I Am Your Mate (Book 2 of I Am series)

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Chapter 8

Cole P.O.V

‘Why did this have to happen?’ I asked Stan.

‘Things we’re slowly clearing up.’ Stan said, sadly.

After I brought Sam up to her room. And she started crying, she eventually fell asleep. In my arms. I tried to move her so she was actually lying down. But she would start to stir. And I didnt want to wake her, she needed to rest.

Her mother’s practically come back from the dead. She lied to Sam, for all these years. Letting her believe she was dead.

“She still sleeping?” Mum whispered, from the door way.

“Yeah.” I whispered back.

“Okay, well I’m done with the soup. So when she wakes up tell me and I’ll warm it up for her.” She said.

I silently nodded my head. And she left the room, with out another word. A couple minutes later, I slowly dozed off.

When I awakened, Sam wasn’t in my arms anymore. I panicked. And jumped straight off the bed, rushing down the stairs. Following her scent, it led me into the dining room. Where she was sitting, eating the chicken soup, that Mum had prepared for her.

The heavy weight on my shoulders was gone, as I seen her give me a small smile.

“You scared me.” I admitted, taking the seat beside her and exhaling deeply. Running my hand through my hair, like I normally did when I was stressed.

“Why?” She asked.

“I didn’t know where you were.” I said. She gave a little chuckle and kept eating.

“Your Mum makes the best chicken soup, I have ever tasted.” She said and I laughed.

“What time is it?” Sam asked. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket.

“Seven pm.” I said and she nodded.

“Listen, I don’t want you to freak out.......but I’m going to the movies tomorrow.” She said slowly.

“Cool. Can I come? And why would I freak out?” I asked furrowing my eyebrows.

“Umm. It’s not where I’m going, it’s who I’m going with.” Sam said slowly.

“Who are you going with?” I asked.

“Brent.” She said.

I stood straight up. “You can’t go with him.” I said, sternly.

“I can go, with whoever I want.” She said, eyes glowing red, veins darkening.

“Your not going, with him. End of story.” I said.

“We’ll see about that.” She said, running back to her room slamming the door.

‘She can’t go with him.’ I told Stan.

‘Leah and Sam are our mates.’ He said.

Sam P.O.V

The next morning, I woke up, got ready for school. And grabbed an apple on the way out the door. Waiting at the car for Cole. I am not looking forward to what he was going to say in the car.

I already asked Hannah and Leo, if I could come in the car with them. But their car is only a two seater and neither of them wanted to swap. They said that Cole would hate them, if they swapped with me.

After five minutes of waiting, Cole come up to the car and jumped in. I got in, buckled up and stared blankly out of the window, as we drove away.

We were, both silent, for the whole ride. And when we reached school, we still didn’t say anything to each other. Instead we went our seperate ways.

And the school day started. In maths my phone buzzed, I grabbed it and looked at the message, that I had just got.

Hey, are you still alright to come, this afternoon? I seen you yesterday. When you’ll upset. I wanted to help, but realised I wouldn’t get past Cole. -Brent

I looked to the front of the room, to where Brent was seated. And typed a quick reply.

No, I’m fine. What movie are we watching? -Sam

What ever movie you want to watch. -Brent

What about Bloodshot? -Sam

So you like action movies? -Brent

Yeah. Didn’t you see me fight Holly? -Sam

Yeah. Just never thought you’d be one to like action movies. -Brent

Remember what I said about judging books by their covers? I love horror movies too, but there’s no new ones coming out that I haven’t seen already. -Sam

“Samantha. Go to the principles office. You do not use your phone in class. And Brent I will give you a warning. Since you are new here.” The teacher said.

“I will happily leave.” I said. Once I reached the door, I turned and faced everyone. “I will see you guys later. Least I don’t have to do maths, for the rest of the period. And Miss, I hope you have a wonderful day.” I said and bowed to the teacher. The rest of the class laughed.

And I heard the teacher say. “I will have a wonderful day, without you disturbing my class.” She muttered. And I laughed to myself.

‘And she has no idea, we can hear her.’ I said to Leah.

Once I was in the principles office, I didn’t bother waiting outside. And went straight into his office sitting down in the chair.

“Hello, Sir.” I said.

“What happened.” He sighed.

“I was bored in class, so I started texting someone.” I said.

“Then, in that case, detention for an extra week. I will excuse you for not making it yesterday. And going home early. But you have to make it up for another day. Sam your behaviour is getting pathetic and I’m quite frankly, getting sick of you entering my office nearly every day.” He said.

Pathetic? Pathetic? Just how your neise thinks I’m pathetic?” I asked, narrowing my eyes. The principle is Holly’s Uncle, so she just about gets away with everything. His eyes widened.

“You know, Sir, bullying isn’t supposed to be tolerated at school either. And I’m pretty sure, there’s plenty of videos, of Holly and I fighting. And how she started it. If I take them videos to the Education Department, it would probably end your career.” I said. He cleared his throat.

“There’s been bullying around the school that I don’t know about?” He asked, but I know he already knew. But because it included sweet little Holly, as the bully, so he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

“We both know that you already knew.” I said.

“I have no idea, what your talking about.” He said.

“Oh, I’m sure you don’t.” I said, standing from the chair and walking out the door.

I had other things to worry about then school, my Mum, friends and keeping a look out for Brendan.

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