I Am Your Mate (Book 2 of I Am series)

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Chapter 13

Sam P.O.V

It has been five hours, Leo, Hannah, Jo and I are all waiting in the pack hospital. The doctor ordered us to stay outside of the room he is in, but I bardged through the door, with Leo, Jo and Hannah right at my heels.

The doctor managed to remove the wood, from Cole’s stomach, fixing it with fourty stitches on both sides of the wound. And he is now in what looks like nearly the same room, that I had woken in a while ago. But this time waiting chairs placed in the corners, of the room.

The doctor entered the room, with a sad look on his face. We all stared at him, waiting for him to speak.

“I’m sorry, the bite nor the wolfsbane worked. It’s been five hours, there should’ve been any improvement. But there’s nothing. Alpha Cole Larson, is dead.” The doctor said, with a sympathetic look.

The room filled with loud sobs and tears streamed down my face, as I held my face in my hands the doctor spoke up again.

“If you would like I can give you some time, to say your goodbyes.” The doctor said, before leaving the room. Leo and Hannah, approached Cole’s lifeless stiff wolf form body.

“We love you big brother, we always have and we always will. I hope the moon goddess takes good care of you, and your wolf. You were an amazing brother and Alpha.” Hannah sobs and gives one gentle stroke on Cole’s head.

Hannah and Leo left the room, and Jo stepped towards Cole. “I wish you didn’t have to leave, I would’ve taken your place if I could. I love you.” Jo cries, and quickly exits the room.

I could hear all of them crying from the hallway. I walked over to Cole, grabbing his paw gently. My cries got louder, I leant down, foreheads touching I closed my eyes.

“I’m sorry.....I’m so, so sorry.” I cried.

Cole P.O.V

I woke up to an enormous pain in my stomach, and to an all to familiar scent, with a forehead resting on mine.

“I’m sorry.....I’m so, so sorry.” She cried.

“What have I told you about saying sorry to me?” I asked, opening my eyes, Sam gasped, jumping away from me. Her face was flooded with tears.

Cole?” Sam asked.

“Yes?” I asked.

No, no, no, this isn’t real. Your dead, you died. I’m hallucinating.” Sam said, whispering the last part. More tears starting to fall as she took a few steps back, shaking her head.

“I didn’t die, what are you talking about? I’m right here Sam.” I paused. “Listen to me, listen to my pulse, can’t you hear it?” I asked, she stayed quiet, and then she broke down.

She was on her knees, her face held in her hands. I tried to get up to comfort her, I whimpered at the pain that coursed through my stomach. And laid back down.

“You’re here, you’re really here.” She said.

“Yes, I am. And I’m not going anywhere.” I said simply. “Literally, I cant move it hurts to much.” I said, whimpering.

“Guys.” Sam screamed.

Leo, Hannah and my mum walked into the room with heads hanging low.

“Hey.” I said. Their heads all darted up, towards my direction. Their mouths fell open.

“My baby boy.” Mum said running up to me, covering her mouth attempting to lessen the sobs.

“Your alive?” Leo and Hannah asked.

“Well, yeah. I think so.” I said jokingly.

Leo, Mum and Hannah looked at each other, in shock. “Sam, I’m alright.” I said. She looked up at me, and a smile spread across her lips, slowly standing up.

“Umm.....I bit you.” Sam said awakwardly, scratching the back of her neck.

“You marked me?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah, I think I did. I hope your okay with that, because it was the only way to save you.” She said, nervously fidgeting with her fingers.

“Of course, I’m okay with it. It’s great, because you didn’t....well reject me.” I said.

A few seconds passed when mum broke the silence. “I’ll go get the doctor.” She said walking out of the room.

Leo cleared his throat and his shocked expression. “Well I guess you’ll be here to still annoy me.” Leo said, chuckling lightly. I nodded my head.

The door swung open and the doctor and mum walked inside. “Alpha Cole.” The doctor greeted nodding his head in respect.

“I’m glad your alright, I’ll check your vitals and the stitching.” The doctor smiled warmly while checking my heart rate, he then moved onto checking my stitches.

“It’s clearing up already, there will be a bit of a scar there for a few weeks when you shift back. But other then that, you’ll be fine.” The doctor said nodding to himself, and proceeded to wrap a white bandage around the stitches.

“Alright, all done. When you shift back, be careful.” The doctor said, giving me a pointed look. “Make sure he gets some rest.” The doctor said, turning to look at Sam and mum.

“Will do.” Mum smiled great fully, Sam was still in shock and didn’t say a word.

“You can be discharged after you shift back.” The doctor said and left the room, but soon came back with some of my clothes and placed them on a chair next to me.

He nodded once more leaving the room followed by my mum, Hannah, Leo and Sam. Before Sam left she turned back towards me, and smiled. After everyone left I started to shift back.

The pain was immense, I growled in pain as I felt the stitches in my stomach stretch as all my bones rearranged.

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