using my Alpha voice.

The doctor pinched a bit of the skin on the back of Cole’s neck. “If it works, it should kick in, in a couple of seconds.” The doctor said.

We waited for ten seconds. Nothing.

The doctor slowly stood up, Jo broke down, into loud sobs, as she knew what the doctor was about to inform us about next.

“I’m sorry—“ the doctor starts, but I cut him off.

No! There’s got to be something more you can do. Anything? Just do something, anything, to bring him back. Please.” I beg, rocking back and forwards, gripping to Cole for dear life.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. He’s gone.” Another lady walks into the room, wearing a nurses outfit and holding a clipboard. Her brunette hair tied neatly into a tight bun at the back of her head.

“Time of death, 3:42 pm.” The doctor states. The brunette, writes it down on her clipboard. Leo and Hannah hold each other crying as Jo wraps her arms around her self, clutching her sides.

I howl again. A howl of pain. A howl of anger. A howl of sadness. And a howl of grief. All emotions mixing together as one.

Jo stops crying and goes silent, looking up towards Cole. “The bite.” She states quietly, basically a whisper, looking in between Cole’s lifeless body and I.

“The bite.” She says louder this time.

Hannah and Leo look up to their mother, and then look towards me with hopeful eyes. “The bite, the one that marks each mate, to prove to others that you have a mate that you have accepted. The bite. It can bring him back, can’t it? The bite would make the mate bond stronger, causing an adrenaline rush.” Jo gasped, as she realised it might work.

“The chances for that to work are a million to one. It’s been a while since his heart stopped.” The doctor said sadly.

“What do I do?” I asked quickly.

“Bite into his neck, it strengthens the mate bond and finalises that you are mates.” Jo said.

Without a second thought, I elongated my canines and bit into Cole’s neck. And let go. Once I seen the bite I gasped at how deep it was.

“It’s okay, it’s supposed to be like that.” The doctor assured me. “If this does work, it will take a few hours. Nurse Cara, get the other nurses to help you, to get Alpha Cole, to the ICU room.” The doctor said turning to the nurse.

“Yes, doctor.” Nurse Cara responded. And left the room, to find the other nurses.

“I’ll need you all to leave the room, while me and the nurses, help get Cole out safely.” The doctor said. Jo, Leo and Hannah had one more sad look, at Cole and left. I didn’t move.

“Sam?” The doctor asked. He gently touched my shoulder and I growled. He quickly retracted his hand. “Sam, you’ll have to leave.” The doctor said.

“I’m not leaving him.” I growled.

I heard the other nurses arrive, I clung to Cole.

‘We can’t leave him.’ Leah said.

“We can’t help him unless you leave.” The doctor said.

I tightened my hold on Cole and reluctantly let go after a few seconds, setting his head down gently on the floor.

“We’ll take good care of Alpha Cole.” Nurse Cara said, leading me out of the room. I took one last glance at Cole’s battered bleeding body and left.

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