I Am Your Mate (Book 2 of I Am series)

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Chapter 14

Cole P.O.V

It has been a week since I’ve been discharged from the pack hospital. Hannah and Leo have went to school, trying to act normal, while Sam has stayed home, making sure I don’t move from the bed until my wound is fully healed. Even though it’s healing quickly and the stitches are soon to be taken out. Sam won’t let me leave.

Sam was currently sitting in the chair beside my bed reading a book. I threw the blankets off of me and stood up.

“Where are you going?” Sam said standing up, in the meanwhile dropping the book.

“I’m fine, I’m going to the bathroom.” I said, I seen her tense shoulders visibly relax.

“You know it doesn’t even hurt anymore, I’m getting the stitches out tomorrow.” I said. She shrugged her shoulders and sat back down.

I knew this was my chance so I bolted for my bedroom door. Hearing Sam come chasing after me, I finally made it outside, and onto the grass.

Freedom!” I screamed.

‘Finally.’ Stan breathed a sigh of relief.

Cole! You’re going to hurt yourself.” She screamed after me.

“I need to run, Stan’s going crazy inside the house. And so am I.” I called out behind me.

I heard a loud sigh. After a few more seconds of sprinting, I stopped and looked behind me. Sam was standing there, with her arms crossed, eyebrows raised.

What? Your not going to come for a run?” I asked. “Come on.” I said.

She threw her arms up in annoyance and sprinted past me. “You said you wanted to run, so let’s run.” She called out to me.

I chuckled lightly and sprinted after her.

We reached the lake and we stopped. “Do you want to shift and run back?” I asked.

“Won’t it hurt you?” She gave me a worried expression. “Just can you wait until you get the stitches out tomorrow? Please. I don’t want you to hurt yourself even more.” She said.

Fine.” I sighed, sitting down on the soft green grass. After a few seconds Sam sat down next to me.

We watched the lake water shine under the sun, as ducks swam across followed by ducklings trying to keep up.

“I haven’t got anything else about my mother.” Sam sighed. “Now I’m starting to doubt that she is still alive, and that someone was just being cruel and placing that note in my locker.” She said.

“Well, if she did leave that in your locker, I’m sure she’ll come to find you.” I said with a sad smile.

She faced me and sent a smile my way. “We better head back.” Sam said, I nodded standing up Sam stood up slowly, looking around. And we headed back to the house.

I was laying in my bed attempting to fall asleep, but I couldn’t there was this unnerving feeling that I had in my stomach. I rolled on my side again, closing my eyes. Until I heard an ear splitting scream, I jumped from my bed. It was Sam’s scream. Bolting down the hall, and towards her room.

I slammed the door open to see Sam thrashing around and screaming in her sleep. Mum, Hannah and Leo were right by my side in a matter of seconds.

I rushed over towards Sam. “Sam, wake up it’s just a nightmare.” I said softly, touching her shoulder, her eyes shot open and rapidly scanned the room until she locked gazes with me.

She looked like she’d seen a ghost. Her face was soaked with tears her breathing was laboured. “It’s just a nightmare.” I whispered, she nodded her head and slowly laid back down, turning to face away from us.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked, sitting down on the bed. Sam silently shook her head, I sighed.

“How often do you get them?” I asked. She didn’t answer. After a few more seconds of silence, Sam finally spoke up.

“I thought you were dead......it was exactly the same as every other nightmare, except this one went longer until you got to the hospital. But you never woke up.” Sam choked out, sobs racking her body.

“But I’m here, Sam.” I said, gently pulling her shoulder and turning her to face me. “I’m not going anywhere, mi reina.” I finished, with a small smile.

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